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Nowruz veneration in Shi’ism | Majusification 🔥 of Ahlul-Bayt

    This treatise is divided into the following sections:
  • The Roots of Nowruz
  • Bogus claim: Nowruz is a cultural event free of any religious or superstitious connotations that oppose Islamic teachings
  • Fire rituals, from Anatolia, Kurdistan to Khorasan
  • Fire jumping rituals
  • Nowruz according to Zoroastrianism
  • The superstitious and polytheistic Haft Sin
  • Nowruz Veneration by the Shia clergy
  • The Twelfth Imam will emerge on the day of Nowruz
  • The day routine of a Shiite on Majusi Nowruz

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A Sinister Alliance: Iranian Supremacy And Shi’ism – A case study (Omid Dana)

Omid Dana (calls himself Sharifi as he hates anything related to Arabs and the Arab language) is an infamous Shia-born convert to Zoroastrianism (common amongst Iranian born-Shias), Iranian ultra-nationalist, racist, and apologist of Shi’ism and the Iranian Khomeinist Shi’ite regime. Sounds contradicting? You will find out why there is no contradiction in all of that and why Iranian ultra-nationalists champion Shi’ism.

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‘Abdul-Hussain VS ‘Abdul-Massih

I introduce to you:
‘Abdul-Masih the Copt and ‘Abdul-Hussain (and all those who are upon his Quburi creed of invoking the buried and tombed ones).
As for the ‘Abdul-Hussain and his friends:
Yes, they literally invoke their buried and tombed demigods just like Muslims invoke Allah. They literally pray to them (directly) like Catholics pray to their saints. They ask them for all their needs (hajat), often than not they even bypasses Allah (who isn’t even worth a mention in their most famous invocations such as ‘ya ‘Ali madad’).

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The worst bid’ah with regards to clothing is that of the Rafidah (and some Sufis) who have institutionalised the hideous bid’ah of clerical attire that is literally designated for a specific class of society i.e. the clergy.
This is an ugly bid’ah taken from other polytheists (Church, etc.) and started during the Safavid take-over of Persia (when modern-day Iran was forced from a majority Sunni country into a majority Rafidi Shia one) and is ever since an essential part of their religious institutions (‘scientific seminaries/al-Hawzat al-‘Ilmiyyah’) and those who graduate from them (or are given the ‘blessing’ of wearing the Rafidi turban by one of their scholars).


Unbelievable Shia Tawhid (Talhid) Explained by an ‘Ayatollah’ [VIDEO]

For those who don’t know, the Rafidah are on the exact same ‘Aqidah as al-‘Awni, Qadhi, and other Shirk-apologists when it comes to the issue of Istiqlal.
I can provide you with plenty of lectures, in Arabic, Persian, etc. where they idolatrous turban-heads of the Rafidah literally say that invoking the Imams/Ali ibn Abi Talib (or even Fatimah 500+ times in prostration!) for rizq, children, literally anything you wish, is the purest form of Tawhid and can never be shirk. How? Well, like other heretical Quburis they add their favourite clause/cop-out  ‘with the permission of Allah’ i.e. rejecting Istiqlal (dependency from Allah) for their buried and tombed demigods.
The grave worshippers argue that their tombed demigods are depending on Allah i.e. Allah is superior to them and they are not mustaqil (independent) from Allah and they can’t do anything without His will and permission and thus they (Quburis) are not committing any form of shirk whatsoever. He (Allah) chose to give them (buried saints) these powers, which of course is nothing but a lie.
So because the Rafidah affirm with their tongues that Allah has chosen to bestow the Imams/Ahlul-Bayt with the power to hear and respond to every du’a (even if you bypass Allah and call directly on the Imams without mentioning Allah at all!), they (the Rafidah) can now totally invoke their Imams exactly like one is supposed to invoke Allah in du’a, the Rafidi just has to add the clause ‘with the permission of Allah’.
And this the result of the Istiqlal nonsense. These extremist Rawafid are monotheists, Muslims, upon the Millah of Ibrahim (i.e. Hunafa`) who (at worst) have erred according to the likes of al-‘Awni, Qadhi, etc. and according to the extremists from amongst the Sufis and the Rafidah this is the purest form of Tawhid. Enjoy their ‘Tawhid’:

Shubhah: Ibn ‘Umar invoked the Prophet (ﷺ) for help! | ‘Ya Muhammad’

As an introduction, it must be made clear that there are indeed fine details on the subject of calling on someone other than Allah. Of course, not every call (نداء) directed to someone other than Allah is shirk (polytheism) in and of itself.

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IRANIAN SUNNI SCHOLAR | Ibrahimic Monotheism VS Polytheism (Shirk)

Shaykh Mohammad Shafi Qurayshi is the Mufti of the Sunni Shafi’i region of Talysh, Gilan (Northern Iran, which is one of the remaining Sunni strongholds of Iran after the anti-Sunni Safawi onslaught in the 16th century on Iranian Sunnis. He has never bowed down to the regime (unlike some sell-out Sunni Iranian clerics whom the regime loves to parade as their allies and ‘true Sunnis’) and never compromised his beliefs which have cost him and his family abuse and harassment from the Iranian regime.

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Saudi ‘Wahhabi-Nasibi’ Attitude Towards The Ahlul-Bayt – SHOCKING!

I’m by no means a Saudi apologist, quite the contrary really. Those who know know. However, credit where credit is due, especially since I experienced first hand how much the Iranian government and the ‘Ayatollahs’ lie about Saudi Arabia and the Salafi scholars and the Salafi Da’wah.

One lie that the Shia clergy and Shia propagandists keep repeating is that ‘Wahhabis’ (and Saudis of course) hate the Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon him).

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Kryptonite To Rafidites: Sunni Material In Praise And Defense Of Ahlul-Bayt

A beautiful Arabic proverb states:

الصراخ على قدر الألم

The greater the pain the louder the scream

This saying perfectly describes the reaction of the Rafidah Shia – especially their clerics and polemicists – whenever Sunnis write in defense and in praise of the Ahlul-Bayt (minus Rafidi Zandaqat/heresies).

Nothing puts the Rafidah in more panic and hysteria than learned Sunnis purifying the Ahlul-Bayt from the filth of Rafidism by educating the masses on the historical (Sunni) version of the Ahlul-Bayt, an Ahlul-Bayt minus Rafidite Ghuluw (exaggeration) and Zandaqat (heresies), an Ahlul-Bayt minus the cancer that is Tashayyu’ (Shi’ism).

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