The Most Mendacious And The Most Shirk-practicing Of All Sects

By Ebn Hussein

No wonder the grave worshippers hate Shaykh al-Islam Abu al-‘Abbas ibn Taymiyyah, may Allah have mercy upon him. I’d hate him too if he had exposed my religion to the max. What a legend, around 600 years ago he described these batini zanadiqah and mushrikun exactly how they are to this very day (if not worse).

“Truly, the Rafidah are by far the most mendacious faction of all factions, and they are the most Shirk and Ghuluw practicing factions of all factions that claim to be upon Islam.

they are then followed by the ignorant among the misguided worshippers (‘ascetics’) and the followers of the [Sufi] Sheikhs, who are surpassed only by the Rafidah in venerating the tombs and in Ghuluw and spreading lies.

And both of these groups (i.e. the Rafidah and the extremist Sufis) resemble the Nasara (‘Christians’) – and the Shirk (polytheism) and the lies of the Nasara are known to the laypeople and the scholars alike.

And these two factions (i.e. the Rafidah, extremist Sufis, etc.) harbor Shirk on a scale only God knows.”

Source: Majmu’ al-Fatwa by Shaykh al-Islam Abu al-‘Abbas ibn Taymiyyah

Iranian Jews venerating the shrine of Khomeini in Tehran.

Students of Mahmut Efendi, one of the most influential Sufi leaders in Turkey visiting Rafidi shrines.

The Jews, the grave worshippers.

Susa, Prophet Daniel, Members of Iran’s Jewish minority gathered at the holy shrine of the Prophet Daniel in the southwest of the country to celebrate their Persian roots and keep alive a dwindling community.
More than 200 Iranian Jews embarked on the long journey to Susa from cities across Iran to celebrate their Jewishness in an event organized by a local Jewish youth group to support the community.
“This gathering helps promote unity, affection, and friendship among Iranian Jews. We are determined to pay homage to Daniel once a year,” said Bahador Michael, 26, of the Yaran organization that began organizing the trips five years ago. “It has been a great success and local authorities have been very cooperative.”
Iran’s 25,000 Jews, the largest community in the Middle East outside Israel, face no restriction on their religious practice.
“Prophet Daniel is the symbol of our proud Persian roots. The gathering in Susa is to highlight our presence in Iran since ancient times,” said Farhad Aframian, the editor of the monthly Jewish magazine, who described the gathering as an opportunity for Jews from all over the country to socialize and keep in touch.
Inside the shrine, Jewish women sat reciting verses from the Torah, while nearby men in skull cups prayed loudly in Hebrew.