Peshawar Nights – An Iranian Shia Forgery

By Ebn Hussein | 1443 / 2022

Distorting and decontextualising Qur’anic verses and sahih Sunni ahadith and often than not presenting blatant fabrications and weak Sunni narrations as ‘authentic Sunni sources’ have been the most resourceful tools in the Shia box of tricks.

Many neatly crafted propaganda books were brought into circulation during the past century according to that very method. These books include cheaply written (yet highly revered in Shia circles) propaganda pieces such as al-Muraja’at, Then I was guided by the Quburi Sufi convert to Shi’ism, Muhammad Tijani Samawi, and an even more poorly written book called Peshawar Nights.

Peshawar Nights is a collection of writings by an Iranian Rafidi charlatan called Muhammad Musawi Shirazi (Persian: محمّد موسوی شیرازی).  Shirazi is remembered as one of the top (!) debaters in the Shi’ism and is known by his co-religionists as “Sultan al-Wa’izin” (b. 1314/1897 – d. 1391/1971), which translates to “the Dominant Orator”. He is the son of ‘Ayatollah’ Ali Akbar, who was known as “Ashraf al-Wa’izin” (the Noblest Orator). A long pedigree of charlatans par excellence.In his infamous book “Peshawar Nights”, Muhammad Musawi Shirazi claims to have debated numerous Sunni scholars in Peshawar, Pakistan.  All of his (fictional) theological opponents were just as abysmal as the “ayatollahs” in relation to Tajweed and Hifdh al-Qur’an.

Examining the series of “dialogues” the author presented in this book, in an instant one will soon be aware that it was a one-sided conversation and not an actual dialogue, a cheap propaganda piece aimed at the unlearned and the gullible.

The “discussion” itself is extremely one-sided. The Rafidi cleric goes on for pages while the Sunni opponent can only muster up a sentence or two usually asking him questions like a child more than offering rebuttals. The Sunnis are represented as absolute clueless ignoramuses. The whole book is meant to stereotype Sunni scholars on Shia beliefs.

The shrine (!) of Shaytan al-Wa’izin, in Qom, Iran.

According to the author, he published his debates in order to defend Shi’ism book to propagate Imamate (not Tawhid) and to reply to objections made by Sunni Muslims for centuries.

The author claims that all arguments in the book drew upon materials from reliable Sunni sources. He says:

“One advantage of the book is that from its first page to the last, no appeal is made to Shiite hadiths, except a few hadiths cited from Shiite scholars which were accepted by them (as you can see in the first pages of the book), and I replied to Sunni scholars from the tongue of their scholars.”

You can guess the rest. Of course, the Rafidi is lying through his teeth. His book is filled with fabrications and extremely weak narrations and even references to authorities that are not even Sunni! Just some examples:

  • He quotes Ibn Abil-Hadid who was a pro-Shia Mu’tazili scholar, calling him “your scholar”.
  • He quotes al-Imamah w al-Siyasah, which is falsely attributed to Ibn Qutaybah.
  • He frequently quotes from Imam Tabari’s Tarikh, which includes authentic as well as fabricated reports. In typical Rafidi (and Islamophobe) fashion, he completely ignores this basic fact and uses whatever suits his whims and desires instead of providing the evaluation of each report as done by hadith scholars.
  • He calls various non-Sunnis “your foremost scholars” and quotes other unknown and totally alien books without giving any thought to the chains of transmission i.e. authenticity of the narrations.

The debates lasted for 10 nights. According to Shaytan al-Wa’izin, on the last night of the debates, 6 Sunni figures and merchants converted to Shiism. Of course, there is no shred of evidence for that other than the claim of the Iranian Rafidi cleric.

Only Allah knows what Shaytan al-Wa’izin must have been smoking when he wrote his amateurishly written propaganda work.

The book is filled with worn-out Rafidi shubuhat that a 17 years old learned Sunni Twitter user could easily refute. Of course, takfir of Sahabah, declaring the Imams superior to the Prophets, all those kufr beliefs are presented as the absolute truth.

The saddest part is that this pathetic book is one of the most cherished Shia books in refutation of Ahl al-Sunnah and in defense of Imamite beliefs. It is propagated by the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy around the world to this very day and I myself when I was a Shi’ite used to praise it and recommend it until I was struck by the devastating refutations against it.

Of all the Shia polemic books, Peshawar Nights is the sorriest piece of writing put together.

Every basic Sunni student of knowledge can refute the entire book which is an insult to the intelligence of every reader (whether Sunni, Shia, or non-Muslim). But what can you expect from a Rafidi cleric?

The Hawza news agency, which is linked to the Iranian regime, claims that opponents of the Shia are unable to deny the veracity of Peshawar Nights. delusion is a disorder of thought…

I can assure you as a former Shi’ite, that most Shi’ites have not even heard of the many excellent books written in refutation of books such as al-Muraja’at, Tijani’s books, and of course Peshawar nights. Instead, they are fed with the same recycled propaganda by their ‘Ayatollahs’ and Hawzas. They are told that nobody can refute those books and the “superior” Shia arguments. Once upon a time, I was just as deluded as many gullible Shi’ites.

Most of them live in an echo chamber where they seek out information that reinforces their existing views without encountering opposing views, potentially resulting in an unintended exercise in confirmation bias. The Shia clergy make sure to keep the lies and propaganda alive…

The Hawza news agency: The book of “Peshawar Nights” is magnificent work in defense of Shiite principles.”
“Peshawar Night” series showcasing the fictional debates of Shaytan al-Wa’izin.

Finally, I would like to link you to some useful works that have refuted this pathetic propaganda piece called “Peshawar Nights”.

In English:

(Click on the book cover to download)

In Persian:

Title: روزهاى پیشاور – ردى بر كتاب شب هاى پیشاور  (“The Days of Peshawar”)

A refutation of “Peshawar Nights” by Ustadh Muhammad Baqir Sujoodi (Shia convert to Islam/Sunnah from Iran). Click on the book cover to download the file.

In Arabic:

Title: أيام بيشاور (“The Days of Peshawar)

This is the Arabic translation of Muhammad Baqir Sujoodi’s book (click on the book cover to download the file):

وَآخِرُ دَعْوَاهُمْ أَنِ الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ رَبِّ الْعَالَمِينَ