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Everyone claims to have a connection with Layla…

One of my favourite (Arab) proverbs:

وَكُلُّ يَدَّعِي وَصْلاً بِلَيْلَى **** وَلَيْلَى لَا تُقِرُّ لَهُمْ بِذَاكَا
إِذَا اشْتَبَكَتْ دُمُوعٌ فِي جُفُونٍ **** تبينَ مَنْ بَكَى مِمَّنْ تَبَاكَى

Everyone claims to have a connection with Layla, but Layla does not affirm that for any of them…

Shaykh al-Albani (رحمه الله) quoted it often (when referring to claimants of Islam/Sunnah and the truth). It is based on an old story of Arabic origin, about the 7th-century Najdi Bedouin poet Qays ibn al-Mullawah and his lady love Layla bint Mahdi (or Layla al-Aamiriya). “The Layla-Majnun theme passed from Arabic to Persian, Turkish, and Indian languages”, most famously through the narrative poem composed in 584/1188 by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, as the third part of his Khamsa.

The Revival of the Muslim Civilisation – احياء الحضارة الاسلامية

By Mohmand al-Afghani

The media makes it look like Muslims still live in tents!
We also need to Drop the Inferiority Complex!!!
There are 1.8 BILLION MUSLIMS in the World.
So 1 in 4 people on this PLANET is Muslim.
Islam is forecasted to be the BIGGEST RELIGION in the world in 50 years (by 2070).
There are 50+ Muslim Majority Countries in the World and these countries combined hold 26,000,000 SQ KM of LAND AREA (19% of the total land on earth).

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Only In The UK – The Most visible Muslim and Jewish Communities In The West

An Orthodox Jew (left) and a Niqabi Muslim lady (right) in the Stamford Hill area, London, UK, a region with a large Jewish and Muslim community who live peacefully side by side

For those who are not familiar some boroughs in the UK, particularly in London: London (after New York) has probably the most visible Jewish community…

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Western Daeshis / Isis

Western culture, part of their heritage, to an extent that they turned their history (and fairy tales) into idols and statues, this is how proud they are of their forefathers, nothing to be shamed about according to them, just Muslims have to be ashamed of their history an capital punishments [in the Shari’ah] and so on …Here a picture of the statue of Perseus the semi-naked pagan decapitated Medusa, in the heartland of Europe, Paris/France.

And here a Catholic nun called Judith. They are so proud of here in Italy (Florence), they dedicated a statue in her remembrance.This woman who is just about to commit Isis like barbarity is ironically considered the symbol of liberty, virtue and victory of the weak over the strong in a just cause. She stands powerful with raised sword, holding the head of the tyrant Holofernes ( an invading general of Nebuchadnezzar) by his hair.More examples:

A trinitarian Daesh lady.

But you Muzlems must understand that the westerners at least moved on they don’t have barbaric beheadings anymore, they even have gangs such as amnesty international who like to dictate to other culture what punishments are barbaric and not. Yes, the west moved on … well, except the flag bearer of democracy where death penalty is a legal sentence in 32 flipping states.