Only In The UK – The Most visible Muslim and Jewish Communities In The West

An Orthodox Jew (left) and a Niqabi Muslim lady (right) in the Stamford Hill area, London, UK, a region with a large Jewish and Muslim community who live peacefully side by side

For those who are not familiar some boroughs in the UK, particularly in London: London (after New York) has probably the most visible Jewish community…

…outside occupied Palestine. I am talking about huge neighbourhoods where at any time of the day you will see dozens of Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis roaming the streets (sometimes you could be thinking you are in a Jewish land). Many of them are Anti-Zionists, or in the words of Rabbi Beck:

“All Orthodox Jews are basically anti-Zionists. You never see an Israeli flag in Stamford Hill [London], do you? If they’re not anti-Zionist, they are ‘non-Zionist’ – they don’t care. These Jews in Stramford Hill (which is part of the London Borough of Hackney which also has a large Muslim community) do not even tolerate Zionist symbols in their neighbourhood:

‘…The two men reminisce about a man who, on the evening of Israeli Independence Day, walked into a café on Oldhill Street (a heavily Hasidic shopping street in Stamford Hill) with an Israeli flag. “People were crying, shouting, wanting to break his car” Rabbi Beck says, animatedly, “Hundreds of [Hasidic Jewish] people chased him out. Really, hundreds. These things are not welcome here”.

ELL meets the men behind Hackney’s Neturei Karta

Everyone live peacefully in one Borough (Hackney), including the Hasidic Jews in Stramford Hill and the Muslims. These neighbourhoods and boroughs are a prove that multiculti does not necessitate that everyone has to mingle with all sorts of people and faith. Natural segregation is what will automatically occur, no matter if some so called liberal but in reality hostile secularists and atheists like it or not. It is simply the instinct of any communtiy, be it Jewish, Muslim etc. to be among like like-minded people. Heck, even the Pizza shops in Jewish part of London are Kosher. Why not if the people demand it.

In some parts of London with a large Jewish communty a Orthodox Jew dresses just like a Rabbi i.e. he looks ‘odd’ compared to the majority (who are non-Jews) of the people of London, not to mention his ‘odd’ views that he carries (homosexuality, fornication, pork all being sins and non-Jews going to hell!). You won’t see a single Orthodox Jewish woman in London walking around in trousers (never!) nor will you see her hair really (they wear a form of Hijab), because this is their Deen (way of life/religion), they won’t give it up that easily, in fact they will (just like any other group) try to implement regulations of their lifestyle in their respective neighbourhoods, as much as the law of the country allows. This is why you see them advising their fellow Jews (they did not force it on anyone else) to even abide to segregation between the males in females while walking down the streets:

Hostile secularists will never be able to change a Jewish Orthodox life nor a Muslim Orthodox life, instead of all the hostality towards religious groups, one shoud tackle the real problems of society for the absolute majority of Orthodox/religious communities, be they Muslim, Jewish or Christian are peaceful, all they demand is to let them be, for they will hold their Orthodox world views, including many that certainly clash with so call modern western standards (be it the celebration (and not just acceptance) of homosexuality or adultary).

An ultra-orthodox Jewish couple in London, Stamford Hill (Hackney borough) which reportdely is home to over 30k ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jews. The face veiling for women Jewish women is an ancient tradition amongst them.
Jewish Niqab- The frumka (meaning ‘modesty’) is increasingly worn by ultra-orthodox women in Jerusalem.

Extreme and biased atheists (or extremist secularists) have to eventually give up and admit that they can’t change the minds and opinions of minorities, particularly religious groups who have an own world view, abstract to the opponent but holy to the one who carries them. What we can all agree on is that non of these religious groups (as long as they are the minority) can enforce any of their laws and regulations on others, if they become the majority (let’s say Jews, or Muslims or whatever), then … well … it’s Democracy that preaches:

The majority rule, the making of binding decisions by a vote of more than one-half of all persons who participate in an election (constitutional democracy in our time requires majority rule with minority rights.)

So there is nothing to be worried about then.