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They Want To Destroy Idols (but not their own) – The Al-Mansur Statute In Baghdad

In the latest news from Iraq, hate preacher Yasser al-Habib (based in Fulmer, Slough. His gullible non-British followers are told that his temple and TV station are based in London. It’s a selling point) has been causing having in Baghdad after he launched a campaign calling for the destruction of the statue of Abu Ja’far al-Mansur al-Abbasi in Baghdad. Before we get to the statue, some background information:

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Sunni Iranians with the son of the lion of Pakistan: Ehsan Elahi Zaheer

Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (Urdu: احسان الہی ظہیر) (31 May 1945 – 30 March 1987). He hails Sialkot and was born into a deeply religious trading Punjabi family of the Sethi clan. Shaykh Ehsan was a polyglot and fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, and Persian. He studied under many students, most importantly Shaykh Ibn Baz.
In 2012, Shaykh Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer, the son of the lion of Islam and Ahlus-Sunnah of Pakistan, Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (may Allah have mercy upon him), visited us in London, UK, in our modest studio (Toweed TV, formerly known as Wesal Farsi TV).

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Behind The Anti-American Rhetoric of Iran And The Shia Clergy

Parading corrupt and secular leaders and kings in the Muslim/Sunni world as representatives of Sunnism is as objective as parading the secular former Shah of Iran as a beacon of Shi’ism.

What is definitely hypocritical is if one were to claim to be the flag bearer of Islam and Muslims whilst at the same time allying himself with the worst enemies of Islam against the Muslims (or at the very least preferring the Kuffar over Ahlus-Sunnah).

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Never Forget Their Crimes – Aleppo 2016

Left: Zionist military leader Mosha Dayan in occupied Jerusalem 1976 Right: Qasem Soleimani in Aleppo 2016. History repeated itself on that day. The principle enemies of Islam, the Neo-Sasanian Majus (under the guise of Shi’ism) have shown once again their true face.

The then backbone of dictator Bashar Assad, Qasem Soleimani spotted in Aleppo. This #ShiaTerrorist mobilised thousands of foreign Shia fighters.

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Shia Terrorism and Extremism – A Collection

A list of Shia terrorist militias, all founded by Iran, based on extremist Shia beliefs, aimed at fighting Sunnis (pretext: fighting Daesh).

#ShiaTerrorism is real and not a myth, it’s based on Shia theology that not just ‘Wahhabis’ but all Sunnis are ultimately Umayyads and evil

No doubt their books teach that every Sunni is a Nasibi. Know that this is why they loot Sunni towns&even kill children, it’s Majoosi grudge



No1 understands their thirst 4 Muslim blood except the 1ns who studied them & their books. Wahabis/Daesh r just excuses 4 them 2 kill Sunnis


Khamenei the #Abraha of our time with his backwarded #Houthis. They shed crocodile tears for (Sunni Yemen) whilst butchering the Sunnis of Syria and Iraq.
Iraqi army (!) enters a majority Sunni city with their hineous Sasanian-Persian idols (Womanish-Persian looking ‘Imams’). Idolaters till they die. #MosulOP
Stooges of the Iranian Magian regime claim it is not a sectarian war on Sunni Iraq (Mosul), yet their tanks carry their symbols of idolatry
The Iraqi army put a “O Hussein” flag on the tank. Sunnis in Iraq neither pray to Omar nor to Hussein, saint veneration is part of Shiism.

An Iranian Backed Shia Massacre Against Iraqi Sunnis That Didn’t Cover The News

An Iranian backed Shia massacre (much worse than what happend on New Zealand) at Sunnis that didn’t cover the news:

In 2014, Iranian backed Shia militants killed at least 73 people in an attack on the Musab bin Omair mosque, during Friday prayer (Iraq).

How many Muslims have been fooled by Iran’s “unity” rethoric of lies?

Note: This is not to undermine the lives lost at the New Zealand attacks (or Shiites lives by terrorists in similar barbaric attacks) in the very slight least. Some will say, ‘this isn’t the time to divide, stop disinviting’.

But the reality is, is there unity with state sponsored terrorist like the Shia militias of Syria, Iraq and Yemen? They have pillaged much much more, they are not just the poor victims as they love to claim and portray themselves.