Madeleine Albright And The Shia Of The White House – The Qazwini Clergy Clan

In 1996 Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, calmly asserted that U.S. policy objectives were worth the sacrifice of half a million Arab children. She endorsed the mass-killing of innocent children.

576,000 children were killed by these sanctions. (The New York Times, 12-1-95).

Albright was asked by interviewer Lesley Stahl: “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, replied: “I think this is a very hard choice. But the price–we think the price is worth it.”  (May 1996)


Madeleine Albright also stated there is a special place in Hell for women who don’t support Hillary Clinton. Specifically, she said the following: “It’s not done and you have to help. Hillary Clinton will always be there for you. And just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” (The Guardian, 2-6-16).

Here she is also accusing someone of “defending Saddam Hussein” when she was asked the very basic question of “why does the US support states like Israel who commit crimes as heinous as Saddam’s to further its interests if it indeed cares about the morality of these crimes?”

Her response is accusing the students in the room of defending Saddam Hussein!

Hassan Qazwini (‘Iraqi’ Shia leader of Iranian descent) in Michigan honoured her as a guest years later.

The descandants of Ibn al-‘Alqami will never change.
Khamenei the hypocrite shed tears for the doomed al-Hakim (who was the man of the Neocons) and Hassan Qazwini was of course also close to him.
GWB: Meeting with the Leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq

Iranian MP Mojtaba Rezakha: “The Shi’ites of Michigan have sealed the defeat of Trump.”
The Shi’ites: The textbook Rafidi traitors – The Qazwini clergy clan
The Michigan-based ‘Iraqi Sayyid’ Qazwini clan (traditionally an Iranian fifth column in Iraq like many Shia clergy clans), the friends of the Zionist Neocons who handed Iraq to Iran and its stooges in Iraq on a silver platter.

Shia cleric (on the left) Farqad Qazwini (a chain smoker like their ‘grand Ayatollah’ Abul-Qasim al-Khoie) is traitor par excellence. He’s from the same Michigan-based Qazwini clan. He was the darling of the Zionist Paul Bremer and of course close to the hypocritical “death to America” empty slogan-chanting Khomeinist regime.