Shia Reformists – Insiders Dissecting Shi’ism

Mainstream Twelver Shi’ism is undoubtedly a sect of brazen and hideous Kufr and Shirk and Zandaqah. However, it is wrong to make blanket statements such as ‘all Shia are Kuffar’.

This is an unscientific statement and a dangerous one on top of it for the simple fact that Shia/Shi’ism is an umbrella term that encompasses many sects throughout Islamic history, many of whom (although Ahlul-Bid’ah) that without a shadow of a doubt fall within the fold of Islam.

As for Twelver Shias: the discussion amongst the scholars i.e. if they are all to be judged as polytheists or not and to what extent they are excused is not my concern (and it is better to refrain from mass-Takfir than to induldge in it). The truth is that even within a sect of Kufr and Zandaqah like Twelver Imamism you find reformists, reformists who might sill clutch to some unorthodox beliefs, yet they have freed themselves (and actively) fight against all major forms of Ghuluw and Shirk that Twelver Imamism is known for today and which is propagated by their Ayatullats.

I’m in contact with such Shias many of them still loosely ascribe themselves to Tashayyu’ (Shi’ism), however, all of them have understood that Twelver Imamism is a reactionary sect based on Kufr and Ghuluw (excessive veneration of other than Allah) and that the Ahlul-Bayt themselves have never claimed to be infallible guides that were appointed by Allah and His Messenger (ﷺ) and other mainstream Twelver Shia beliefs.

Indeed, labels are not irrelevant, Allah has used labels other than Muslims, for example he gave the chiefs of the Sahabah the honorific titles of ‘Muhajiroon’ and ‘Ansar’. Ahlus-Sunnah is a term known from the early days of Islam, used by the Salaf. However, labels are useless if the carrier opposes what the label stands for.  A person who refers to himself as a ‘Shi’i’and stays away from Shirk, abandones calling upon Imams and other Ghuluw is closer to the truth than a person who refers to himself as a ‘Sunni’ yet prays to saints/Awliya and indulges in other deviant.

Infographic by about #ExShia Ahmad al-Katib’s beliefs and advice regarding corrupt Twelver Shia beliefs that need to be reformed. Ahmad al-Katib (Iraqi) whose actual (Shi’i) name is ‘Abdul-Rasul (!) al-Lari is a London based former Twelver Shia cleric who after leaving Twelver Shi’ism has written numerous books in refutation of Imamah, the mythical concept of the hidden Twelfth Imam, and other heretical Twelver Shia beliefs. On numerous occasions, he has challenged the grand ‘Ayatollahs’ and preachers in the world, especially in Qom and in Iraq/Karbala (his native) to debates and discussions but to this very day nobody has dared to face him and other than some poorly written answers (‘refutations’) – that he refuted in his many lectures – he has received nothing but death threats.

I’ve written some articles about Shia reformists within Iran. It’s not a new movement, it has been existing even before the Khomeinist Revolution.

Shia reformists are despised by the Twelver Shia clergy of Qom and Najaf for a good reason: they know that one of their own – in fact many of their former staunch adherents – have realised the falsehood that Twelver Shi’ism is; a religion of Kufr, Shirk, Ghuluw, and Zandaqah in the name of Ahlul-Bayt, nothing more and nothing less.

Having said that, I strongly advise all truth-seekers to study the material available on the SHIA REFORMIST BLOG.

May Allah guide us all to the Truth.