Iran’s Sinister Agenda In Palestine And How Hamas Is Playing With Fire


Over the course of the last forty years, Iran has burnt tens of thousands of American and ‘Israeli’ flags, has chanted ‘Death to Israel’ and of course claims to be the flag bearer of the Palestinian cause.

Empty rhetoric aside, Iran has a track record of allying with whoever serves its interest; the sanctity of Muslim blood has never been Iran’s concern, in fact, Iran is proudly allied to the worst godless heathens on planet earth, not since today but since decades. A textbook Rafidi history of treachery:

A young Khamenei with the accursed butcher of the Sunnis of Syria, Hafez al-Assad (father of Bashar). Khomenist Iran has always had close relations with the secularist Alawites of Syria
Left: Zionist military leader Mosha Dayan in occupied Jerusalem 1976 Right: Qasem Soleimani in Aleppo 2016. History repeated itself on that day. The principal enemies of Islam, the Rafidah, have shown once again their true face.

Every party has its own interests in a sensitive region such as that of the Middle East, which includes, of course, the Iranian regime with its expansionist ambitions and policies. One must be naive and deluded to think that the Iranian regime’s seamlessly selfless support for the Palestinian cause comes with no strings attached. Khomeinists and other pro-Iran regime voices definitely sell this argument to the world, especially the Muslim one.

The Expansionist Ideology of Khomeinist Iran is enshrined in its constitution (‘Export of the Revolution’) and is carried out by the regime itself and its stooges in the Islamic world.

In March 2015, Ali Younesi, a Shia cleric and top adviser to Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, has described the whole Middle East region as being “Iranian”. Younesi also said that Baghdad had become the capital of a new Persian empire. Younesi appeared to be referencing the Sasanian Empire, the last great pre-Islamic Iranian empire, which occupied Iraq and made Ctesiphon – modern-day Baghdad – its imperial capital.

The Khomeinists have already turned Iraq (that was delivered into their hands by the Zionist-Neocons in March 2003) into an Iranian satrapy. This was a system of governance that was based on the loyalty and obedience of regional monarchs to the central power that was devised by Cyrus the Great, founder of the first great Persian empire in 530BC, which was ruled by the Achaemenid dynasty.

As for Palestine: Iran wouldn’t give the Palestinians the husk of a date stone if it wasn’t for something in return. The Hamas and their likes are desperate (they have also accepted millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, in fact, Saudi Arabia has historically pumped more money into Palestine than Iran has ever done, go check the stats), but their allegiance with Iran will bite them sooner or later, heck, it already has. Everything comes with a price.

Iran’s ally in Palestine: Hamas the Wendehals

A Wendehals is a German word for a political opportunist after a regime change, particularly a communist in East Germany who switched to supporting capitalism after German reunification.

In December 2012, while on a visit to Gaza, Hamas’ political leader, Khaled Mashal, announced that the group was supporting the Syrian Revolution against the dictator and henchman of Iran, Bashar Assad. His announcement created a schism between Hamas and its main economic and military supporters in recent years – Syria and ‘Hezbollah’ and as explained earlier, Iran.

Tweet by Khaled Mashal: ‘Whenever the leaders of the Hamas movement have visited Iran, they went to the grave of Imam Khomeini, may Allah have mercy upon him, to pay homage to him and his role… what unites us with Iran and its leaders are not just mutual interests but rather a genuine brotherly bond and shared belief (iman).’

Opposing their biggest allies seemed sustainable at the time Assad was losing control over Syria, his downfall seemed to be around the corner; and in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, Ikhwanis like Hamas, had taken control. Things changed drastically within a year:  Assad suddenly seemed to have regained the upper hand with Russian and Iranian support and the Brotherhood was violently ousted from power by Egypt’s new president and then military chief Sisi.

Neo-Safawi Iran further fumed when Mashal declared his support for Saudi Arabia against the Iranian-backed Houthi militias in Yemen. Iran even vowed to cut funding for Gaza’s rehabilitation, which further proves that Iran couldn’t care less about the (Sunni) people of Gaza. It’s all about politics and power.

Hamas suddenly found itself without a patron. In retribution for its betrayal, Mashaal was thrown out of Damascus and he moved Hamas’ political bureau to Qatar. Back to square one it was, so Hamas started begging at Iran’s door again. Iran, which is known for its exploitation of the Palestinian agenda, pardoned its rebellious token Sunni ally (that Iran needs to portray itself as a well-wisher in the Sunni world whilst being busy arming Shia militias from Iraq to Yemen), however, it punished it in its own way, by actively starting to spread Shi’ism in Gaza. Hamas shifting allegiances come with a price, and it is now back doing what it was used to do i.e. degrading himself in the presence of one of the principal enemies of Islam, the Rafidah.

Ismail Haniyeh on the left (and bottom-right) with Khamenei and while paying homage to the zindeeq (heretic) Khomeini who slandered numerous companions of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) and attributed the worst forms of Shirk and ghuluw (exaggeration) to the Ahlul-Bayt.  On the top right is Khaled Mashal (also paying homage to Khomeini, the enemy of Allah), one of the former leaders of Hamas.


If Israeli aggression continues they might double that number. Glad tiding to you, o Hamas! Iran will send you the most useless rockets on earth and provide you with some Anti-Israeli slogans.

Hamas has opened the gates for Rafidism/Iranian influence in Gaza

In the north of Gaza, a group called “Hezbollah in Gaza” has reappeared. The Sabireen Movement (Arabic: حركة الصابرين نصراً لفلسطين – حِصن‎, Ḥarakah aṣ-Ṣābirīn Naṣran li-Filasṭīn – Ḥiṣn), meaning the “Movement of the Patient Ones”, which sometimes goes by the acronym of Hesn (“fortification”). Their flag is almost a mirror image of the Hezbollah banner, with the small addition of a map of greater Palestine.

Hezbollah flag, left, and Sabireen flag, right. ‘Hey, Can I Copy Your Homework?’ at its best.

Inspired by the Fathi Shaqaqi’s works on the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the earliest form of the group can be traced back to 2010 as a reformist movement in Gaza calling for a revolution inspired by the Iranian Revolution. Shortly after the Iranian Revolution, Shaqaqi wrote a book “Khomeini, The Islamic Solution and the Alternative”, which praised Khomeini and his approach to an Islamic state. In Shaqaqi’s view the Khomeini victory ‘demonstrated that even against an enemy as powerful as the Shah, a jihad of determined militants could overcome all obstacles.’ The book sold 10,000 copies in two days and misguided thousands of Muslims, especially members of the Ikhwan who fell for the lies and promises of Iran and its dajjalic clergy.

Fathi Shaqaqi (4 January 1951 – 26 October 1995) was the co-founder and Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine. In this photograph, he can be seen speaking at a Lebanese Shia conference.

While Hamas supported the Syrian rebellion, the Sabireen Movement has praised Iran’s involvement as well as ‘Hezbollah’s’, the group has sent condolences to ‘Hezbollah’ fighters killed in Syria.

In the wake of Hamas’ support for the Syrian resistance and the pragmatic approach adopted by the organization’s then-Secretary-General Khaled Mashal, in 2014 Iran established the Sabireen movement in the Gaza Strip as an ideological alternative. The establishment of the organization reflected Iran’s ambition to maintain an organization of emissaries in the Gaza Strip that would fulfill all of its orders.

Sabireen leader Hisham Salem, a former commander of PIJ’s Quds (Jerusalem) Force Brigades in Gaza. Salem also headed a Shi’ite charity based in Jabaliya refugee district also in Gaza. The self-described goal of his group is to ‘eliminate the Zionist entity’.

Sabireen’s Secretary-General Hisham Salem, a former commander in PIJ’s (pro-Shia and pro-Khomeini since its inception) military wing who converted to Shi’ism (money talks), declared his total support for Iran in its regional struggle against Saudi Arabia and support of Bashar Assad and in return, the organization received weapons, including Fajr missiles, which it used during Operation Protective Edge. Everything comes with a price.

The Sabireen organisation tried, unsuccessfully, to extend its and Iran’s (Shi’ism) influence to the West Bank and accused Hamas of disseminating Shi’ism in the Gaza Strip, and tried, unsuccessfully, to extend its influence to the West Bank. In 2019, Hamas arrested more than 70 Sabireen members and confiscated their weapons, effectively ending the existence of the organisation.

The decision to dissolve Harakat Al-Sabireen was made after local citizens lobbied Hamas which is, in the absence of officials from the Ramallah Palestinian Authority, still the de facto government in the territory. Local Palestinians regard the movement as ‘the door to Shia ideology in Gaza’.

Iran on the other hand honoured the Rafidi leader of Sabireen. In 2021, Tehran Times ‘alleged’ that Hisham Salim (leader of Sabireen) was granted asylum in Iran, while ordinary members of the group joined Al-Quds Brigades and/or Iraqi Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba that operates charity in the Gaza Strip.

During the first week of Ramadan, Harakat al Nujaba, an Iranian-backed Iraqi paramilitary group, distributed food baskets and other Ramadan gifts to the families of prisoners and those who have been killed fighting against Israel. They prey on the poor just as Christian missionaries do in other impoverished regions of the Muslim world.

Yes, you read right, Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militias have already entered Gaza under the pretext of charity work. Social welfare programs and charities throughout the Gaza Strip have been established by Iran to influence the hearts and minds of its residents. 

Another Iranian-funded organization operating in the Gaza Strip is the Palestinian-Iranian Friendship Association (PIFA). The organization also has branches in Lebanon and Syria.

Ismail Haniye in Tehran in a visit to the family of the doomed criminal Qasem Soleimani whom he and his organisation praised as a ‘martyr’!

Hamas’ alliance with Iran has not just brought evil to the group, but evil to the whole Gaza Strip and Palestine. Via the likes of Hamas, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, that is Iran, has managed to infiltrate the ranks of the likes of Hamas and even set up and arm its own proxies (Sabireen) and run charity organisations lead by Shia militias from Iraq who are notorious for their crimes against Sunnis (under the pretext of fighting Daesh/’Wahhabism’).

True, the Iranian attempt to establish an alternative to Hamas and PIJ in the Gaza Strip failed after Hamas waged an all-out war against the Sabireen group, however, the damage has been done, and the life and beliefs of the Palestinian people shouldn’t be jeopardised and are not worth Iran’s opportunistic support and petrodollars. 

Israeli National Security Advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat elbow bumps with an Emirati official ahead of boarding the plane before leaving Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates September 1, 2020.
Yes, the traitors in the Arab world are also to be blamed, but does the absence of their support justify seeking help from the next best alternative, one with a sinister agenda such as Iran? Is this an absolute necessity and worth the life and the Hereafter of the Palestinian people?
And since when does Iran care about the lives of Sunni Arabs? Iran has marginalised its own Shia Arab population, the Ahwazi Arabs who have mass-converted to Sunnism. Iran has been fighting Sunnis under the pretext of combating ‘Wahhabism’/Daesh from Iraq to Syria.

Iran has an agenda, a long-term plan. Iran has been exploiting the Palestinian cause as it is a necessary evil to them, a card that they need to play in a game, in a Sunni world. Contrary to popular belief, unlike in Sunnism, in Shi’ism, the predominant sect in Iran, Jerusalem and its Aqsa mosque are not even sacred. However, conquering and subsequently ruling over Jerusalem and Makkah means winning the hearts of the Muslim masses, it will make Iran the ultimate leader of the Muslim Ummah.

Neo-Safawi Rafidi Iran is not a well-wisher, never has been and never will be. The foreseen ramifications are not exaggerated, one only needs to study what happened to the Sunnis of Iran in the 16th century when the ideological forefathers of the Khomeinists and modern-day Shia cleric of Najaf and Qom took over in Iran. Why shall we go so much back in time if the Sunnis of Iraq can tell you stories about Shia death squads, all backed by Iran, just like the Shia militias in Syria and other parts of the Arab world were Sunni and Arab blood is spilled for a greater Iran and its expansionist endeavors.

This is what Iran has brought to the Muslim and Arab world, isn’t that enough for the likes of Hamas to wake up and rather die with dignity than accepting breadcrumbs and firecrackers from Iran and its allies? In the words of Thomas Fuller: ‘It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf’. Hamas applies that to the Zionists but doesn’t seem to understand that the Neo-Safawis are as dangerous if not worse than the Zionists, and the proof lies in the killing of Sunnis at the hand of Iran from Iraq to Syria.

Iran has failed to attract Palestinians to Shi’ism – Qasem Soleimani in Gaza

Ultimately, Iran has largely failed in converting Palestinians to Rafidi Shi’ism; they have been trying hard. One would actually expect half of Palestine to be Shia by now or at least to have a positive attitude towards Shi’ism and Iran. Several polls over the last decade have proven otherwise. As a matter of fact, Palestinians are notorious in the Arab world for their anti-Shia stance, Shi’ism is extremely scarce among them, despite the huge influence of Iran on their politicians, even the outwardly conservative and religious ones like the Hamas. However, the noble Palestinian people have to be on their guard, as the sell-outs are increasing in Palestine. Some have gone to the low of praising even the likes of Qassem Soleimani, but not without facing fierce resistance from the people of Gaza.

Pro-Qassem Soleimani billboards were sighted in Ghaza, occupied Palestine, on the 28th December 2020.

Billboards of the criminal Neo-Safawi Qasem Soleimani ahead of the first anniversary of his death, Gaza, Palestine, Dec. 28, 2020. Hamas marked the first anniversary of Qassem Soleimani’s killing by installing billboards in Gaza.

However, it did not even take more than two days after the billboards of Soleimani were put up for them to be defiled, pulled down, and tore apart by the honourable people of Gaza.

Palestinians in Gaza rip of a poster of IRGC leader Qassem Soleimani, who was involved in the suppression of the Syrian uprising and the backing of the secularist Baathist Syrian regime and numerous Shia militia in Iraq and Syria who have committed numerous atrocities against the Sunnis.
A Palestinian directing his shoes towards a billboard of Qasem Soleimani in Ghaza, occupied Palestine. Shoes are a symbol of “dirt and degradation” in the Arab world.

Qasem Soleimani was the commander of the Quds (Jerusalem) Force, yet he never set foot in Jerusalem (let alone liberating it). Instead, he was busy backing and saving the Ba’athist regime and dictator of Syria with the help of Shia militias that have a track record of vicious crimes and atrocities and human rights abuses against Sunni civilians in Iraq and Syria respectively.

During the last decade of his life, Qassem Soleimani emerged from the shadows and was promoted as a noble and self-effacing warrior, an Iranian Napoleon who would recreate a new Persian empire — a Shia crescent from Mashad near Turkmenistan to the Mediterranean in Lebanon.

The “Shia Crescent” was dealt a heavy blow with the killing of Qassem Soleimani who is paraded as a Shia version of Rambo (Rambostani) by the Iranian regime with its cringe propaganda material.

Hamas are our brothers who have gravely erred and must change

Needless to say that this article is not an invitation to vicious Hamas bashing. Contrary to how some biased opponents (especially from among the Zionists in the Arab world and sell-out ‘scholars’ claim) like to portray the Hamas and its members; the group is certainly not a unified block, people from the inner circles of Hamas will vouch that the leaders of the Hamas despise Rafidism and Iran, however, it is argued that they are compelled to engage with Iran due to the betrayal of the Arab states. This is an often repeated argument that has already been dealt with in this article, and I shall repeat: Is any support worth the lives and beliefs of the Palestinian people? Especially if it is supported by the likes of Iran who have proven that they have a sectarian agenda in Palestine.

The Brotherhood (Ikhwan) is not a unified block. Yes, unfortunately, the founders and many leaders of the Ikhwan have still close relationships with Rafidi leaders and Iran, before and after the Iranian Revolution, however, some of their major leaders such as Shaykh Yusuf Qaradawi have changed their past pro-Iran and pro-Shia rhetorics completely and admitted that they had a naive stance towards Iran and the Shia clergy whom they thought to be a genuine well-wisher for the Ummah. The Syrian Revolution has exposed Iran and its allies to the maximum and all praise is due to Allah.

On May 31, 2013, Shaykh Yusuf Qaradawi, delivered a sermon in which he lashed out against Iran and ‘Hezbollah’. Qaradawi accused Iran and ‘Hezbollah’ of helping Syria’s Alawite regime in its war against the Syrian people by supplying weapons and dispatching operatives from all across the Shi’ite world, which later turned out to be nothing but the truth. He publically made tawbah from his previous pro-Shia and pro-Iran positions.
Anti-‘Hezbollah’ poster in Lebanon.
Anti-‘Hezbollah’ poster in Lebanon with the group’s logo changed from Hezbollah (Party of Allah) to Hezb al-Shaytan (Party of Satan), in the spirit of Al-Qaradawi’s sermon. Hezbollah’s motto, “The Party of Allah are the victors”, was changed to “The Party of Satan are the losers”

Even the Neo-Safawis in Tehran know well that the leaders of Hamas are not like some other ignorant ‘Sunni’ groups who have little to no knowledge of the heresy called Imamism and the history of post-Safawi Iran.

The leaders of Hamas are highly educated, many of them have studied Islamic sciences and are well aware of the heretical nature of Twelver Shi’ism and the expansionist policies of Iran. Iran knows that thus why it has started replacing them by establishing their very own proxy in Gaza. So far they have failed, but if the likes of Hamas continue engaging with Iran, then they must know that playing with the fire of the Majus of Qom and Tehran can eventually burn them and bring calamities to the people of Palestine that the Sunnis of Iran have faced since the Safavid onslaught in the 16th century and the Sunnis of Iraq after their country was handed over by the Zionist Neocons to Iran in 2003.

Finally, I leave you with the profound words of a mujahid, the Palestinian lion, Shaykh Raed Salah, a man of wisdom and knowledge who knew way back that one can never trust the Rawafid, the Sahabah abusers, especially not regarding the liberation of Qods which in actual fact holds no sanctity to them (they only use the Palestinian cause to get the naive and gullible masses on their side):

‘Indeed, the liberation of Jerusalem from the Zionist occupation is not possible at the hands of those who curse (i.e. Rafidah Shia) its conqueror (i.e. ‘Umar al-Farooq) and its liberator (i.e. Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi al-Kurdi).’ – Shaykh Raed Salah al-Falastini