Idolatry In Process: Iran’s Qassem (Kotlet) Soleimani

Qassem Soleimani, aide-de-camp to Rafidi dictator Khamenei, lifesaver of secular Nusayri-Rafidi pagan Bashar la-Assad, butcher of Syrian children, has been turned into a cringe idol not long after he was turned into a Persian kabab/cutlet (kotlet) by the foolish WTF (Wilayatul-Faqih) regime.

Qassem Kotlet Soleimani had the ‘honour’ of being smoked under the command of the degenerate Trump.

The Iranian regime, with the blessing of the Shia clergy, has been busy ‘decorating’ all of Iran with polytheistic statues (resembling Buddhist and Hindu cultures) of Qassem Soleimani, however, at first they promised ‘hard revenge’ for Soleimani’s assassination.

Here is an illustration of what the Iranian regime’s “hard revenge’ looks like in practice:

Fireworks fired at the American base. Casualties: Zero 2. Over 50 Iranians killed at Qass emSoleimani funeral. 3. Over 100 Iranians killed after the country of ‘Imam-E-Zaman’ shot down a commercial aircraft by accident.

The revenge came in the form of some firecracker works fired at some US base in the desert of Sunni Iraq. Khamenei and his regime knew that they would see no tomorrow if they would have seriously harmed American troops, so they opted for a show of a missile attack in order to save face and boos morale to their troops and followers.

‘Revenge’ came in the form of some firecrackers being fired at a US base in the desert of Sunni Iraq. Khamenei and his regime knew that if they inflicted serious damage on American troops, they (Iran regime) would not see the next day, so they stuck with some firecrackers.

Khamenei and his gullible followers: Imam Mahdi is with us and guides us, #SevereRevenge is on its way. Reality: Few fireworks fired in the direction of a US military base. Zero Americans killed, however, Iran accidentally shot down a  passenger plane (over 150 innocent lives wiped out). Great revenge right there.

The foolish and humiliated Khomeinists have actually caused more casualties among their own than they have killed American troops. At least 40 people died after a stampede at Qassem Soleimeini’s funeral. A similar incident occured at Khomeini’s funeral, where he was stripped naked by his own followers at his funeral.

Khamenei and his regime vowed ‘severe revenge’ for Soleimani’s liquidation. They even started a campaign where Khomeinists make some bizarre and cringe hand gesture:

For the past few decades, Iran’s WTF regime has tried everything to present itself as the saviour and benefactor of the ummah, particularly the Palestinian cause. Qassem Soleimani was hailed by the Khomeinist media machine and its mouthpieces as the Ramb(ostani) of the Muslim world, invincible on the verge of defeating America and Israel. They were even (in their madness) certain that Soleimani would take over the White House.

A Khomeinist propaganda piece years before Qassem Soleimani was turned into Qassem Kotlet or Qassem Kebabistani. Looks like “made in North Korea”, but the gullible will fall for it seems.

Cheesy Khomeinist propaganda. Persian (right) and Arabic (left) text reads: “We will soon pray in congregation in Jerusalem.” God forbid, imagine Jama’ah prayers with Rafidi Tajwid!
Khomeini propaganda poster. Text (TV news banner) reads: Congregation prayers will be lead in a few minutes by Imam Khamenei.

Khomeinist propaganda poster depicting Qassem Soleimani as the liberator of Jerusalem. Cheesy level 1000.
Khomeinist propaganda poster. Text in Persian reads: “Jerusalem will be another Khorramshahr (Arab Ahwazi town that was taken by Iraq and then retaken . Its original Arab name is Mohammarah but the Pahlavis and the Shia regime insist on a Persian name).
“Vee veel be soon pereying in the Qods.” God forbid! The birds of Jerusalem would collapse and fall from the sky hearing that hideous Qommite ‘Tajwid’. Notice the Jama’ah of ultra-criminals behind Khamenei that they have photoshopped in the worst way possible.
Resistance until referendum says Khamenei, but only for Palestine because in Iran he knows a referendum would be the end of the rule of any ‘Ayatollah’.
Khamenei leading prayers. Behind him his goons, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi and Bashar al-Assad!
Khomeinist propaganda poster depicting Khamenei and his goons (including Bashar and a zombie version of Qassem Soleimani) in Jerusalem next to masjid al-Aqsa.

Here Khamenei meeting ‘Sunni’ scholars from Syria (you can imagine how much of a true Sunni someone is who is paraded by the Neo-Safawi Khomeinists). The headline in the ‘Vatan Emrooz’ newspaper reads: “The leader of the Revolution [Khamenei] in a meeting with the head of the department of Islamic affairs of Syria and a group of Syrian clerics. [Khamenei]’ We will very soon pray congregational prayers in Syria.’

Qassem Kotlet Soleimani was paraded as the hero of the Islamic and Palestinian cause. Al-Quds (Jerusalem) would be liberated by him and Iran, he was basically on his way. Well, at least kind of, or in Khomeini’s words:

“The Path to Jerusalem passes through Karbala

An Iranian girl holding a banner with Khomeini’s empty promise.
A Khomeinist propaganda poster depicting how Husayn ibn ‘Ali (r) is leading the army of Khomeini to the liberation of Jerusalem via Karbala`.

This is one of the most famous slogans of Khomeinists since the inception of their Revolution. And here is how the path to Jerusalem looks like in action:

Purple: Actual path to Israel
Black: Khomeinist diversion

Kotlet Soleimani in a strange pose with his partner in crime, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. publishes a poster hailing Qassem #Soleimani as Jahan Pahlevan (world hero) and most famous commander in the fight against terrorism. The idea is taken from the statue of Iranian Zoroastrian (Majoosi!) mythological hero Garshasp, famous for killing monsters, at Hor Sq. downtown Tehran.

Melodramatic Iranian Shiism at its best. Qassem the criminal Soleimani is of course embraced by none other than Imam Husayn himself!
Qassem Soleimani is depicted as usually Hussain ibn Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) is depicted in Shia Catholic-esque artwork.

Shia art (kufr) work: Lady Fatimah (peace be upon him) honouring Qassem Soleimani!

Poster depicting slain Soleimani in heaven with male angels

Iranian Culture Minister Abbas Salehi presents a painting of Qassem Soleimani in the arms of a Shia imam to Soleimani’s daughter Zeinab in May 2020. []

Iran state propaganda: Qassem Soleimani embarks the ‘Ark of Salvation’ along with the Shia Mahdi. For some reason, the ark looks like an Indian rickshaw.

Apart from the cringe Iranian state propaganda – that looks like it comes straight out of a North Korean textbook of the cult of personality, here the promised pictures of the actual idol-like statues that the ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ has erected all over Iran with the blessings of the Shia clergy (who themselves gave greenlight to their gullible followers to dedicate statues to them!).

A popular attraction at Milad tower in the heart of Tehran. A wax statue of Qassem Soleimani…

The following idol got ridiculed so hard, Iranian authorities decided to put Qassem Kotlet Soleimani in a bag.

Idol of Soleimani in Iran, Bandar Anzali. That’s nothing, just wait till his wasteful and luxurious shrine is finished. They already erected statues of him all over Iran, now imagine what can be expected in the future.

A Christian-like altar for Qassem Soleimani in a Shia place of worship in London.
Brainwashing and human worship from childhood on. Think about it, if they venerate a recently read man like that with Hindu-like anti-Islamic altars (!), then how much more so do they venerate and worship their buried ‘infallible’ Imams’?

Another idol of Qassem Soleimani in Ahwaz:

All of this idolatry is sanctified by the Shia ‘Ayatollahs’:

Another bizarre statue of Soleimani, this time in his home province (Kerman):

Waste of resources and imitation of the heresies and polytheism of the Jews and Christians:


An idol of the second cutlet, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

Of course, the pawns of Iran, the Hizbullat in Lebanon, have also started to erect idols of Qassem Kotlet Soleimani all over Lebanon:

Rest assured, the day will come when the Lebanese will tear down the statue of this terrorist and tyrant Qassem Soleimani.

Here a somewhat hilarious ‘memorial’ (idol) for Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis that has been erected in Arabsalim, Lebanon.

And the stooges of the Iranian regime (including the notoriously detested ‘Sunni Mufti of Iraq’) in Iraq have of course also started building statues of Kotlet Soleimani (and more ‘Ayatollahs’)…

But what can one expect from heretical Rafidis who consider it respect to salute to idolatrous Catholic statues and the Shia clergy who are fine with the heresy of making and erecting statues of the Ahlul-Bayt and themselves?

One of the many Khomeini idols in Iran.
Khamenei idol on the Iran-built road between Baalbek and Hermel in Lebanon.

Khomeini idol on the Iran-built road between Baalbek and Hermel in Lebanon.

Last but not least: here the anti-Islamic decorated Catholic-esque grave of Qassem Soleimani. Mind you: this is just the beginning of the idolatry process. Look up Khomeini’s grave right after his death and compare it to what it has been turned by the Shia clergy after a few years (let alone today, where its construction has still not finished and has already cost millions of dollars and resembles a Sassanian-Zorastrian kings palace rather than a modest Muslim grave).

Kotlet Soleimani is portrayed like a saint in the Catholic Church, same heresy, same bid’ah, just in the name of ‘the school of Ahlul-Bayt’.  Massive portraits of him have already been placed above his grave and the gullible flock to his grave to seek blessings and his intercession from this doomed criminal.

Umm Salama told Allah’s Apostle (ﷺ) about a church which she had seen in Abyssinia and which was called Mariya. She told him about the pictures which she had seen in it. Allah’s Apostle said, “If any righteous pious man dies amongst them, they would build a place of worship at his grave and make these pictures in it; they are the worst creatures in the sight of Allah.” [Bukhari]

This is exactly how excessive grave veneration started in the name of the Ahul-Bayt, with the difference that they would never condone it whereas the Imamites insist on such heresies and waste of resources for the buried ones.

Here pictures of the gullible and fooled victims of Imamism from mainly impoverished regions of Asia and Africa who study in Qom and were escorted from Qom to Kerman to the grave of Qassem Kotlet Soleimani to seek blessings from Qassem Soleimani’s grave:

A quick google search in Persian provides an abundance of pictures of Shi’ites indulging in excessive grave veneration,  including prostrating on Qassem Soleimani’s grave. Notice how these are predominantly their religious folks and often under the supervision of Revolutionary Guards and Shia clerics who of course see no issues with this Ghuluw (excessiveness).

On second thought, these heretical mainstream Shi’ite Imamite practices are nothing expected from the laity, as their scholars themselves are indulged in such rituals:

‘Saint’ Qassem Soleimani himself was often seen prostrating to graves whenever he visited them:

Finally, selfies with the new saint, an absolute circus and shrine business, literally everything Islam stands against:

Finally, the Muslim Ummah will always rejoice at the anniliation of the enemy of Islam and the Muslims, Qassem Soleimi the aid of Bashar:

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