They Want To Destroy Idols (but not their own) – The Al-Mansur Statute In Baghdad

In the latest news from Iraq, hate preacher Yasser al-Habib (based in Fulmer, Slough. His gullible non-British followers are told that his temple and TV station are based in London. It’s a selling point) has been causing having in Baghdad after he launched a campaign calling for the destruction of the statue of Abu Ja’far al-Mansur al-Abbasi in Baghdad. Before we get to the statue, some background information:

Yasser al-Habib has been encouraging his followers to commit vigilante acts for many years. In 2018, some of his fanatical and cultish devotees got onto the balcony of the Iranian embassy in London, taking down the Iranian flag and erecting banners of UK-based radical Shia Khoddam Al-Mahdi’s organization. The group was filmed shouting slogans and waving their flags from the balcony. The men were eventually detained by the police but only after they finished performing their antics.
Yasser al-Habib has been calling for years for anti-Sunni policies in Iraq such as the removal of streets, avenues, etc. that are named after the companions of the Prophet (ﷺ) i.e. his Sahabah and even the change of the school curriculum (in which the Sahabah are still praised, or at least not cursed).

The Iraq of Omar ibn al-Khattab and Ali ibn Abi Talib

No doubt, Iraq is the Iraq of Ahlul-Sunnah, the Iraq of Omar and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them). Entire towns of south Iraq were built by the order of Omar ibn al-Khattab. Even Kufa (which the Shia see as a holy city, holier than Jerusalem!) was founded during 639 CE (17 Hijrah) by him. Yes, the irony is strong with this one.

In fact, most of Iraq’s Islamic history was shaped by the Sunnis. Not flawless, not without deviations at times, however, the Ahlul-Sunnah always had the upper hand (and their turn will come again, no doubt). Iraq was built, shaped, and protected by Sunnis and the Rafidah have betrayed and sold it to the enemies in the past (Ibn al-Alqami) and today (when the Neocon Crusaders handed it over on a silver plate to  Iran with the help of the ‘Arab’ Shias of Iraq).

Today there is almost a consensus in Iraq: Sunni Iraq, even under the rule of the Baathists was still a billion times better than what it is today i.e. a subservient lackey of the Qommites.

Abu Ja’far al-Mansur al-Abbasi – The founder of Baghdad

Abū Jaʿfar ʿAbd Allah al-Manṣūr (Arabic: ابوجعفر عبدالله المنصور) known as al-Mansūr al-‘Abbasī (Arabic: المنصور العباسي) and Al-Manṣūr al-Dawānīqī (Arabic: المنصور الدوانیقي) (ruled 136/753-4 to 158/774-5) was the second Abbasid caliph and a descendant of al-‘Abbas b. ‘Abd al-Muttalib.

Al-Mansur was known for his fierce crackdown on Persian Shu’ubiyyah movements.

Amongst his significant actions (which makes him more productive than the idle hidden Shia ‘Imam’) is the construction of Baghdad which he ordered. It became the capital city of the world. He is known for founding the ‘Round City’ of Madinat al-Salam which was to become the core of imperial Baghdad.

Again, the Rafidah have built nothing in Iraq. Their few ‘holy’ cities (Karbala, Najaf, etc.) are cesspools of Khurafat, Zandaqah, Shirk, and Majoosiyyah, that since the Safawi era are in the hands of the Iranian Safawis and their ideological descendants who have desecrated and destroyed Sunni graves in Iran and Iraq (like Imam Abu Hanifah’s) the moment whey became the absolute majority. Their crocodile tears are only for their favourite graves (in al-Baqi’, etc.).

Whether Shirazists or Khomeinists or Iranian nationalists. All of them revere the butcher of Persian Sunnis, Ismail Safawi. The Shah and Shia regime erected numerous statues of him all over Iran.
Abu Ja’far al-Mansur is described by some as a caliph, technically he was a king, he himself is reported to have said:
وعن المنصور قال : الملوك أربعة : معاوية ، وعبد الملك ، وهشام بن عبد الملك ، وأنا
The kings are four: Mu’awiyah, Abdul-Malik, and Hisham ibn Abdul-Malik, and I.

In 763, al-Mansur, the Abbasid ruler offered Imam Abu Hanifah the post of Chief Judge of the State, but he refused this lucrative post. After he declined, he was thrown into prison. He was excessively tortured and never cared for in prison. There are differences on whether he had succumbed to his wounds in prison or outside the prison and whether he was poisoned; nevertheless, he passed away at the age of 70 in the year 150 AH.

The aforementioned historical details prove that the biased Shia narrative against Sunni scholars is from the truth. Many Sunni scholars spoke out against oppressive rulers and the Ahlul-Bayt were not the sole targets and victims of some oppressive rulers. Many Sahabah, Tabi’is, non-Arabs (especially Persians) were oppressed under the Umayyads and Abbasids, including Imam Abu Hanifah (Persian Sunni) and Imam Ahmad (Arab Sunni). The latter was nearly flogged to death for speaking the truth and rejecting falsehood in the name of religion.

If the Imams that the Twelvers attribute to themselves were actually infallible they would have also spoken the truth or at least made Hijrah (just like the Sahabah did). Instead, according to the Shia narrative, they were busy being Taqiyyah mongering hypocrites who didn’t bother to speak the truth (and face torture).

The idolators and the idol of al-Mansur

The statue of Abu Ja’far al-Mansur al-Abbasi is located in Al Mansour (Arabic: المنصور‎) which is a Sunni majority district and one of the nine administrative districts in Baghdad, Iraq. Al Mansour is traditionally known as an affluent area where wealthy Arab families lived, however, during the sectarian unrest which occurred between 2006 and 2007, it became a place of extreme contention and violence, resulting in street violence and bombings which displaced much of the population at the time resulting in extensive damage.

The ‘monument’ of al-Mansour was blown up on October 19, 2005, the day Saddam was put on trial. It was later rebuilt.

A few days ago, Yasser al-Habib and his organization (legally registered in the UK!) have called for yet another demolition of al-Mansur al-Abbasi’s statue in Iraq. Notably, this is happening in conjunction with the elections, the assassination of an anti-Iran senior intel officer, and the release of Qassem Musleh.

Yasser al-Habib says on his website:

As we relive the painful memory of the martyrdom of our great Imam, Ja’far bin Muhammad al-Sadiq (peace be upon him), it would be of goodness that the first steps of purification by the removal of the statue of his killer, the Abbasid tyrant al-Dawaniqi, otherwise known as al-Mansur, may God’s damnations be upon him. []

This Mushrik (according to whom Catholic-like icons of the Ahlul-Bayt are fine!) is now trying to act as an idol-breaker. Of course, his concern is not statues, after all, he himself is an Imam-centric idolater. His concern is a specific statue, the statue of al-Mansur al-Abbasi in Baghdad. The statue is currently protected by Iraqi security forces.

Why the hatred for al-Mansur al-Abbasi? According to Twelver Shi’ism, Imam Ja’far (ibn Muhammad) al-Sadiq (may Allah have mercy upon him) was murdered by al-Mansur. The bizarre story goes like this: the ‘infallible’ and ‘unseen’ knowing demigod Imam was busy munching poisoned grapes that were offered to him by the mortal al-Mansur. The demigod Imam dropped like a sack of potatoes, Salavat.

By the way: the Shia claim that one can invoke that Imam (and numerous others) in times of need as he can fulfill one’s wishes. Well, according to their own narrative he couldn’t even save himself… (they will come up with a list of mental gymnastics to resolve that problem).

Muwahhid Sunni Turk hitting an idol of the taghut Ataturk. May Allah bless his hands.
So what’s the issue? The Rafidah want to tear down a statue and we as Ahlul-Sunnah are against the erection of statues anyway, especially statues of a living thing (being with a soul).

Well, first of all: the hell with the statue and all statues. This piece here is not in defense of any statute. It is a warning. A Germans proverb says:

Wehret den Anfängen! (Resist the beginnings/Beware The Beginnings!)

Hitler and the Nazis began tentatively, with small measures. Shia death squads already targetted thousands of ordinary Sunnis in Iraq when the Rafidah took control over Iraq. Back then a major civil war was going on. We can’t allow this to repeat itself. The likes of Yasser al-Habib want to humiliate and subjugate Sunnis in a systematic manner, step-by-step, similar to how the Iranian regime treats us Sunni Iranians (no mass-killings, rather subjugation).

This hate preacher has already made clear that he wants to remove any trace of the Sahabah in the landscape and even school books of Iraq (which of course, will be replaced with the praise of Persian low-life suicides like Abu LOW LOW the Majoosi and his Iranian Ayatullats). Hence, the demolishing of a statue is just the beginning of a sinister plan.

Ahlul-Sunnah have clear and consistent views regarding statues. The statues you see in the Sunni world were built by ignorant folks, secularists, Baathists, and other deviants. On the other hand, the Shia clergy have sanctified the erection of statues under their ‘Islamic’ rule! Today you will find more statues of ‘Ayatollahs’ in Iran than you could find statues of the late Shah during his reign.

Khomeinists, Shirazists, all of them are the same when it comes to Shirk, Ghuluw, and the cult of personality that resembles that of modern-day worldly Arab kings, Atatürk’s, North Korean leaders, and other cultists.

Pulling down the statue of Abu Ja’far al-Mansur or anybody else for that matter is not the issue, the issue is that it shouldn’t happen at the hands of the grave worshipping Rawafid. On the other hand, and in defense of the Sunnis: Iraq is in control of Iran and its ‘Arab’ Shia stooges. The Baathists were also fond of statues.

In any case, the Rafidah must be deluded if they believe that any straight Sunni would have an issue with statues being torn down. Reminds one of some of the deluded folks who called for the demolition of the ‘statues of Muhammad’ if the statues of their criminal idols in the West get touched. Fools didn’t know that we don’t have statues of the Prophet (ﷺ) and if there were any we would thank them for demolishing them. Saves us energy and time.

Essentially, Ahlul-Sunnah have no issue with every single statue being torn down, however, the issue is that an extreme Rafidi group is behind the show. But we can still come to an agreement. Here is the deal:

We knock down the statue of al-Mansur, then it is your turn i.e. we will go after your Rafidi idols in the name of the Ahlul-Bayt.