Invasion of the Safavids [BOOK]

The brothers at have once again done a tremendous service to the Ummah and translated an important work that exposes the atrocities of the Shia Safavids (revered by the Shia clergy and many Iranian nationalists alike) against the Muslims, the Persian Sunnis (Ahl al-Sunnah).

After the fall of Baghdad at the hands of the Americans, the terms ‘Safavids’ and ‘New-age Safavids’ were widely circulated. Who exactly were the Safavids and what danger did they pose to Islam and the Muslims? Perhaps, this is best encapsulated by the words of an Austrian orientalist who said, “If it wasn’t for the Safavids of Iran, we would be reciting the Qur’an in Belgium and France as we do in Algeria.” How does this affect us presently? This and more are addressed in this book; read on and prepare yourself for the perils that lay ahead.

Invasion of the Safavids

by: ‘Abdul ‘Aziz ibn Salih al Mahmud.


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