The Imamites Are The Ghulat

A few months ago I stumbled online upon the project of a rather dull and monotonous speaker, Rafidi turban head Seyed-Ali Hosseini (‘Sayed Ali Shobayri’). A loser channel on YouTube, dead, views so low, one feels almost pity and wonders how useless their own kind are who seem not to be too enthusiastic and supportive of their ‘learned’ ones.

However, as I always say: you cannot always choose your opponents, sometimes you have to take what is available, so that is why I and my team respond, refute and humiliate them occasionally. They should be proud that anybody gives them any attention. The Rafidah have not many speakers, so refute their outspoken ones, even if they are not famous.

A channel that will clarify Shia ‘tawhid’ (I know, an absolute oxymoron, doesn’t even sound right) and expose the ghulat (i.e. those who believe one of the twelve Imams to be God or say that God has penetrated into him).

The speaker knows well how kufr, shirk, and ghuluw are absolute mainstream in Shi’ism, present among the top preachers of the sect and many if not most ‘Ayatollahs’. Yet he pretends as if ghuluw represents only a fringe group.

Mind you, the bar of Ghuluw is set very low according to the Rafidah. Ghuluw to them is when one literally refers to an entity other than Allah/God as Allah/God (that is why many Rawafid have a very shallow Tawhid understanding where Shirk is to be understood to believe in a competing God besides Allah, as in literally referring to other than Allah as Allah.

Ghuluw to them is to literally attribute Ruboobiyyah (the Lordship of Allah) to other than Allah. Of course, they will give lip service towards the actual Islamic definition and understanding of ghuluw which is: Claiming something of or about anybody (especially the Prophets and Awliya), without having reliable evidence that they claimed such things for themselves.

Anything below that – such as praying to the buried and tombed Imams in various languages and dialects and believing that they can hear and see everything and can respond to the distress calls of billions of supplicants – is totally fine and legit and the ‘purest form of Tawhid on this earth right now’.

Heck, the very same turban head advocates the absurd and hideous bid’ah of invoking Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her) 500+ times in prostration. To these people ascribing Allah’s attributes to the Imams is ‘ma’rifah’ (deep understanding and knowledge) of the Ahlul-Bayt but affirming Allah’s attributes without likening Allah to the creation is of course Shirk according to these heretics. T

The leading cause for the inherently shiriki, khurafi and ghuluw nature of Imamism is the mother of all ghuluw, that is Imamah. Based on that myth their scholars have sanctified ghuluw upon ghuluw:

“…Ghulat (i.e. those who believe one of the holy twelve Imams to be God or say that God has penetrated into him)…”

Ayatullah Abul Qasim al-Khu’i.

“..Ghulat who believe in any of the holy twelve Imams as God, or that they are incarnations of God..”

Ayatullah al-Sayyid Ali al-Hussani al-Sistani.

“ghulÁt—those who believe in the divinity of an Imam or believe that God dwells within their bodies—”

ÀyatullÁh al-‘UÛmÁ Shaykh Íusain WaÎÐd KhurÁsÁnÐ

Page 35 LAWS.pdf

Their evil ‘scholars’ dilute Tawhid and violate it with fallacious analogies (comparing Angels with humans, etc.) and attribute to the Ahlul-Bayt (rizq and the response to millions of supplications and distress calls) what they never claimed for themselves. They argue that when the Prophet (ﷺ) was on his night journey to the Heavens he met the angel of death and asked him how he was able to be in multiple places at once to take souls, the angel of death replied, ‘I see the entire universe the way you see a coin in your hand’. Then they argue that it stands to reason that the master of all angels (i.e. the Prophet and the Imams) would have power beyond those they are masters of. Nothing but false analogies and assumptions that even their most learned scholars resort to in their desperation:

Al-Khoi states:

“There are some people who do not believe Amir-Al-Momineen (as) and other Imam’s (as) to be God but believe that the Imam’s (as) are the guardians of the affairs (Wali Amr) and the workers of Allah (swt) and they are the most beloved and closest to Allah (swt) and hence give rizq (sustenance) to the creations of Allah (swt) and also believe that it is Allah (swt) who is true sustainer (Raziq). This is similar to the case of angel of death being the one who gives death, the angel of rain sending down rainfall, Prophet Isa (as) giving life to the dead with the will/permission of Allah (swt) as has come in the Holy Quran. Having such a belief is not Kufr and is not a rejection of any essentials (belief of Shiasm).” [Sharh al-Urwah al-Wuthqa” Vol.3 Pg.6]

This is pure ghuluw (exaggeration and extremism) in the name of the Ahlul-Bayt one of their most renowned and influenced ‘scholars’ of the 20th century, a man who influence the religious lives of millions of Shi’ites around the world, the chain-smoker and teacher of ‘Ayatollah’ Sistani, ‘Ayatollah’ Khoie.

What is the evidence that the Imams are actively running the universe and distributing rizq (!) to the creation and are capable of hearing, listening, and responding to millions of supplications and madad (help and aid) calls? There is zero evidence for that and a ‘with the permission of Allah’ clause won’t cut it, as with the permission of Allah Allah can create millions of ‘Ali ib Abi Talib’s (as some of their scholars claim and use as proof i.e. spoof), did he? This is the religion of Allah and not the games of the Ghulat (extremists).

Imamism (Twelver Shi’ism) is not God-centric, it is Imam-centric with lip service given to Allah and His Messenger (ﷺ) as mentioned earlier. The Rafidah pride themselves that their top ‘scholars’ like the mute Sistani (who despite living in a Shia city for decades, at least two under Shia rule, has never lead a Friday prayer or gave a speech in Arabic calling to anything, let alone to Tawhid and warning against Shirk) mentioned somewhere that their speakers should not use weak reports on the pulpits.

This is what they take as evidence that their ‘scholars’ are against ghuluw, yet their scholar are the Ghulat themselves, they are the result of ghuluw and this is why one barely sees their scholars calling to tawhid (at least their own version), let alone warning against shirk. The main focus is only on Imams, Imams, and more Imams, exceptions to that rule are…. well, expectations! Undoubtedly, the Imamites have been influenced by Ahlul-Sunnah in one way or the other even if they deny it.

Their ‘uqda (inferiority complex) has pushed the Rafidah to embark on new damage control journeys where they seemingly disapprove ghuluw and ghulat, but as mentioned, the bar is set very low. You will never see them condemning the mainstream ghuluw and shirk that is propagated by their top ‘scholars’, heck, they don’t even consider that shirk to begin with, to those idolators it’s ‘pure tawhid’ and in their stupidity (like in the case of the ahmaq ‘Seyed-Ali Hosseini aka ‘Sayed Ali Shobayri’) they expose themselves with their own tongues and hands:

This is how Allah is humiliating these Sahabah abusers with their own hands. Their ghuluw and Khurafat masqueraded as the ‘school of Ahlul-Bayt’ will be kept exposed to the max, with the permission of Allah. The Shobayri and other than him are the gift that keeps on giving in this war.