A Sinister Alliance: Iranian Supremacy And Shi’ism – A case study (Omid Dana)

Omid Sharifi ‘Dana’ (he dislikes his actual Arab last name ‘Sharifi’ as he hates anything related to Arabs and the Arab language) is an infamous Shia-born convert to Zoroastrianism (common amongst Iranian born-Shias), Iranian ultra-nationalist, racist, and apologist of Shi’ism and the Iranian Khomeinist Shi’ite regime. Sounds contradicting? You will find out why there is no contradiction in that and why certain groups of Iranian ultra-nationalists have always championed and supported Shi’ism as a tool to fight Muslims and distort Islam in the name of Islam.

The Effeminate Face Of The New Age Iranian Ultra-Nationalist Scene: Omid Dana

Omid Sharifi (he goes by ‘Dana’ as he despises everything remotely Arabic. Someone should inform him to change the Perso-Arabic script of his very own show called رو دست) has caused a great furor within Iranian oppositional groups, however, not due to his anti-Islam rants and anti-Arab and anti-Turk sentiments (all which are very common in wider Persian supremacist culture), these were all cherished and embraced with open arms. The reason he is hated is because of his support for the Iranian Khomeinist regime which will be further addressed in a bit.

Neo-Sassanian Zoroastrian/Majoosi Omid Dana mourning the criminal butcher of Sunnis, Qassem Soleimani. In front of him are the Avesta (Bible of the Zoroastrians) and a Derafsh Kaviani flag (representative of the Sassanid state—Ērānšāhr (or “Iranian Empire”). Eran Shahr means Aryan Empire in Middle Persian—and may so be considered to have been the first “national flag” of Iran.

The effeminate Omid Dana is married to Nazanin Zarrinkolah, also a convert from Shi’ism to Zoroastrianism, and a vicious Islam hater. Despite being married and publically rejecting the celebration of homosexual lifestyles and deeming it as ‘anti-Iranian’, he has been spotted and recorded by his opponents frequenting infamous gay bars in Las Palma, the capital of Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands off northwestern Africa where he’s currently residing). The videos are all over the net and have exposed him for the closet-homosexual he is. The same Omid Dana said in one of his videos that there is no doubt that the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) was a homosexual and used to have a sexual relationship with ‘Ali b. Abi Talib when he was a young boy.

Omid Dana was born in north Iran Iran i.e. historical Tabaristan a land that produced many great Muslim (Sunni) scholars, however, from it have emerged many ultra-heretics (zanadiqah) and deviants such as crypto-Zoroastrian Shia sects (Twelvers and their likes) and Zaydis who all found it to be safe have, even when modern-day Iran was a (majority) Sunni land.

The likes of Omid Dana haven’t been much analysed (if at all) by experts (in the English language) who analyze Iranian diaspora movements who are often than not viciously anti-Islam and anti-Arab and almost without except hail from a Shia background (Omid Dana himself has admitted in his live shows that during his Zoroastrian missionary activities no Iranian Sunni or Christians was interested in Zoroastrianism and that almost without exceptions the vast majority of converts are from a Shia background). Most, Iranian anti-Islam individuals and groups are staunch enemies of the Iranian regime and call for its fall, not so in this case.
Omid Dana, an Iranian-born Shi’ite and convert to Zoroastrianism and ultra-nationalist who views the IRGC as heroes who defend the borders of Iran. They are described in the picture as the defenders of Iran who are aided by the Zoroastrian ‘Prophet’ (demigod) Zarathustra. Needless to mention that Omid Dana is a staunch supporter of Bashar, the dictator of Syria
Omid Dana and like-minded Iranian ultra-nationalists and supremacists see in Khamenei, not an ideal king, nonetheless, a king anyway, an absolute ruler who is ruling with a thin guise of Islam (Shi’ism) but in reality for the cause of Iranian supremacy.
Omid ‘Dana’ and like-minded Iranian ultra-nationalists and supremacists see in Khamenei, not an ideal king, nonetheless, a king anyway, an absolute ruler who is ruling with a thin guise of Islam (Shi’ism) but in reality for the cause of Iranian supremacy.

Omid is an ultra-nationalist and has repeatedly stated on his recorded shows that the ‘pure Iranian race’ must not be mixed (he also denies the holocaust but he always says there are some things he can’t openly say due to European laws) with other ‘races’ as Iranian have ‘unique’ and ‘superior’ genes. In that regard, he sounds like a Zionist and/or Hiter himself, but to be fair, he has not invented this rhetoric, is deeply ingrained in ultra-nationalist Iranian ideology.

Omid Dana used to be a devout Shahist (monarchist) and convert from Shi’ism to Zoroastrianism and a passionate Islam hater (many of his insulting anti-Islam videos are still on his personal social media accounts), however, his views have changed over the last few years. He is still against Islam and a monarchist and pro-Pahlavi, however, he views the current crown prince of Iran (whom he used to adore and support and) and his followers as traitors to the ‘pure’ Iranian cause.

The charlatan and sissy Omid Dana used to live in Tehran and ran a shop selling women’s underwear and (as written on the sign on the top-right in Persian) Italian anti-odor socks.

Raised in Tehran, Omid, joint the Green activist movement (2009) that resulted in large anti-regime demonstrations in which he took part. He was finally arrested and could have been possibly charged with the death penalty. Iranian opposition groups (including supporters of Reza Pahlavi, the current crown prince) supported him and raised awareness about his case until for some odd reason he was not just released from prison but also managed to ‘escape’ Iran and seek asylum in Sweden. One of his ideological (Persian ultra-nationalist) teachers, Dr. Nader Babai Evin received 74 lashes and 6 years suspended sentence helping his student Omid Dana during the 2009 protests.

After having received a lot of heat from Iranian opposition groups for his pro-Iran regime and attack against various ethnic minorities (especially Kurds, Arabs, and Balochs) in Iran and even rants against Sunni, Omid Dana had to flee Sweden for Canada (Vancouver) but due to its large Iranian community (who despise him) he had to yet again move and is now residing in the Canary Islands (remote Spanish islands) living off the donations of his gullible supporters from whom the collects PayPal donations, despite claiming that he’s a businessman (who neither learnt English nor Swedish!) who is earning tens of thousands of dollars a month and his wife being a teacher (nothing but lies, his wife was a bus driver in Sweden).

Omid Dana with his s-sized underwear on the Canary Islands (where he is currently residing). A soldier of ‘Emam E Zaman’ and Khamenei.

The miserable persona of this pseudo-technocrat and pseudo-journalist Omid Dana (who can’t pronounce a single English word correctly) is not worth the paper it’s written on, he shall rather serve just as an example of a sinister ultra-fascist Iranian-Persian movement that needs to be dissected and trashed for the filth it is.

Omid Dana is a Shahist, a monarchist, who believes that democracy is a failure and inferior to the concept of Eranshahr (Iranian Empire) and hence with the concept of Iranian nationhood. He believes that a Hebrew-Arab-Western triangle of evil is hell-bent on destroying Iran. Most modern-day Iranian nationalists are staunch US-Israel supporters and worship the concept of Western democracy.

These cringe images are uploaded by himself on his social media accounts. He’s married (with a female) but it is believed that Omid Dana is a closet homosexual. One thing is for sure, he is known to accuse various people of sexual deviance.

A Glimpse Into Iranian Neo-Nazi History

However, what unites all Iranian-Persian ultra-nationalists is their hatred and grudge for anything Arab and Turkic. So not surprisingly, there is plenty of recorded material of Omid Dana abusing and humiliating Arabs, Turks, and even Kurds (the cousins of the Persians) of Iran.

Omid Dana with one of his spiritual mentors, the rabid Frood Fouladvand (his real name is Fathollah Manochehri‎). Fouladvand was an Iranian ultra-nationalist and supremacist and monarchist, and founder of the terrorist Kingdom Assembly of Iran group who openly advocated for the eradication of Islam (including Shi’ism) in Iran with means of violence (he proposed that mosques should be converted into clubs or Zoroastrian temples). In 2007, a Kingdom Assembly of Iran spokesman stated that Fouladvand and two companions were “missing and believed murdered by Iranian intelligence”. Fouladvand was very popular amongst large sections of Shia-born Iranians who were hostile towards the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy. He briefly studied Arabic in Egypt and was capable of semi-correctly quoting directly from Arabic books. He wildly quoted from secondary (and even weaker) sources of history (exactly what Shia clerics and polemicists are known for) claiming to have debunked Islam. Many of the gullible Iranian (Shi’ites) followed him into Hellfire. May Allah’s eternal curse be upon him and his likes.

Omid Dana – like other rabid ultra-nationalists – openly advocates for the eradication of certain languages such as Arabic (in Ahwaz) and Turkish (Iranian Azerbaijan) with the (typical) fallacious Persian supremacist argument that Iranian Arabs are not Arabs but merely Arabic speakers, and that Iranian Turks are not Turks but … you get the gist. Old and pathetic Persian fascism (imagine telling a Persian that he’s not a Persian, he’s a mere migrant from Siberia or India who speaks Persian …).

Omid Dana doing the Nazi salute next to a Nazi Party fort [watchtower] in a European country. The extended arm saluting gesture is widely, and erroneously, believed to be based on an ancient Roman custom, but no known Roman work of art depicts it, nor does any extant Roman text describe it.
Davud Monshizadeh was a disturbed heathen, a neo-Sassanian and rabid anti-Arab and anti-Turk fascist, an ultra-nationalist and Persian supremacist, and founder of The National Socialist Workers Party of Iran (Persian: حزب سوسیالیست ملی کارگران ایران‎, romanized: Ḥezb-e Sosīālīst-e Mellī-e Kārgarān-e Īrān), better known by its abbreviation SUMKA (Persian: سومکا‎), a neo-Nazi party in Iran that was supported by the Pahlavis and even had seats in the parliament. He was a known admirer of Hitler and imitated many of the ways of the Nazi Party, as well as attempting to approximate Hitler’s physical appearance.

The solution according to him lies in Iranian ultra-nationalism which his likes refer to as Persian Aryanism. This ideology stems from Persian Nazism in which Omid Dana (someone who was born in post-Revolution Iran!) was intoxicated with by his mentors. Omid Dana even visited and paid homage to the infamous Iranian Nazi and Persian supremacist Davud Monshizadeh (1989 in Uppsala, Sweden) in Sweden. Monshizadeh was the founder of the SUMKA (the “Iranian National Socialist Workers Party”) and a supporter of Nazi ideology and admired Adolf Hitler.

Iranian ultra-nationalists like Shia-born convert to Zoroastrianism Omid Dana go on pilgrimages and venerate (like in their Shia days) tombs of their idols. Here Omid Dana at the grave of the Iranian Neo-Nazi and plastic-Hitler Davud Monshizadeh that is located in Uppsala, Sweden.
 Omid Dana is a fascist just like SUMKA (who were supported by the Pahlavi monarchy, they even had seats in parliament), in fact, it is not far-fetched to assume that he was a member of them for he shares their ideology. The party has never been charged for its anti-Arab rhetoric (that is rampant amongst its members), in fact, some of its members are Iranian Shia clerics!
The Pan-Iranist Party (that dons Nazi-like flags) is technically banned, however, it continues to operate inside Iran (of course as it serves certain agendas of the regime that itself employs Persian nationalism). Their spokesmen live freely in Iran and get only persecuted when they speak against the regime.
Enamel sign with the note “The German greets: Hail Hitler!” (Der Deutsche grüßt: Heil Hitler!)

All Iranian ultra-nationalist parties and movements are rooted in the ideology of the now-extinct National Socialist Workers Party of Iran, better known by its abbreviation SUMKA (Persian: سومکا) and are still operating to this very day in ‘the Islamic Republic of Iran’ where they advocate Nazism. As of 2010, they are reported to be a small yet slowly increasing minority of Iranian youths who are without exception born Shiites and converts to Zoroastrianism. The Nazi Persians prefer Shi’ism all day and every day over mainstream and classical Islam i.e. non-Persianised Islam that is Ahlus-Sunnah (Sunnism).

The likes of Omid Dana (who reveres the likes of dictator Khamenei and the criminal Qassem Soleimani) believe in the ‘purity’ of the Persian race and discourage biracial relationships. Omid Dana has even attacked one of the crown prince’s (Reza Pahlavi) daughters on air for having a black boyfriend. He didn’t scold them for having relationships outside of the outside of marriage, the pseudo-Zoroastrian couldn’t care less about that, what enrages his likes is the (alleged) biracial relationship of an Iranian-Persian girl with a person of African descent (as if it’s a bad thing!). He has condemned that and biracial relationships in general and in his foolishness justified his racism with how even dog breeds are kept pure for the sake of their unique traits.

Omid Dana proudly tweeting a screenshot from Khamenei’s official Instagram account where he is depicted next to Sassanian Zoroastrian kings and advises Iranian officials to tell that the emperor of Rome used to kneel down before the king of Persia.

Iranian-Persian Supremacy And Its Support For Shi’ism

Omid Dana was never rebuked by Iranian (Shia-born) opposition groups for his anti-Arab and anti-Islam sentiments and propaganda, on the contrary, all of that is deeply ingrained in ultra-nationalist Persian culture and parties, however, the moment he declared himself to be an apologist of the current Iranian regime he was declared public enemy number one.

Many Iranian opposition groups and individuals believe Omid Sharifi (‘Dana’) to be planted, funded, and directed by the Islamist Regime. Although this is totally possible and very likely, this is not the concern of this written exposé, as, unlike most Iranian nationalists, the issue we as Muslims, especially Iranian Sunnis, have with the likes of Omid Dana and is not restricted to his support of the criminal Khomeinist regime but the sinister alliance between Iranian nationalistic thought and Shi’ism.

One of Omid Dana’s uploaded YouTube lectures: ‘Why we refer to Khamenei as the king of the kings (Shahanshah).’

One of Omid ‘Dana’s’ uploaded YouTube lectures where the Friday prayer Imam of Urumiyeh is quoted: ‘Islam is in debt of the Persian language. The leader [Khamenei] demands the spread of the Persian language.’ ‘Islamic Republic’ they say …
Omid Dana like other ultra-nationalist Iranians are united in their hatred of Islam, Arabs, and Turks (they even refuse to acknowledge the existence of Arab or Turkish Iranians identity and advocate that all non-Iranians languages and cultures should be systematically eradicated from Iran, especially Arabic and Turkic languages, however, the likes of Omid ‘Dana’ see themselves more pragmatically and argue that revolutions are inherently bad and bring more evil than good.The likes of Omid Dana do venerate the Pahlavis and the concept of Iranian monarchy (like all other Iranian monarchists), however, they criticise the late Shah for his leniency against anti-Shah protests that lead to the ‘Islamic Republic’ in the first place but at the same time welcome the outcome of the Khomeinist Revolution as it (the regime) and its clergy are inevitably (due to their diluted Islam i.e. Persianised Shi’ism) working for the cause of a greater Iran and are gradually becoming more nationalistic (due to the nature of Shi’ism).

Famous anti-Qassem Soleimani caricature in the Arab world. The speech bubble reads: ‘The lands of the Arabs are my homeland.’ A reference to the aggressive expansionist policies of the Iranian regime.

Omid Dana and people before him view Shi’ism and its clergy as a lesser evil, as an Iranian project that ultimately serves the Iranian nationalistic cause which they believe must be wholeheartedly approved, and supported for the sake of a united Iran, a greater Iran. They believe that the likes of Khamenei must be given credit for they achieved what even the Pahlavis didn’t achieve i.e. extended Iran’s borders’ (influence) to the lands of the Levant and even Yemen (a reference to the meddling of the Iranian regime in various Arab countries and Afghanistan and beyond).


Shi’ism to all Iranian nationalists (Omid Dana included) is a lesser evil, a Persianised and Majoosified version of Islam, a tamed version that keeps Iran distinct from all its neighbors (they conveniently ignore millions of Iranian Sunnis who are thirds class citizens to them just as they are to the Shia clergy) and assures the distortion of Islam in the name of Islam.

For these very pragmatical reasons (and not out of love for Shi’ism) they support the Shia identity (at the very least) and the Iranian regime (at the very most) as it represents nothing but Iranian chauvinism with a thin guise of Islam.

In essence, Shi’ism, especially Twelver Shi’ism, is more bearable and tolerable to them than Sunni Islam. These types of ultra-nationalists (just like the Shia clergy) are well aware that the vast majority of modern-day Iranians (especially in the major Persian cities and regions) used to be Sunni prior to the emergence of the anti-Sunni Safavid empire, however, they (correctly) point out that groups of Persians have always resisted Islam (even when Iranians were a majority Sunni people), starting with Abu Lu’lu’ah al-Majoosi (the Shia saint) and often in the name of Islam and of course under the guise of Tashayyu’ (Shi’ism, love of Ahlul-Bayt) that in his heretical form has served as a vehicle for the destructive call of many heretics, especially (but not exclusively) Persian chauvinistic anti-Islam movements.

Unfortunately, some Muslims, including some learned ones, have a shallow understanding of these issues. They try to absorb Shi’ism from any Persian-Zoroastrian elements by citing half-truths such as the fact that modern-day Iran was not long ago a Sunni country, a fortress of Sunnism. Whilst this is (broadly) speaking true, what they fail to understand in their superficial reading of history is that the Sunni Persia of the past doesn’t negate the existence of heretical groups such as Twelver Shi’ism ( that did exist in pre-Safavid Iran, although as a small minority in pocket regions).

Twelver Shi’ism (and even Nasibism and Kharijism and Zaydism and Isma’ilism) all existed in pre-Safawi Iran and as mentioned, heretical Persian movements, Zanadiqah (heretical hypocrites) who hated Islam from the bottom of their heats have exploited Shi’ism and the love of Ahlul-Bayt from day one in their mission to distort Islam and take revenge from the Muslims.

Examples for these movements and sects are plenty, with the most famous being of course Twelver Shi’ism in its latest Safavid edited version represented by the ideological descendants of the Safavids in Qom and Najaf, all the way back to numerous Shia-Zoroastrian hybrid sects (such as the >>Khurramites<<).

Iranian supremacists know what they are doing and (from their point of view) have good reasons to champion Shi’ism over Islam/Sunnism, after all, in what other sect do the bulk of the companions of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), particularly the chief of the companions, the likes of Abu Bakr, ‘Umar (and really all those who participated in the conquest of Persia …), get vilified in the name of Islam (under the pretext of being ‘the oppressors of Ahlul-Bayt’?).

What other sect state venerates Nowrooz more than actual Islamic ‘Eids?

In what sect is the second caliph of the Muslims portrayed worst than Pharao and Iblis himself and his death regarded as a day of celebration? What other sect considers a low-life Persian coward (Abu LOW LOW al-Majoosi) who stabbed a man (and numerous other worshippers) in prayer and then killed himself (suicide) as a saint other than Shi’ism? What other sect than the sect of Ghuluw i.e. Rafdi Twelver Shi’ism can provide such pro-Iranian supremacist beliefs?

These are a few of many reasons why Shi’ism appeals to Iranian supremacists, however, the likes of Omid Dana go further though, as to them, it is not enough to (at the very least) tolerate Shi’ism as a diluted and Persianised form of Islam, that’s what all Iranian nationalists (despite all their differences) can agree on, he argues that from the positive outcome of the distorted form of Islam (Shi’ism) and the Khomeinist Revolution, the Shia clergy, it’s followers and the regime are serving the Iranian-Persian supremacist cause, willingly or not, consciously or not, this doesn’t matter, what matters are the results which is a strong and independent Iran (to them) based on anthesis to Sunnism (Islam).

The Qiblah of the Shiites is Iran so they argue that that should be exploited rather than completely dismissed. Omid Dana even boasts in his shows how the gullible Shiites (through Iranian plotting) have set up a rival to the Hajj i.e. the Arba’een tomb and shrine pilgrimage about which many Shiites boasts that it is more prestigious and bigger than the Hajj. He (Omid) spoke the truth, even if he is a liar.

To the likes of Omid Dana the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy and their gullible followers from Afghanistan to Iraq are nothing but pawns for a Neo-Sassanian Persian agenda and ideology. They are aiding Iran in its expansionist policies and the creation of a Persian empire (under the thin guise of Islam i.e. Shi’ism). Khamenei is the absolute monarch (‘Vali e-Faqih’) and the Revolutionary Guards are Sassanian soldiers who are gradually moving towards Iranian nationalism, thus they must be supported.

Iranian regime affiliated. social media propaganda: ‘O Cyrus rest in peace, this land still has lions that fight for Iran’s honour.’ Some Muslim authorities stated that Cyrus might have been Dhul-Qarnayn, but there is no authentic evidence for that. Cyrus was a pagan and the liberator of the Jews ..

Omid Dana has become a fierce defender of the Khomeinist regime, fearing Iranian minority groups, especially the Sunnis, claiming that a fall of the current Iranian regime equates to the secession and destruction of Iran for good. Overthrowing the Iranian regime is an existential risk to Iran he and his likes argue, and the Iranian regime has become more nationalistic in the last fear years and thus worthy of being supported and rectified (in order to become more nationalistic) from within. This is the crux of their argument.

Omid Dana recorded several shows in defense of the Houthis. The Houthis are viewed as Iranians (!), the descendants of the Iranian Daylamites who are at war with the evil Arabs and real Islam (Sunni).
The irony is that literally, all Zaydis of Iran fled to Yemen, they were fewer in number than the Sunnis and despite being Shi’ites, were still persecuted and forced into converting or death or leaving the country. Many so-called ‘Sayed’ Houthis and Zaydis of Yemen are of Persian descent (a large portion of them converted to Islam/Sunnah thanks to the likes of Imam Shawkani (Ex-Shia) and Imam Muqbil (Ex-Shia).
A pro-Iranian regime account on Twitter (Khamenei and numerous Shia clerics inside Iran and other high profile Iranian officials are fond on Twitter, the same Twitter that is officially banned inside Iran …) in support of Omid Dana tweeting: ‘The empire of the grandsons of Cyrus is in process.’ Depicted are Iranian-regime stooges from Beirut to Sana’a.
Omid Dana’s (Roo Dast): ‘Just like the king of the kings Cyrus the Great entered Babylon without any bloodshed, commander Soleimani (the Arash of our time) entered Kirkuk without any bloodshed.

Omid Dana celebrating how the Iranian regime puts up banners of various pre-Islamic Iranian kings. The banner reads: ‘The Iran of tomorrow, an extension of the goals of Cyrus.’ Cyrus the Great conquered the entire middle-east and beyond …

They are all united in their enmity towards Ahlus-Sunnah (Sunnis)

As far as we as Muslims are concerned, especially we Sunni Iranians, it is irrelevant if Omid Dana turns out to be an actual stooge of the Iranian regime (playing the role of the nationalistic Iranian young man who at times does criticise the regime but scaremongers the masses that the fall of the regime means the fall of Iran) or not, his overall methodology is not new as explained in this article.

Ismail I (1487 – May 23, 1524), also known as Shah Ismail I (شاه اسماعیل), was a Sufi convert to Shi’ism and the founder of the Safavid dynasty of Iran, ruling as its King of Kings (shahanshah) from 1501 to 1524. He was by far the most anti-Sunni ruler in the history of Iran and is highly revered amongst Iranian nationalists and the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy alike. The Iranian regime even erected monuments in his honour. Ismail I instituted anti-Sunni policies and forced most of Iran’s population to convert to Shi’ism, flee or die if they refused to do anything of that. He also seized Baghdad in 1508 where his armies zealously killed Sunnis and actively persecuted them through tribal allies of the Shah. His armies also destroyed several important Sunni sites, including the graves of Imam Abu Hanifah and Abdul-Qadir Gilani. The Safavids even expelled the family of Gilani from Mesopotamia.

All, literally all Iranian supremacists are united in their hatred for Sunni Islam which they view as alien to Iranian identity (thereby slandering millions of Sunni Iranians and decades of Sunni Iranian history) and thus have and will always champion Rafidi Shi’ism and other heresies over Islam in order to oppose and distort Islam in the name of Islam.

Omid Dana is a typical product of the failed Khomeinist Revolution and the Shia clergy’s attempt to instill Shi’ite religiosity into Iranian society, there are many of his likes (just not as stupid as to expose all their filth on air), and in a way, they should be thanked for exposing the evil and grudge that is in the hearts of many if not most of them, including those more ‘moderate’ Iranian chauvinists and nationalists.

Finally, knowing well that not just cheerleaders of Omid Dana, but probably the bulk of his opponents from amongst other Iranian ultra-nationalists will most probably relentlessly curse me (as all of them can’t stand Muslims, especially non-subservient Sunni Iranians), I’ll leave them with this reminder:

There will be no more Kisra – Tehran and Qom’s futile expansion plans

I’ll also leave you with some important articles worth your time which will shed even more light on the sinister alliance between Iranian supremacists and Shi’ism, but before that here some fun:

Parvin Zamany comes with the force of 3kg botox injected in her forehead and face and of course the force of ‘Velayat’. Khamenei would be definitely amused.

Yes, the female (more effeminate) version of Omid Dana has entered the show. These Iranian ultra-nationalist clowns need to be credited for not bursting into laughter considering their clownish appearance and the nonsense they utter.

By the way, as for uttering: Omid Dana repeated more than once in his shows that he does not want his stuff to be translated. His life is already stressful enough receiving backlash from the larger Iranian community wherever he goes. He doesn’t need Arabs and English speakers to be aware of his anti-Islam and anti-Sunni rants. No worries, friends have started to translate his stuff into the Arabic and English language so that everybody can become familiar with his views.

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