The Fabricated Nadi Ali Du’a Of Shirk In Ismailism

The Isma’ili Rafidis, just like the Twelver Rafidis and extreme batini Sufis, clutch upon fabricated narrations that are so shirki in nature that even a Hindu wouldn’t hesitate a second to declare Islam innocent of such paganism.

Nadi Ali (invoke Ali) is a famous (fabrication) that is chanted by Twelvers, Isma’ilis, and Sufis alike. Ismaili Rafidi mainstrea culture is no less Shirki than Twelver Rafidi culture like in Iran where instead of the muslim salamun ‘alaykum you will often hear ‘ya Ali madad‘ instead.

The Isma’ilis don’t fail to stress how Sufi Tariqahs chant such Shirk as well.

Imagine ‘Ali b. Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him), the one who burnt the Sabaites for their ghuluw and extremism, being alive witnessing how millions of heretics have deified him similar to how Christians have deified Jesus. The extremists have gone as far as to give attributes to ‘Ali such as ‘Mushkil Kusha, meaning ‘remover of difficulties.’

The agnostic esoterics sell such demonic and shirki pendants with the ‘Nadi Ali’ prayer inscribed on it.

By Allah, ‘Ali b. Abi Talib, the muwahhid and lion of Allah is innocent of this paganism, extremism, and nonsense in his name just like Jesus (peace be upon him) is innocent and free from the kufr and shirk of the Churches and priests that claim to love him and be upon his path.

They pray to ‘Ali b. Abi Talib on Nowruz (the Twelver Rafidah claim Nowruz is one of the names of ‘Ali!).

With esoteric and far-fetched ‘interpreations’ (distortions) of the Qur’an they claim to be able to prove what all grave-worshippers claim to be able to prove namely the mother of all shirk, invoking the saints in prayer (worship) i.e. du’a for help. In fact, they argue that calling upon the saints is a necessaty! How lost these mushriks are and how far they are from Islam that they claim.

Notice how these mushriks have literally left nothing for Allah, everything is requested from the saint/imam (with shallow and false analogies where they conflate a group of people asking a Prophet for some task i.e. du’a al-‘Addah with du’a al-‘Ibadah, the same pathetic analogies provided by the Sufis, Twelvers, and other Quburis):