Sunni Iranian scholar/Ibrahimic Monotheism VS Saint/Imam Worship [VIDEO]

Shaykh Mohammad Shafi Qurayshi is the Mufti of the Sunni Shafi’i region of Talysh, Gilan (Northern Iran, which is one of the remaining Sunni strongholds of Iran after the anti-Sunni Safawi onslaught in the 16th century on Iranian Sunnis.

He has never bowed down to the regime (unlike some sell-out Sunni Iranian clerics whom the regime loves to parade as their allies and ‘true Sunnis’) and never compromised his beliefs which have cost him and his family abuse and harassment from the Iranian regime.

The backlash of executing Sunni Iranian scholars and activists is calculated by the regime, it is often not worth it to execute Sunnis, a better strategy for the regime is constant harassment (major Sunni scholars are often not allowed to leave their provinces, the country, etc.).

However, a number of major Sunni Iranian scholars have been assassinated since the start of the accursed Khomeinist Revolution by the Neo-Safawi Rafidis. The more outspoken an Iranian Sunni scholar, the more brutal the death (sudden ‘car accidents’, drive-by-shootings by ‘unknown’ assailants, etc. are all methods that the regime has used).

Keep the Shaykh and all Sunnis of Iran in your prayers.


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