When The ‘Peace Loving’ Sufis Said Labbayka Ya Modi & Putin!

The tyrannical leaders in the Muslim world, the Rafidah, and other enemies of Islam see in modern-day Quburi Sufism a natural ally in their war against Ahl al-Sunnah (‘Wahhabism’).

Fighting and distorting Islam in the name of Islam has always been the best choice for the enemies of Islam – be it the kuffar, the hypocrites/zanadiqah. This, of course, is not just restricted to the founding of blatant kufr sects such as Qadyanism (sponsored by the British), but also ancient ones such as extreme forms of Shi’ism and Sufism (both have been a preferred choice of zanadiqah throughout history).

Under the cloak and guise of ‘loving and following the Ahlul-Bayt’ and ‘spirituality and love for the saints’, the Rafidah and extremist Sufis have polluted the religion with their folklore heresies and and paganism. This was particularly – but not exclusively – done by Persian chauvinistic anti-Islam movements in the past and even today.

And no, the aim of this article is not to defame and generalise all Sufis, in fact, authentic and True Sufism Is From Islam. However, fake Sufism, pseudo-Sufism, i.e. Quburism (grave worship), and other heresies are not from Islam and in fact, have often paved the way for more heresies in the form of Shi’ism and this is why the scholars of Islam rightfully state:

Sufism Is The Gateway To Shi’ism

Quburism, grave worship is the opium of the masses, Shaytan and his allies know that all too well, thus you can see the enemies of Islam always promoting Sufism (just like they support some forms of pseudo-Salafism) against ‘Wahhabism’, the only difference is that in the past they just said ‘Wahhabism’ now they will add more buzz words like Daesh/ISIS in order to accomplish their scaremongering tactics.

Notice, how the worst of the worst, see in Quburi Sufism an excellent tool for the dilution of Islam. Also notice how the Rawafid side with the worst pagans and polytheists and backstab the Muslims, as they have always done in their dark and shameful history.

Yes, there are traitors in the name of Salafiyyah, but those ‘evil Wahhabis’ are the incarnation of evil anyway, right? So for once put the whataboutery (logical fallacy) excuses aside and focus on the so-called leaders of ‘true Islam’, ‘traditional Islam’ and see how they are not better than the claimants of Salafiyyah.

The sponsor of the ‘true Sunni Islam’ conference

Ramzan Kadyrov, ‘the Padishah’ (a superlative sovereign title of Persian origin that his cultish devotees use for him) is the son of Akhmad Kadyrov who fought the disbelieving Russians but later switched sides. A textbook traitor and stooge. A famous old German proverb states, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,’ similar in meaning to the English ‘a chip off the old block’. Like father, like son, just arguably worse – the traitor Ramzan Kadyrov (Kafirov).

Ramzan’s father made peace with the infidel Russians after Vladimir Putin launched the second Chechen war with a ruthless air campaign killing thousands of Muslims, including women and children.

A young (and tramp looking) aspiring Putin partner, actual Putin pet; Ramzan Kadyrov. The man who famously calls himself “Putin’s Warrior and Attack Dog” can best be described as a rabies-infected, mentally deficient, annoying pet.
Top: Putin (L) meeting Ramzan Kadyrov. Bottom: Putin (L) pictured decorating Akhmad Kadyrov with the Order of Friendship during an awarding ceremony in the Kremlin.

The Moscow Kremlin won back control of the region ever since and in 2004 put Akhmad Kadyrov was in charge of the region and given green light to establish a legal grey zone where his word is the law. Chechnya would remain part of the Russian Federation, led by a man chosen by Putin, in exchange for peace and the illusion of autonomy. It was Putin’s way to wreck, once and for all, Chechnya’s aspiration for independence.

Every since a textbook cult of personality has flourished in Chechnya just like in ‘Islamic’ Iran, Syria, North Korea and the lands of the Arabs. Portraits of Ramzan Kadyrov and his slain father adorn many buildings in Chechnya, and a parade of western celebrities have visited and professed their admiration for Kadyrov. But behind the façade, an atmosphere of fear prevails.

Ramzan Kadyrov could easily win the prize for the cringiest dictator in the world. His bromance with Putin is quite disturbing; he seems to be the type of stooge that does more than he’s asked for. Putin looks uncomfortable at times.

In a huge blow to President Vladimir Putin’s policy in Chechnya, pro-Moscow Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov was killed on May 9  2004 in a large explosion that occurred in Grozny’s Dinamo stadium during a Victory Day parade. The blast took place at around 10:35 a.m. Moscow time in an area of the stadium where Kadyrov, who had been the target of earlier assassination attempts, was sitting with other officials.

In 2007, Mr Putin appointed him Akhmad’s son, Ramzan, Chechen president. Ramzan has always been effusive in his praise for Putin who has described him in turn as a ‘son’. ‘If it weren’t for Putin, Chechnya would not exist,’ Kadyrov said in one interview. In elections under Kadyrov, Chechnya has delivered tallies of nearly 100 percent for the Kremlin. He firmly turned his back on independence and in return his Muslim home.

If Kadyrov’s and Putin’s relationship appears to be that of an overindulgent father and his pathetic child, desperate for his approval and attention, you would not be far off. While Kadyrov considers himself a family man, a man of religious virtue, he surrounds himself with lavish trinkets, expensive cars, celebrity-filled parties, and personal zoos…all while his own people either starve or are ‘disappeared’ for daring to question his leadership. The devout Sufi is in reality nothing but a thuggish and attention-seeking madman.

Human rights groups have accused Ramzan Kadyrov of a string of abuses, including the forced disappearance of opponents and torture. Those who criticise official shortcomings in Chechnya are sometimes paraded humiliatingly on local state-controlled TV.

In 2015 he praised a Chechen security officer charged over the Moscow killing of Boris Nemtsov, who had been one of President Vladimir Putin’s most prominent critics.

Mr Kadyrov said Zaur Dadayev, a Russian Interior Ministry officer, was “sincerely devoted to Russia, ready to give his life for the motherland”. In 2017 Dadayev and four others were jailed for the murder.

A day after having praised Dadayev in 2015 Mr Kadyrov received a top award from Putin. He was given the Order of Honour for ‘work achievements, strenuous social activities and long conscientious service’.

A June 2015 report by the International Crisis Group (ICG) describes Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov’s views on Islam and religious policies in Chechnya:

The Kadyrov family, like 75 per cent of Chechens, belongs to the Sufi brotherhood of the Chechen religious philosopher Kunta-Hajji Kishiev and the Quadiri tariqa, whose leaders the czars and Soviets persecuted. Ramzan is the first Chechen leader to make the dominant Qadiri Sufism a state ideology and enforce Sufi Islam. He personally instructs Muslim leaders and believers on how they should interpret and implement religion and has invested much in public displays of religiosity. […]

An April 2016 commentary of the Centre for Eastern Studies (Ośrodek Studiów Wschodnich, OSW), an independent public research institution analysing socio-political and economic processes in Central and Eastern Europe, describes Chechen leader Kadyrov’s stance towards Salafists:

One factor that is stoking the present phase of the conflict between the various branches of Islam in Dagestan and Ingushetia is the interference from Kadyrov, who wants to be seen as the one who protects ‘real’ (i.e. Sufi) Islam in the Caucasus from Salafism/terrorism. An unprecedented meeting (majlis) of representatives of twenty-four factions of Sufi brotherhoods (representing both Naqshbandiyya and Qadiriyya) from Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia was held on 2 February 2016 in Grozny. Its participants passed an ‘anti-Wahhabi’ declaration in which they undertook to refrain from maintaining contacts with representatives of Salafism. During the congress, Kadyrov announced he would combat ‘Wahhabism’ across the Caucasus and even across Russia, thus expressing his readiness to help out the governments of the neighbouring republics, which was, in fact, a threat that the conflict would be escalated. Both he and his milieu (including the mufti of Chechnya, Salakh Mezhiev and the parliamentary speaker, Magomed Daudov) have issued numerous threats to Salafi leaders (mainly from Ingushetia).” (OSW, 4 April 2016)

The Salafi Da’wah is officially banned by the lap dog of Putin; the republic authorities have repeatedly and openly said, particularly in Chechen-language media, that ‘Wahhabis are not to be allowed to live in Chechnya and indeed should be killed.’
In 2019 Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, a senior commander in the second Chechen war (1999-2005), was approached by a man on a bike and in motorbike leathers in the Kleiner Tiergarten Park in Berlin. Khangoshvili had been on his way to his local mosque for Friday prayers and had for some reason taken a diversion into the park. His family believe he had been lured there.

An August 2016 report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) provides an overview of the treatment of local Salafi Muslims by the Kadyrov government:

For the past decade, there have been persistent, credible allegations that while aiming to root out and destroy an aggressive Islamist insurgency in the region, law enforcement and security agencies under Kadyrov’s control have been involved in abductions, enforced disappearances, torture, extrajudicial executions, and collective punishment. The main targets have been alleged insurgents, their relatives, and suspected collaborators.

Kadyrov has specifically instructed police and local communities to closely monitor how people pray and dress and to punish those who stray from the Sufi Islam, traditional for the region. A September 2016 article published by Forum 18, a Norwegian human rights organization that promotes religious freedom, states with regard to both Chechnya and Dagestan:

In the republics of Chechnya and Dagestan in particular, those dubbed ‘Wahhabis’ [Muslims adhering to a purist form of Islam critical of Sufism] – and sometimes men merely with a devout Muslim appearance – may be detained as ‘extremists’ by the law enforcement agencies. Local residents report that they are frequently tortured, and in some cases disappear, allegations very occasionally confirmed by state officials. (Forum 18, 13 September 2016)

Kadyrov is allied to the most vicious enemies of the Muslims of the Caucasus and Syria, the Russians. Clifford Bennett, an international fellow at the Caucasus Research Resource Centers in Tbilisi (Republic of Georgia), writes in a September 2016 journal article:

In the Chechen Republic, there have been numerous attacks by the official Sufi institutions against Salafi adherents and vice versa. Kadyrov’s personal militia (referred to as the Kadyrovtsy) is mainly made up of Qadiri adherents, many of whom were former warlords and insurgents during the Chechen Wars. The Kadyrovtsy, with help from the Russian FSB (the Federal’naja Sluzhba Bezopasnosti – the main security agency in the Russian Federation, and the primary successor to the USSR’s KGB) […]

Chechens in Europe’s diasporas say they live under the constant threat of retribution and violence – visited either on themselves or on their relatives back at home. Critics have been beaten and pressured, and Kadyrov’s opponents murdered widely over the years, in Qatar, Austria, Turkey and Dubai, as well as in Moscow and in Chechnya itself. Some were influential militants – sometimes accused of terrorist attacks in Russia – but others were political rivals, or merely critics like Imran Aliev who was stabbed to death (135 stab wounds) in Lille, France, for insulting Ramzan Kadyrov online.

The Bodies keep Stacking Up

Putin rolls his eyes and pats his little pet (Kadyrov) on the head as long as Kadyrov and his group of cult-like devotees take care of any little ‘problem’ that the Kremlin might be having. Those problems are journalists, opposition leaders, former associates that spoke too freely in public.

The irony is that the ‘peace-loving Sufi’ Kadyrov is responsible for a string of assassinations in Europe. He’s an actual terrorist who has killed many Chechen dissidents and even ethnic Russian critics of Putin. Did they learn from the ‘Wahhabis’ (Khashoggi case)?

Kadyrov’s 2016 ‘Sunni Islam’ Sham Conference

The 2016 international conference on Sunni Islam in Grozny (Chechnya) was convened to define the term ‘Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah’, i.e. who are ‘the people of Sunnah and majority Muslim community, and oppose ‘Takfiri’ groups. The irony couldn’t be richer! A so-called ‘anti-Takfiri/extremism’ conference sponsored by a brutal dictator who is a proud henchman of Putin.

The conference was held in the Chechen Republic capital of Grozny from 25–27 August 2016, sponsored by the president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and attended by approximately 200 (sell-out) ‘scholars’ from 30 countries at the invitation of the grave worshipping Yemeni Sufi preacher, Ali al-Jifri (who regards the shaytan and idolater Khomeini as a great Imam and asks Allah shower him with His mercy and who pledged his spiritual Bay’ah (!) to the lunatic Mushrik esoteric masonic Nazim al-Haqqani, the fraudster of Cyprus).

Let that sink in: A loyal henchman of the enemy of Islam, Putin,  organised a ‘Sunni unity’ conference which was promoted by quietist Sufis like Ali al-Jifri, who himself (along with his Shaykh Bin Bayyah) are stooges of the pro-Zionist UAE leaders.
Ahmad el-Tayabe (R) who is known in Egypt as ‘a regime loyalist and member of Mr Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party [who] takes a firm stance against the Muslim Brotherhood’. with Putin’s pet, the Ramzan Kadyrov.
The conference ended with the following declaration by the current Sufi Mufti (appointed by the tyrant Mubarak) of Egypt, Ahmed El-Tayeb who defined Sunni Islam as follows:
Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah are the Ash’arites and Maturidis (adherents of the theological systems of Imam Abu Mansur al-Maturidi and Imam Abu al-Hasan al-Ash’ari). In matters of belief, they are followers of any of the four schools of thought (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i or Hanbali) and are also the followers of the Sufism of Imam Junaid al-Baghdadi in doctrines, manners and [spiritual] purification.
Mind you, the same deviant reissued a fatwa on Shia in 2016, calling Rawafid Shia the fifth school of Islam and seeing no problem with conversions from Sunni to Shia Islam.
Ali al-Jifri (L) with Hamzah Yusuf (R). Yusuf admires al-Jifri (who famously stated that he loves the Jews, except the occupiers) and has a long history of condoning the actions of the UAE government. Both al-Jifri and Yusuf are UAE (Pro-Zionist) stooges. The UAE often hosts Sheikh Hamza, where he is said to be much favoured by the ruling family.

The conference identified Salafism/’Wahhabism’ as a dangerous and misguided sect, along with the extremist groups, such as ‘ISIS’, Hizb ut-Tahrir, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others.

No doubt, Putin, Khamenei, Bashar, and all other enemies of Islam were surely delighted! Bashar, Putin and Khamenei: ‘Thank you, well-done lads, see ya soon in the annual Tehran Shia-Sunni unity farce… err… conference where you can reaffirm our Islam while we curse and make Takfir on the Sahabah behind your back and slaughter your people in the name of combating ‘Wahhabism.’

The Majus were celebrating and probably laughed at the foolishness of the Sufis who were attacking Salafis in a land that is under the authority of a clownish dictator who himself is the lap dog of Putin, a Muslim butcher.

‘Ayatollah’ Makarem Shirazi: ‘The Grozny Conference has purified the ranks of Islam of the stain of Wahhabism.’

The conference was lauded by non-other than the butcher of Iraqi Sunnis, the Iranian backed Shia militias and death squads leader, Moqtada al-Sadr who noted that ‘the Chechnya conference is the start of the moderate Sunni Spring’. Rafidi religious leaders rubbing their hands together in delight and satisfaction should be more than telling.

Unsurprisingly, the deformist MBS, the Pro-Zionist MBZ, and other devils have cultivated warm relationships with the extremist Quburi Sufi and dictator Kadyrov.

Of course, some smarty-pants would like to justify these relationships with the excuse of =the reality of geopolitics like as if these warm allegiances with the worst enemies of Islam are a necessity worthy to be compared with the peace treaties that the Prophet () had signed with the polytheists at his time! The truth is that these dirty politics expose the reality of all these devils, whether Shia, Sunnis or whatever. For their own benefit, they’d ally themselves with the devil himself. Have some self-respect and don’t be a shill for any of them.

All the ‘peace loving’ esoteric Sufi leaders around the world gathered at Putin lap dog’s pathetic ‘Sunni’ conference. Like the Rafidah they claim to be true followers and lovers of the Ahlul-Bayt, especially of our beloved al-Husayn ibn Ali, yet they have all responded and said ‘labbayka’ to actual dictators who have more Muslim blood on their hands than 1000 Yazids!

Even Sheikh al-Qaradawi, the Ikhwani, who once upon a time (like many if not most Ikhwanis) was very naive with regards to Rafidism and Rafidi Iran (al-Hamdulillah, ye made Tawbah from that) criticised the fake conference and referred to its participants as ‘clerics who follow the dictates of the ruler’ and ‘sheikhs of shame’. According to him, ‘we have not heard a word from the one purported to represent the people of the Sunnah in criticizing the acts of murder and slaughter of Sunnis by Iran and its agents, Hezbollah in Syria and the Houthis in Yemen and Russian.’

Sunni religious institutions around the world expressed solidarity with the religious establishment in Saudi Arabia and emphasized that the conference participants only represented themselves. For example, 21 different Muslim religious institutions signed the petition of support, including the Arab Maghreb Scholars League, the Scholars Union of Africa, the Scholars and Preachers League in South and East Asia, The Islamic Shura Council in Switzerland, and more.

It isn’t complicated and you don’t need to be Einstein or have the Basirah (insight) of an Imam Ahmad or Imam Shafi’i to know why such a clownish conference was conducted. Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov seeks to glorify his folklore Sufism as the leading religious denomination in Russia for two main reasons:

1. Kadyrov’s affiliation and love for heretical folklore Sufism.

2. Putin’s willingness to support its strengthening as Sufism (especially in its apolitical and quietist version) is a favourite of all enemies of Islam, Rawafid, the West, and of course Putin included.

The disgraced individual who attended the conference were all known enemies of Ahlul-Sunnah and puppets of their respective tyrannical and dictatorial rulers. Amongst them were:

  • Ahmed el-Tayeb (Grand Imam of Al-Azhar who in a recording didn’t utter a word when Ramzan Kadyrov told him that he will continue fight Salafis)
  • Shawki Allam (Grand Mufti of Egypt)
  • Ali Gomaa (former Grand Mufti of Egypt)
  • Ibrahim Salah al-Hudhud (president of al-Azhar University)
  • Abdel-Hadi al-Qasabi (chairman of the Supreme Council of Sufi Orders in Egypt)
  • Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun (Bashar Assad’s Grand Mufti)
  • Tawfiq Ramadan al-Bouti, the son of Sheikh Mohamed Said Ramadan Al-Bouti (Syria)
  • Salah Mezhiev (Sufi Grand Mufti of Chechnya)
  • Kamil Samigullin (Sufi Mufti of Tatarstan)
  • Allahshukur Pashazade (Sufi-Rafidi hybrid Mufti of Caucasus)
  • Abdul Karim Khasawneh (Sufi Ash’ari Grand Mufti of Jordan)
  • Sa’id Foudah (Sufi Ash’ari cleric from Jordan)
  • Umar bin Hafiz (Sufi from Yemen)
  • Ali al-Jifri (Sufi from Yemen)
  • Saif al-Asri (Sufi from Yemen)
  • Hatim al-Awni (Saudi Arabia)
Jama’ah of the ‘trustworthy brothers’ … Al-‘Awni has the best relationship with the biggest opponents of the Salafi Da’wah, including the likes of Saeed Foudeh (Jordanian who sites next to al-‘Awni on the left) and the Emirati Ash’ari-Sufi Saif al-‘Asri (on the right on the bank).
Hatim al-‘Awni with Yasir Qadhi (left) and with the Saudi Rafidi Khabtih Ahmad Salman who openly declares the Muhajiroon and Sahabah as traitors and misguided folks who abandoned the very mother of all foundations of the religion (‘Ali’s divine authority/Wilayah as per Rafidism)

Yes, of course, the crypto-Sufi and Murji’i Hatim al-Awni, a vicious enemy of Ahlul-Sunnah and the Salafi/Najdi Da’wah joint as well. While al-‘Awni was chilling with his Sufi friends under the shade of a conference that was organised by Putin’s lap dog, the Russian army was waging one of its heaviest campaigns on Syria, slaughtering thousands of Sunnis that paved the war for the Majus of Iran and its stooges to slaughter more Arab Sunnis in Syria.

Two vicious enemies of Ahlul-Sunnah, the Sufi Ash’ari Sayf al-‘Asri) and his ideological partner Hatim al-‘Awni at the anti-Salafi Grozny conference (with love from Putin).

This was the ‘Sunni’ conference where the likes of Hatim al-Awni, Sayf al-Asri, Ali al-Jifri, and other enemies of Ahlul-Sunnah happily participated. May Allah resurrect them with Kadyrov, Bashar, and Khamenei on the day of Judgement.

This was the ‘Sunni’ conference sponsored by Kadyrov, a brutal dictator who rules through fear and oppression, amid reports of torture.  A conference void of any barakah (blessing); its location couldn’t be worse (occupied land) and its sponsors couldn’t be worse (Putin and his lap dog).

Sell-out (R) meets Ibn Salul (L).

Political cowardice is the defining feature of some learned scholars and their institutions, and yes, it makes no difference if they are Sunni, ‘Wahhabi’, or Rafidi, all of them are equally condemnable and should be called out for the fraudsters they are.

Modi’s 2016 ‘World Sufi Forum‘ Sham Conference

As already illustrated, the tyrants of today are all allied in one way or the other, which means in their foolishness they also copy their homework. Little to no surprise, a few months earlier in the very same year (2016), another enemy of Islam, a textbook pagan and polytheist, the butcher of thousands of Muslims, Narendra Modi (right-wing Hindu Prime Minister of India) inaugurated his very own ‘true and moderate Islam’ conference that was called ‘World Sufi Forum’. This is where it actually all started and where Putin got the idea from, remember, these fierce enemies of Islam are all allied. Thousands of delegates from various parts of India and about a hundred foreign guests from 20 countries attended this event which was organised by a fairly new organisation called ‘All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board,’ headed by ‘Hazrat Syed’ Muhammad Ashraf Ashrafi. It belongs to the Barelvi Sufi sect (some Barelvi leaders objected and didn’t attend, so credit where credit is due). No surprise really, they are also the darling and favourite choice of other disbelievers who would love to dilute Islam:

The conference was literally organised by tomb and shrine obsessed Sufis, the so-called All-India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB), the apex body of dargahs, tombs of Sufi saints. It would be surprising if the ultra-nationalist Hindu polytheists Modi would not support and promote them. Of course, he does. Every enemy of Islam is fine with a fake and diluted and shirkified version of Islam.

The vicious enemy of Islam, Modi, was effusive in his praise, crediting Sufism with being Islam’s greatest gift. Telling, isn’t it?

This was not some small event, it was a four-day World Sufi Forum that took place from March 17- 20 (2016) in New Delhi. High-ranking Sufi clerics from all over the world participated, including famous and  Azhar Sufi clerics at the most senior levels who were given green lights from their master, dictator Sissi to join the corrupt conference.

Among those who spoke at the conference was one of the world’s most influential Sufi preacher, Canada-based Pakistani cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam; Hashimuddin Al-Gaylani of Baghdad; Dewan Ahmed Masood Chishti of Pakistan; and ‘Syed’ Minhaj ur Rahman of Bangladesh.

All of those criminals will face the curse of the mothers and fathers of those who have lost their sons and daughters at the hands of the bloodthirsty Hindu Islam hater, Modi.

al-Ninowy is a very influential Syrian Sufi cleric based in the States who claims Ahlul-Bayt ancestry and loves to rant about the ‘evil Wahhabis’/’Yazidis’, yet did you know whom he casually shook hands with and honoured at a sham of a conference that even the Kuffar found obnoxious?

A Yazid on steroids, the butcher of 2,000 Muslims!
Even many Kafir news outlets were astonished at Modi’s audacity and the backstabbing of the ‘Muslim’ scholars. Hindu journalists were thrilled though.

Why is this not big news, never was, why? How many Muslims have you heard speaking up for our Indian brothers and sisters? In fact, it is the responsibility of those who have more clout online than many politicians, yet how many of them i.e. famous Islamic speakers would speak up?

Heck, I have no doubt – and I’m speaking based on experience – that most of our famous speakers would never openly condemn those traitors anyway, as that would look ‘sectarian’.

This is why the likes of Hamzah Yusuf and his mentor Bin Bayyah, the charlatan al-Jifri, etc. can continue their scam called ‘traditional Islam’ and fight Ahlul-Sunnah under the cloak of Sufism/spirituality whilst serving the agenda of the Sahyunis in UAE.

قبحم الله حزبهم و من لف لفهم.

>As for the Rafidah: The usual, they throw Muslims under the bless whenever they can (or they exploit their cause like Palestine).

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and the President of Iran, Mr. Hassan Rouhani, during the joint Press Statement, in Tehran on May 23, 2016.

Here Hindus in full support of Rawafid, knowing well that Rafidism is based on saint and grave worship (under the disguise of ‘intercession/Tawassul’):

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi and the President of Iran, Mr. Hassan Rouhani, during the joint Press Statement, in Tehran on May 23, 2016.
Other Batini (esoteric) Sufi-esque heretics are unsurprisingly also a favourite choice of the Rafidah when it comes to their propaganda and missionary schemes. The heretics are all united in their ideological war against Islam, Tawhid, and the people of Sunnah, قاتلهم الله.