Erfan al-Farisi (Ex-Shia) Specialised In Dissecting Atheism

Brother Erfan al-Farisi is a good friend, a student of knowledge (studied and lived for a decade in Yemen, fluent in Arabic), a native from Tehran, a Sunni Persian par excellence ( أحسبه كذالك والله ‏ ‏حسيبه ‏ ‏ولا أزكي على الله تعالى أحدا).

Brother Erfan al-Farisi is one of the many converts from Rafidism to Sunnism (ex-Shia), an awakening that even American think tanks have picked up.

I conducted two interesting interviews with him; one about his journey to Islam (from Shiism – Atheism – Sunnism), and one where we discussed Islam, Liberalism, etc. in general. You can watch them here:

As I’ve mentioned, the Arabic of the brother is very strong and he is specialised in the refutation of Atheism and other isms related to it (like Nihilism, etc.). He’s currently going through some really difficult times, so I kindly ask you to raise your hands and invoke none but Allah and ask Him to ease the situation of brother Erfan the Persian, may Allah protect him and his family.

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