Sufi-Ash’ari: Invoking Jesus (a) is totally fine and Islamic!

Ya Isa (Jesus) madad! – Pure Tawhid according to the Quburiyyah (extremist Sufis and Rafidah)

So I asked an Ash’ari Sufi Da’iya ( who debated the ultra-Jahil Rafidi polemicist ‘Sayd’ Ali from Bayat al-Ghadeer) on Facebook if it is allowed and thus Tawhid (!) to call on Isa, Jesus Christ (a) and ask our needs from him by saying:

‘Ya Isa Madad (Help)!

Of course, he answered in the affirmative; all Quburis (whether Rafidis or extremist Sufis) HAVE to (if they are consistent in their falsehood), for they have no qualms with people calling on the cousin of the Prophet (s) i.e. Ali (r), asking him for all our needs or on a Persian saint who was born over 500 years after Hijrah (Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani), with the excuse that it’s just ‘intercession’ (Tawasul) and Wasilah (a means) and ‘with the Permission of Allah.’

As the Arabs say: هنيئا لكم (congratulations)!

Note: Asking Quburis if one can call on Jesus (a) for madad (help) / asking one’s need etc. is one of the BEST ways to expose them in the eyes of normative Muslims (the vast majority of Muslims don’t call on other than Allah in du’a) who will be disgusted and shocked when hearing Quburis invoking their buried and non-buried demigods). This is even more effective if done in public (or online with many witnessed), especially amongst converts, many of whom who did not leave ‘O Jesus help’ to replace it with ‘O Ali help’ or ‘O Abdal-Qadir help’ (let alone ‘O Jesus help’).

May Allah expose the Quburis even more at our hands.

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