Sufi Mufti: Invoking Lady Mary is legit and totally Islamic!

Ali Gumua (Mufti of the tyrannical Egyptian state and the Azhar institute that was founded by Batini Isma’ili Rafidi Shia and has for a long time lost its prestige and authority in the Islamic world):

‘There exists NO religious prohibition for Muslims to ask lady Mary to intercede for them.’

‘Ya sweet Mary madad!’ (the ist hilarious part is that even Protestants would refute him on this as they oppose Mary-veneration and calling on saints).

That’s the purest Tawhid unlike the false Tawhid of the ‘evil Tajsimi-Wahhabists’ who have the audacity to claim that in Islam we don’t call on Pirs, Angel, Badawi, Rifa’i, Abdul-Qadir, Ali, Fatimah, Husayn and Jesus and Mary. ‘True ‘Sunnis call on a list of saints, a list that can easily compete with that of your local Catholic or Orthodox priest’s list of saints whom he and his congregation call upon under the pretext of…. intercession (Tawasul) of course!

According to the Batini Quburi Sufis, it’s absolutely Islamic to call upon Jesus and Mary as long as Tawasul is intended!

Ya Jesus, Ya Maryam, Ya Jibreel madad = Totally legit, purest Tawhid! Go for it!

None of the saints and angels are dead afterall, are they? Having established this pathetic and infinite times refuted Quburi argument (also loved by Rafidi polytheists) we can now move on and call on our favourite set of saints from amongst the angels, Prophets, Pirs, Imams, Shaykhs, etc. we ask them for madad (help) and all our hajat (needs) under the guise of Tawasul. It’s after all a fancy Islamic terminology used by Muslim scholars throughout history.

Whilst at it, we demonise our opponents (the evil Wahhabis) and claim that they are categorically against Tawasul, not revealing to our gullible followers that there is Islamic/Shar’i/Divenely sanctified Tawasul and Pagan/Shirki/Shaytanic Tawasul and those who call on Allah alone in worship argue against the impermissible Shaytanic forms of Tawasul, not against Tawasul per se.

On a more serious note: the very existence of the likes of Ali Gumua is why other polytheists who ascribe to Islam, the likes of the Rafidah, and other than them feel so emboldened in their delusion and Imam-worship.

It is not surprising that the likes of the Rafidah often parade Batini Quburi Sufis as ‘true Sunnis’. “Birds of a feather flock together” so of course, Rafidah will keep championing the most heretic grave-worshipping type of Sufis as ‘true Sunnis’. Basically, the more heretic and grave-Pir-Shaykh worshipping a ‘Sunni’ the more approval he will get from the Rafidah.

Rafidis misusing extreme grave and saint worshipping Sufis (who are the cousins of the Rafidah and despite their differences with them are nevertheless united with them on many delicate issues, especially those linked to saint-grave generations, Ghuluw, Khurafat, etc.) shouldn’t be a surprise to us, however, what is a surprise is that the links of Ali Gumua are so shameless and claim Rafidi-like beliefs whilst at the same time claiming to be upon orthodox Sunnism!

These satanic Sufis must be exposed to the max, they are the springboard to Rafidism and this is why the scholars say:

Sufism is the gateway to Shi’ism.

May Allah protect the Ummah from these heretics who are hell-bent on creating an ‘Islamic’ church where people are busy calling upon the Ahlul-Bayt, Pirs, Shaykhs, Angels, Prophets, etc. whereas all these great individuals taught others to call on Allah alone, directly, just as they did.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse … here a renowned Sufi Ash’ari cleric REBUKING a known Egyptian da’iya (may Allah free him) who disagreed with Ali Gomua and said that as Muslims we should invoke Allah alone.

The Ash’ari Sufi: The Mufti is right, it’s totally legit to call on Mary and that’s the position of the four Sunni schools of thought, and the Sunni Da’iya who stated otherwise and called it Shirk is an extremist!
Being against: Ya Jesus/Ali/Mary/Fatimah madad invocations = Extremism, Wahhabism!
And here a Barelvi Sufi who has arrived at the final station of the Quburi express. He literally claims that invoking of Jesus Christ is Islam and Tawhid!

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