The Humiliated Bayat-E-Ghadeer Extremists’ Slander Their Opponents!

With the name of Allah,

Peace be upon the one who follows true guidance,

The deceptive extremist Rafids (who masquerade as lovers of Ahlul-Bayt) have yet again resorted to slander and baseless accusations (a practice sanctified in their sect) at Sunni Defence and myself in particular. Instead of replying to nearly 40 (!) academical videos in direct response to them, they have chosen not to address a single one of them, instead they released a badly edited and cut video (regardless, I feel flattened as these fools haven’t cut out many gems where I am exposing the reality of their paganism) featuring our team members (including former ones).

At Sunnis Defence, all our members, including myself, have repeatedly emphasised that we do not view the generality of Shi’ites as enemies neither did a single member of our team ever claimed that all Shias are disbeliever. In fact, I myself have repeated numerous times (on my social media accounts and recordings like on YouTube) that:

1. The vast majority of Shias are Iranians and it is almost common knowledge that most Iranians are very irreligious and often even semi-agnostics (religious Shias can thank the Shia clergy for that; they have totally messed it up in their stronghold i.e. Iran). Most Shias (Iranians) only loosely ascribe to Shi’ism; so why would we hate or demonise them? They are not the culprits, far from it. Our academical war is *not* with them but with the extremists amongst the Shia clergy and zealous Shia propagandists (like Bayat-E-Ghadeer) who are the cause for the misguidance of millions upon millions of gullible Shias. This alone refutes the claim that we hate all Shias and demonise them.

2. Shia is an umbrella term, it is scientifically wrong and an injustice to declare all Shias as disbelievers. There are many moderate Shias, even amongst Twelvers; the likes of the late Ayatollah Fadhlullah; Shia cleric Yasser al-Oudah from Lebanon; Ahmad al-Katib and other than them. Some of them have even started projects similar to ours combating extremism that has plagued Twelver Shi’ism:

3. As for extremist Shia polemicists like Bayat-E-Gahdeer (whom we often refer to as Rafidis, not as a slur as some ignorant people claim, rather as a befitting description that most extremist Shias embrace anyway): I reaffirm everything I said in the amateurish cut video of Bayat-E-Ghadeer.

Having said that, I reaffirm that:

– The likes of Kulayni, Majlisi, Khomeini, Shirazi and their followers from amongst the propagandists (the likes of Bayat-E-Ghadeer etc.) and other than them are brazen Zanadiqah (heretics) and enemies of Islam, principle enemies of Ahlus-Sunnah. We at Sunni Defence have the freedom and right according to the laws of the countries (including the UK) that we are residing in to engage in polemics and refute our ideological or theological opponents. We have done this from day one and even at times when we felt that our words can be misused, we emphasised that we are against the demonisation of the Shia masses whom we regard as victims of Shi’ism and have empathy for (especially myself, since most of my family members and countrymen are Shia).

– I reaffirm that excessive ritualised wailing (condemned in Islam/Sunnah) is commonly practised in Shi’ism, it is accepted as mainstream. We have every right to reject, refute and expose it for what it is. I and my team don’t claim that every or even most Shias indulge in extreme forms of mourning rituals, however, rituals such as self-flagellation (whether with blades, knives and razors or with chains ‘only’ which originate in Catholic self-mortification and self-flagellation rituals that are still practised in Mexico and the Philippines and are strikengly similar to barbaric Shia rituals) are mainstream practices amongst *religious* Shia circles. This doesn’t clash with my often *repeated* statement that we don’t hate all Shias. Bayat-E-Ghadeer is conflating our legitimate criticism of absurd and heretical (at least to our sect) rituals with our stance on those Shias who are indulged in them. That’s a fallacious argument (that is why they needed to cut out my statements in order to prevent the viewer from understanding the full context of my speech) and as a matter of fact, we as a team and I myself feel sorry for those Shia who self-harm themselves in the name of Islam and Ahlul-Bayt not knowing that these heretical acts are condemned by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Ahlul-Bayt. Not to mention that self-harming Shia rituals have not just harmed the image of Islam in general, but that of the Shia sect in particular. Moderate Shias should join the likes of Sunni Defence and myself in condemnation of such extremism just like we at Sunni Defence and I condemn extremism in the name of Sunnism (Daesh and other than them).

– I reaffirm as a former Shi’i that heretical and polytheistic-like rituals such as praying directly to saints/Imams; taking vows in their names; slaughtering for them and other Kufri rituals are commonly practised amongst the learned and the laymen of the Shia, however, this does not equate (especially not with cheaply cut editing clips) to hating all Shias. Again, we feel sorry for Shias as they have been fooled by their charlatan clergy and polemicists into believing that such superstitious and heretical rituals somehow represent the school of the Household of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him). Us exposing these Anti-Islamic beliefs and rituals is a service to Sunnis, Shias and non-Muslims alike.

– As a former Shi’i I reaffirm that most Shia Hussainias (self-flagellation temples, innovated places of worship that were never sanctified in Islam) and ‘holy cities’ are covered with Catholic-like Iconography (depiction of saints) of the Ahlul-Bayt who are unsurprisingly portrayed as typical Persian looking saints and mystics (as done in classical Persian iconography) with strangely effeminate facial features. It’s a Bid’ah sanctified by their top clerics (like the *PERSIAN* Sistani). Detesting and opposing such superstitions in the name of Ahlul-Bayt proves ones love for the Ahlul-Bayt and not ones enmity. Al-Hamdulillah, we have experienced at first hand that our Da’wah efforts bears fruits, recently a number of Shias have started to reject the hideous Persian whitewashed depiction of the Ahlul-Bayt.

Here a list of links where I have advised myself and others NOT to generalise the Shias masses, let alone to demonise them. I dont pretend to be holy or without mistake, in the heat of discussions (where I am frequently insulted and thratened, even my children haven’t been spared) I might have said (and will say) harsh words, however, I am always reminding myself and others that we need to take a step back and remind ourselves not to fall into extremism and that the generality of the Shia (i.e. most Shias) are certainly not our enemies, rather they are victims; victims of Shi’ism and its clergy:

Daeshis Takfirs declaring me as a Kafir for refusing to declare all Shias as disbelievers:

Rejecting, refuting and even despising an ideology or theology ≠ dehumanising its followers:

Basically, I reaffirm *every* single statement of mine in the poorly edited clip of Bayat-E-Ghadeer and as mentioned before; even with their failure of an attempt to decontextualise my words (numerous cuts in the video), I believe the gist of my message hasn’t been much distorted, namely that Twelver Shi’ism is a pagan and heretical sect and those who propagate it are nothing but charlatans who have been jeopardising the hereafter of millions gullible Shias who genuinely love the Ahlul-Bayt not knowing that what has been sold and preached to them is nothing but paganism in the name of Ahlul-Bayt who are free of Twelver Rafidi Shi’ism as Jesus Christ is of pagan Trinitarian Christianity. In short: Sunni Defence and I differentiate between the masses of the Shia and their religion and evil propagandists who are aware of its falsehood and evil yet present it as truth (by busying Shias with Sahabah hatred and superstitions).

As a Muslim I despise Hindu theology for the simple fact that it is based on the biggest crime according to Islam, namely Shirk (polytheism). Me despising Hinduism as a theology doesn’t equate to blanket hatred for all Hindus, not even to their practising ones. This is for the sheer fact that I can co-exist with Hindus, Atheists, Christians and Shias of course *whilst* detesting, rejecting and refuting their theology (with the pen and not with the sword i.e. violence). I apply the same logic to Twelver Shi’ism which I regard as an extremist sect just like Kharijism (the likes of Daesh/’Isis’). I believe Twelver Shi’ism is inherently heretical and a distorted form of Islam in the name of Ahlul-Bayt (who are misused), however, that doesn’t equate to blanket Takfir and hatred for all Shias (even *if* all Shias were indulged in practices that are condemned in Sunnism, which they are not). There are nuances in the Shar’iah regarding Takir (excommunicating) and these are basics that the likes of Bayat-E-Ghadeer should study instead of throwing blindly accusations at their opponents.

Finally, I’d like to point out that although it is known that many zealous Shias despise the true banner of Tawhid (which is the Islamic testimony of faith) and rather wave flags where OTHER than Allah is invoked on (Ya Ali, Husayn, Fatimah, Imam this and Imam that…), it is interesting to see how Bayat-E-Ghadeer are pushing the same agenda as the enemies of Islam which is to associate the Shahadah and the beautiful seal of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) with Daesh (‘Isis’). Instead of reclaiming such a beautiful flag and symbol, Bayat-e-Ghadeer reaffirms the propaganda of the enemies of Islam and associates the Shahadah flag with terrorists. As for associating us with the likes of Daesh and Al-Qaedah: we are open about all our beliefs (as you can clearly in my very statement that you are reading) nothing is sugar-coated, Taqiyyah is not 9/10 of our religion (that’s Shia belief), we are not Taqiyyah mongers. *If we would look up to Daesh, by Allah, the extremist tomb-crawling extremist Rafidis would be the last people on earth of whom we would be scared and resort to Taqiyyah. Truth is we have condemned all forms of extremism, as a matter of fact we believe Kharijism (like in the form of Daesh) is one side of the same coin with the other side being Rafidism (in the form of Twelver Shi’ism and Iranian Shia militias and death squads that associates and friends of Bayat-E-Ghadeer have been linked to here>>>).

I mean that’s the same ‘Sayed’ (Syed) Ali Imam who shakes hands with known *convicted* extremists like as if it is nothing. On the other hand, his associates tried to demonise me for being at a demonstration where I and other Sunni Iranians demonstrated against Iranian Shia state terrorism where the likes of Anjum Choudhary (and many other people from all backgrounds) happened to be as well. Once realising that Anjum Choudhary arrived with his complete entourage, I did the most sensible thing (whilst already speaking on the mic); instead of shaking Choudhary’s hands I declared myself and my associates innocent and free from Choudhary, his group, and anybody other than my small group of Iranian Sunni activists who attended on that day. Unlike ‘Sayed’ (Syed) Ali Imam I did not get friendly and shake hands with Abu Haleema (look up who that is)…

Syed (‘Sayed’) Ali Imam (on the left) with Abu Haleema. .

Update: Abu Haleema contacted Sunni Defense and clarified some issues. As Muslims we ought to be driven by justice, so I have edited the post. A fun part I will post here though though, see what a cringe and humiliated person this ‘Syed’ Ali is…

The Bayat-E-Ghadeer team proudly associating with the infamous Anti-Sunni preacher (who referred to Sunnism and the major Companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, as the root of terrorism!) ‘Sayed’ Ammar ‘Nakhshawani’ (Nakhjavani). Sunni Defense has exposed this Taqiyyah mongering charlatan in one of their videos here:

My message to truth-seeking Shias: Shia scholars and propagandists have always been good at creating bogeymen; in the past they scared their followers from Sunnis by demonising Sunnis as ‘Nawasib’ (haters of Ahlul-Bayt). When the average Shias realised that Sunnis don’t hate the Ahlul-Bayt and rather love them (minus Shia exaggeration) they created a new boogeyman which is ‘Wahhabis’ whom they declare as Nawasib. Today they add to their vocabulary Daesh and Allah knows what they’re going to use tomorrow, one thing is for sure though: it’s all scaremongering, Bayat-E-Ghadeer are bad at what they are doing, even for Shia standards. Their leader ‘Sayed’ (Syed) Ali Imam has the charisma of a slice of toast; his team members were involved in embarrassing scandals (Threesome Mut’ah between Raza Rizvi, Zayn Rizvi and some dumped Zaniyah/fornicatoress) and have pretty much ruined ‘Sayed’ (Syed) Ali Imam’s (who got caught smoking in daylight during Ramadan in his local Tesco’s in Slough, absolutely shameless) project. Syed Ali Imam himself has been exposed and humiliated so hard, he got caught buying views for his YouTube channel. At this point our team almost feels sorry for the failure of a channel and an uncharismatic head of such a channel i.e. ‘Sayed’ (Sayed) Ali Imam who I know and you know is nothing but a laughing stocks, with zero knowledge of the Arabic (and even Persian language), a Jahil who doesn’t know that he’s a Jahil (the worst form of Jahl), someone who pronounces Ibn Taymiyyah as ‘Ibn Tamee-ah’, Mu’tazilah as ‘Mutazillah, Riyadh as Ridha and so on, and absolute embarrassment of a preacher.

The last nail in the coffin was a recent release by Sunni Defence that has proven that the worst and most extreme Takfiri sect by far is the Twelver Rafidi sect:

In response to this (in one of their tweets) Bayat-E-Ghadeer had no response at all except of telling (as usual) half-truth and claiming that Takfir was done by both sects in the past, hiding from the Shias what we have exposed in the documentary; namely that Takfir of Sunnis and all non-Twelvers is an absolute necessity (as explained by ‘Ayatollah’ Kamal al-Haydari) in Shi’ism to this very day, it’s just they play with semantics to fool the gullible, and we have exposed this to the world and that’s what triggered them. Also, I have challenged Syed Ali Imam for a debate on the issue of Imamah, the pressure probably got to him, so like his collegue, Hassan Al Qadri, he looked for excuses to avoid facing me, his cheaply edited video will be his excuse for the years coming. What can we expect from these people? Syed Ali Imam’s associate (Al Qadri) couldn’t use the ‘adab/manners’ excuse against Farid, so he came up with the excuse that Farid had egg stains (Qadri often mentions food…) on his shirt. That day it was proven to everybody that these people will look for every excuse possible in order to avoid debating knowledgable Sunnis (Syed Ali’s track record is to debate with like-minded Quburis such as Sufis etc. never with a Sunni who is known for his refutation of Rafidism).

Truth-Seeking Shias need to free themselves from charlatans like ”Sayed’ (Syed) Ali Imam(who mingles with known ‘Isis’ supporters and other widely despised heretics like ‘Mufti’ Abu Layth and the Mu’tazili Atabek, with everybody really who has a role in fighting Sunnism in the name of Sunnism), and trust us when we say, you, the Shia masses are *not* our enemies, we are stretching our hand out to you and are willing to help you to get out from the paganism called Imamism, and if you refuse, that’s your own choice, we are not here to force you, but don’t expect us to be silent, till death knocks at our door, we will defend Islam, the Messenger of Allah, his family and companions from the charlatans of Qom, Karbala and elsewhere, not due to our hatred for the Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them), Allah forbid! Rather our love for them drives us to do what we do.

PS: I am genuinely flattened, so much publicity for free, and the foolish person who ‘edited’ the video didn’t even do a good job. That was even realised by some of Bayat-E-Ghadeer’s visitors who commented under their video reminding them fools that they have rather advertised for Sunni Defense *and* exposed Rafidi heresies than anything else:

And here the sheer irony: Bayat-E-Ganesh wants to tarnish it opponents as extremists and one of their fans threatens with murder…how classy and brave…

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