Sufism Is The Gateway To Shi’ism

The most gullible and easiest targets for the Rawāfid (who never call to Tawhīd, it’s all about Imāms and shrines and often they don’t even make Da’wah to non Muslims in the first place) are Muslims with a Sūfi background, especially the extreme Khurāfi type. They were our prime target when I used to be a Rāfidi (we were even told to stay away from ‘Wahhabis’ and focus on the average Sūfi as they are generally very ignorant of Rāfidism and superstitious by nature) and almost every single individual I met – including some ‘great former Sunni scholars’ – had always a hardcore Sufi-grave-venerating (Qubūri) background. Many of them are with one leg already in the Rāfidi Hussayniyyah i.e. they share many Rāfidi like beliefs and rituals (no wonder Rāfifah love to present them as ‘true Sunnis’, like in the case of Barelwis who they love to parade as ‘true Sunnis’).

It’s as the scholars have stated:

التصوف بوابة التشيع

Sufism is a gateway to Shiism/Rāfidism

I say: Rāfidism thrives were grave-saint-pir-angel-venerarion is rampant (like in Sūfi parts of Africa and Asia).

NOTE: I’m not one of those shallow minded ‘Salafi’ simpletons who reject the science of Tazkiyat al-Nafs, Tarbiyyah (Sūfiyyah or whatever you wanna call it), it’s part of our heritage and beliefs. I’m talking about the Bid’i form of it.

To substantiate my claim with one with many evidences:

This is one of the leaders of one of the most heretical-Qubūri type of Sufism (Tijaniyyah, Al-Tijani the Tunisian Ex-Sufi also hails from the same sect), absolutely clueless of Rafidi Shiism …