My Grandmother Passed Away

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون

This morning my grandmother, Hajjah Layla Ozgoli passed away in Tehran, Iran, she was on life support for two weeks, fell in coma and finally died peacefully. Her husband, my grandfather, died two decades ago.

When the Prophet’s (s) son Ibrahim passed away, he cried and said the beautiful words that can only come out of the mouth of a muwahhid:

فقال صلى الله عليه وسلم: إن العين تدمع، والقلب يحزن، ولا نقول إلا ما يرضي ربنا وإنا بفراقك يا إبراهيم! لمحزونون

“Certainly, the eye tears and the heart grieves, but we only utter that which our Sustainer is pleased with. O Ibrahim, we are bitterly grief-stricken at your separation.” [Muttafaqun ‘alayhi]

This narration is an indication to the permissible show of sorrow and crying WITHOUT causing the displeasure of Allah (by exceeding the bounds i.e. excessive wailing, self flagellation and other forms of Jahiliyyah).

My grandmother was very dear to me, she raised me for the first 6 months of my life. My mother’s family has always been quite irreligious, my grandmother was different though, she loved Allah and His Messenger (s) and the Ahlul-Bayt (a) and never missed a single prayer.

When I left Rafidism/Shiism in 2003 (her first reaction: do you hate Imam Ali and the Ahlul-Bayt now?) I had alot of discussions with her, tried to do Da’wah, warned her of the Shirkiyat and Kufriyat that those Turbaned devils of Qom sell to the gullible as the ‘Madhab of Ahlul-Bayt’. She used to beseech Fatimah and Ali whenever she wanted to get up (mainstream Shia practice), she used to read the evil book of Shirk called Mafatih al-Jinan Jahim on a daily basis. However, she loved the Qur’an alot, made Khatm of it every month.

A few years ago, in one our discussions on phone I told her (as usual) to stay away from them turbaned Mushrikun and how the very Qur’an that she was reading on daily basis is an enemy to Rafidism and the Kufr and Shirk it sugercoats as ‘Tawassul’ and what not. The Da’wah finally paid off. On that day she told me of a dream of hers, how her grave was clean and empty, however, there was always that one big snake roaming in it. She was worried and asked her local Rafidi priest what to do. That devil in human form taught her more Shirk, advised her do more tomb/shrine pilgrimages (she went over 5 times to Karbala!), beseech the Imams for help, write letters (!) to the Mahdi and ask him for help and other Rafidi nonsense of the Abu Jahl type.

She asked my opinion, I consulted some teachers and said bluntly to her: That empty grave is your Salah, your genuine love foenhr Qur’an, Allah, His Messenger and the Ahlul-Bayt. Basically, your good deeds, you being a kind person etc. As for that snake, it symbolises Shirk, the very action that will nullify all your good deeds if you don’t stop committing them and ask Allah for forgiveness.

I advised her to never call on other than Allah, to stay far away from any Rafidi temple and their priests, just read the Qur’an and pray to Allah alone, give charity and be good to everybody, especially the needy. She was as way wiser than me, after all she is my grandmother and raised me in my early years, however, she fully and wholeheartedly seemed to have accepted my words, it was as if I could sense her Fitrah, her polluted (by Shirk) Fitrah that clouded her Aql was realising how Batil many Rafidi beliefs and practices are and how evil the ‘Ayatollats’ are, the turbaned Shayatin who have ruined the Akhirah AND Dunya of the Iranian people.

In the last few years me and her had zero disputes nor heated discussions, she told me that she started praying to Allah alone, no more Ya Ali, Imam, saint X and Y and what not, she also stopped giving Khums to those charlatans and did not practice excessive wailing rituals and other Jahili practices that are common in the annual self flagellation carnival of Muharram in Iran.

Yes, she likely doesn’t tick every Salafi/Sunni box when it comes to correct Manhaj, Aqidah and Fiqh and what not, but she freed herself of Rafidism and Shirk and Allah is all forgiving.

As for the Sahabah: She was never fond on cursing much, of course Omar (r) was the incarnation of all evil, she like everybody else in Iran was told so since childhood.

The rest of the Sahaba, even the few the Rafidah claim to respect, have little to no significance in a Rafidis life. All she heard was Ali, Ali, Fatimah, Fatimah, Husayn, Husayn and then alot of ‘Imam E Reza’ (as he’s buried in Iran and a big shirk and money machine for the Rafidi clergy).

She died peacefully this mourning, I insisted that no Rafidi priest comes close to her grave (in Rafidism one normally attends like a priest in Catholicism, only difference is that the Rafidi will invoke Imams instead of the saints of the church) and that her grave is kept as simple as possible, just like the graves of the Sahabah and the Ahlul-Bayt in al-Baqi’ in al-Madinah al-Munawwarah.

May Allah have mercy on her.