The Sunnis / Ahlus-Sunnah – The Middle Path Between Two Extremes

The people of the Sunnah are the saved and victorious sect; they are balanced, a middle path between the Khawarij/Nawasib and Rawafid heretics. Both are extremists, one group due to their hatred of our master ‘Ali (ra) the other for their Ghuluww (excessiveness) regarding him.

The Shia have no monopoly on the #AhlulBayt . In fact their claim of being their true and only followers is as true as the claim of the Christians who claim to be the true and only followers of Jesus. We the Sunnis reject both claimants and claim the Ahlul-Bayt for ourselves.
We read in the Shia book of Nahjul-Balagha:
The Sunni claim of loving AND taken knowledge from #AhlulBayt is not just a mere emotional slogan or reaction to the exaggeration of the Shia, rather it can be academically substantiated with solid evidences as I’ve done in one of my researches.
Also a must-read:
Ahlul Bayt between the two Schools. One of plenty gems that used to be available in Arabic (and Persian) only, thanks to the hard work of the team now available in English.