Sufi (Barelvi) Mohammad Aslam Says The Prophet (ﷺ) literally Nurtures Us!

When you confront the extremists amongst the grave and saint worshippers about their Shirk, they try to vindicate themselves by saying, that they don’t believe that the Prophet (ﷺ) or Imam, Wali (saint), etc., himself helps us (well, some actually do!), rather when we call out to them for help it is meant in a figurative meaning (Majaz), not literal meaning (Haqiqah).

The Ghuluww (exaggeration) of modern day Batini (esoteric fake) Sufis is mind-boggling.

Can someone show the following bloke pics and videos of Syrian children eating leaves and scouring rubbish dumps for food in Syria 2016 when the axis of the Rafidah Majoos besieged them?

The nurturing part would’ve made sense if it was linked to parents raising their kids upon the Sunnah, but he’s literally saying the Prophet (ﷺ) him will directly nurture them, this is because he believes that even a 21st century buried Sufi Pir can fulfill our wishes when we call upon him, let alone the Prophet (ﷺ). Their last excuse will be ‘metaphorical’ speech, a gate they use to desensitise their gullible followers for their Ghuluw.

So clear-cut Shirki phrases in du’a (supplication) like ‘Ya Ali/Jilani’ etc. madad (help) where the lazy quboori doesn’t even bother to mention Allah are suddenly nothing but Tawhid and intercession (Tawassul). Basically, they argue that:

‘Ya Ali/Jilani’ helllllllllp!!!! = Ya Ali/Jilani please be so kind and ask Allah to help me/fulfill my needs. Thanks.

The absurdity of this claim should be clear for every person of intellect who has not been blinded by bias. Of course, there are Mushriks who are more severe in Shirk, thus you will find the highest Sufi and Rafidi authorities openly preaching that one does not need to invoke Allah at all i.e. you can invoke your saint directly, plus intending none but your almighty saint (i.e. forget about the Majaz game), ask that merciful buried demigod for all your needs, he will surely answer, all you need to do is to make sure you add the get-out clause (with the permission of Allah), a divine clause that has been misused by the qubooris like no other sentence in Islam:

The qubooris will argue with a straight (Mushrik) face that Invoking Jesus (a) is totally fine and Islamic! And of course, Invoking Lady Mary is legit and totally Islamic! It’s always Hallelujah in the Quboori Church.

But despite this oft-repeated attempt (‘we only ask the saints to ask Allah… we do not believe the saints act independently from Allah) at whitewashing their Shirk, their own actions and words give away their true polytheistic beliefs and nature. Look at this priest of theirs claiming that the Prophet, after his passing away, nurtures children “with his perfection, beauty, and mercy.

If this is not making someone besides Allah into Rabb (sustainer, nurturer) then what is?

As you can see, they have lost all shame. They openly post Ghuluw and Shirk like that as if it is totally normal. Well, it is, to them that ‘the purest Tawhid on this earth right now’ as one idolatrous priest in the name of Islam once said.