Grave worshippers, stop embarrassing yourselves!

Grave worshipper:

When I raise my hands and say ‘ya Ali madad’ (‘O Ali help me’) with absolute Khushu’ (humility) and Khudhu’ (veneration) then that’s not shirk! That’s Tavassol! It stands for … umm … yeah! It stands for ‘O Ali ask Allah to help me ‘… Nah, ackchyually, it means ‘O Allah help me!’ Like the trinity:
1+1+1 = 1 so Ya dozen Imams madad = Ya Allah madad

You see, invoking the saints (like Catholics) is like asking a living person for a glass of water. Same thing, totally legit and awaterproof analogy and comparison my friend. Believe me, I’ve had many spiritual encounters when I called upon Jes.. I mean the Imams.

Now consider yourself refuted ya mujassim Vahhabi and repent! Repent and know that from Ali we seek help!
– Diary of a disturbed mushrik who thinks he’s upon the Madhab and Tawhid of the Ahlul-Bayt (a).

Indeed, the above is one of the most pathetic shubuhat and excuses of the mentally deranged Quburis. Yes, it’smade up, obviously, but the essence of it is what you will often hear from those who invoke other than Allah in their du’a i.e. the excuse of ‘don’t you ask the living/your friend for help?’

Asking Ali, Fatimah, Jesus, Mary, Jilani, Badawi or your favourite Imam or Pir for help is as Shirk as asking a friend for help, the Quburis claim. Don’t you go to the doctor asking to get cured?

Lulz, that means Vahabis do shirk every day when asking anyone for help. Don’t you ever order a Pizza again, ya Vahhabi! Lulz, consider yourself thoroughly refuted!

It’s 2021 and one has to deal with such foolish and pathetic arguments that deserve nothing but mocking and humiliation (unlike genuine questions raised by actual truth-seekers, whether Shiites or Sunnis or non-Muslims).

It is pathetic to make false and quite embarrassing analogies between the act of asking your fellow human being next to you for assistance and help with the *religious ritual* of invoking saints in prayer where one literally prays (including raising hands) to one’s saints/Imams and asks all his needs (under the pretext of ‘Tawasul’) from them.

PS: Yes, the Hereafter is better for the Muttaqin, the believers, however, who told the Quburis that suddenly the souls of their favourite saints are floating around to take our orders and requests to Allah? When they were alive they didn’t know what their neighbours were saying, let alone when someone called them from afar (isolated miracles like that of ‘Umar and other Sahabah are not the default rule). How come after their demise they can suddenly respond to millions of ‘ya Ali/ya Jilani’ etc. calls?

What is the Shar’i evidence (no, Kitab al-Ruh and whatnot are no evidence) that ‘Ghous-E-Azam’ (Abdal-Qadir al-Jilani!) and Ali b. Abi Talib can suddenly hear and respond to millions upon millions of calls and requests from Abdun-Nabiyys and Abdol-Hosseins all around the world?

Your false analogies and ‘with the permission of Allah’ won’t justify this extremism that resembles the Shirk of the pagan ancient Arabs.