‘Ya Ali’ (Jesus, Jilani etc.) is like asking a person next to you for help…no Shirk whatsoever.

Asking Ali, Fatimah, Jesus, Mary, Jilani, Badawi, Imam ____ or Pir ____ for help is as Shirk as asking a friend for help. Don’t you go to the doctor asking to get cured? Lulz, that means Vahabis do shirk everyday when asking anyone for help. Lulz, refuted!

Ya Ali+Mahdi+Fatimah+Abolfaaz+Zaynab+Hossein madadz.

Yes, that’s how disturbed heretic who masquarade as ‘lovers of Ahlul-Bayt’ and what not argue and ‘reason’. “But don’t you ask the living (other than Allah) for help? Hah! You’ve just commited shirk, you Vahhabi!”

What a pathetic shubha (misleading argument and doubt), an argumentation level of a child really.

It is pathetic to make false and quite embarrassing analogies between the act of asking your fellow human being next to you for assistance and help with the *religious ritual* of invoking saints, where one literally prays (including raising hands) to ones saint/Imam asking all his needs (under the pretext of ‘Tawasul’) from him.

The charlatan Rafidah Mu’ammamin (Turban heads) and their miskin followers and the extremist Quburi Sufis make such batil (false) analogies in matters of Aqidah! Don’t be one of them. Be like Ali (r), he was in need (muhtaj) of Allah, all the creation are, thus all of us invoke none but Allah!

No person of intellect invokes the needy (no matter how great their statuses), for the needy themselves are in need of Du’a and the Mercy of their Rabb.

Contemplate: Yes, Akhirah is better for the Muttaqun, the Believers, however, what’s the proof that once they depart from this world their souls start to float around awaiting millions upon millions of prayer requests and madad (help) calls?

What is the Shar’i evidence (no, Kitab al-Ruh and what not are not Hujjaj) that ‘Ghous-E-Azam’ (Abdal-Qadir al-Jilani!) or Ali b. Abi Talib (r) can suddenly hear and respond to millions of calls and requests from Abdun-Nabiyys and Abdol-Hosseins from all around the world?

More Qiyas (analogy), more ‘why not’ and more more ‘Be-eznellow’?

Have some shame! Fear Allah!