Tarawih – At Home or Masjid?

Praying Tarawih at home or in the masjid?

أتفق مع الشيخ الكملي
إن صلاة التراويح في البيت سنة عن النبي ومن يؤديها في المنزل يكون أقرب لما داوم عليه النبي عليه الصلاة والسلام.

Shaykh Al-Kamli explains how major Salaf, including Omar Al-Faruq himself, his son Abdallah, Imam Malik etc. preferred to pray the Qiyam in their houses instead of in congregation during the nights of Ramadan. My humble self agrees with him. That’s a legit Sunni position and proves the justice of Ahlul-Sunnah and the zeal they have to follow the most correct opinion/Sunnah.

Having said that, none of the Sahaba (or the Salaf) who regarded praying alone Qiyam in the nights of Ramadan as superior had ever stated that praying it in congregation (Tarawih) is an evil bid’ah; Nobody has made such an accusation except the Rafidah, the ultra Zanadiqah who are drown in khurafi, shirki and bid’i rituals yet have the audacity of even uttering the word bid’ah!

Tarawih (the term used for the Qiyam in the nights of Ramadhan) is undoubtly permissible (and to many scholars superior)as it has an asl (foundation) in the Sunnah and everybody should be encouraged to participate, however, without pressure, as there are some who don’t miss a Tarawih prayer but miss their Fajr!

Tarawih is a real شعيرة of Allah, crying for Him, invoking him alone, these are the signs of Ahlul-Sunnah, the people of Tawhid and the signs of the people of zandaqah are constant wailing for other than Allah, invoking other than Allah, mud-bathing, Self-flagellation, tomb-crawling, 🔥-walking etc.

Alhamdulillah for Islam/Sunnah.