✍🏼Ex-Shias And Their Sacrifices and Our Responsibility in Keeping Their Legacies alive

I was just on the phone with Ayatullah Abul-Fadhl Borqei’s (rh) grandson. He’s a friend of mine for over a decade now. We’ve discussed about him making an interview, talking about his grandfather Borqei, clarifying many misconceptions especially lies that the sour Neo-Safawi Khomeinists and other Rafidis spread about this man.

Some thoughts on Ayatullah (a real Ayatullah, inshaallah) Abul-Fadhl ibn al-Redha al-Borqei al-Qummi (he is an actual descendant of Bani Hashim with a known family tree, unlike most Rafidis and other Quburis in the Arab and especially non-Arab world, so called ‘Syeds/Sayeds’ and other charlatan) he lived between 1908-1991 and died at the age of 83 in Tehran.

An Iranian Sunni scholar when referring to the legend Borqei always says:

‘The Ibn Hazm (for his sharp mind and tongue and Ibn Abdul-Wahhab of Persia.’

I myself have witnessed many Sunnis who despite being involved in Sunni-Rafidi polemics yet have heard nothing or little about this man. I personally blame none but ourselves, we Ahlus-Sunnah.

By Allah, a single Ex-Rafidi is worth 1000 of their so called Ex-Sunnis (most Ex-Quburis of the hardcore type to begin with), the change their works could have and still can make for it’s not like we don’t have Ex-Shias who are experts in refuting Rafidism, it’s just we have failed to promote them appropriately!

For instance, On http://www.aqeedeh.com, the largest Islamic-Sunni Persian online library in the world, you will find a whole category filled with articles not just ABOUT Ex-Shias but also books written by Ex-Shias themselves including contemporary Ex-Turban-heads who in this very moment are in Qom and in their Hawzat writing refutations and leaking Zandaqat that even experts in Shiism can’t get their hands on.

Yes, many books of Borqei have been translated but only into the Arabic language. I remember in 2002 when I was a Rafidi, books by the clown and Ex-Sufi al-Tijani (whom the Rafidah and the Iranian regime sell as the ‘great Ex-Sunni Mufti of Tunisia! I used to distribute his books, lol, may Allah forgive me) had already been translated into all major languages in the world and sold for a few quid! That’s like almost two decades ago! Today, Borqei’s (and other Ex-Shias) books still haven’t been translated so where are these so called ‘Saudi-Wahhabi-Petro-Dollars’ that the enemy, especially the deluded Khomeinist-Neo-Safawi-Rafidi type of enemy always likes to talk about? I haven’t seen it, neither did Borqei whom the Rafidah of his time called a ‘Wahhabi’ agent (what else, like Zionists all they can do is to label you with some buzz words to scare their own gullible followers from the truth).

Borqei died almost three decades ago yet his legacy, his books, haven’t even reached the Sunni masses let alone the open minded and truth seeking Shias, many of whom who are tired of Imamite Shirkiyat and Khurafat and would certainly give an ear to a man like Borqei who was a Twelver Shia Mujtahid with numerous Tazkiyyat from the Mujtahids of his time, a fearless monotheist who after leaving Imamism and exposing it in his works to the max (inside Iran!) openly challenged the top authorities of his time, including Khomeini for debates and discussions!

Borqei was a man who survived numerous assassination attempts (by extremist Shias), even during the Shah’s reign!

Borqei was a man who like many other Muwahhidun (monotheists) was labelled a ‘Wahhabi’ (hundreds of Shia mujtahids made Takfir on him and called him a ‘Wahhabi’ agent) simply for rejecting and exposing the over-exaggeration that Shias (taught by their ‘Ayatullahs’) commit in the name of Ahlul-Bayt.

Imagine having books available in refutation of Rafidism by a man like this, by Borqei who after leaving Rafidism started to refute his own books (!) that he wrote in the past (pure sincerity) in defense of Imamism! This man spend the rest of his life writing books covering topics such as:

– An autobiography (I read it in Arabic and Persian, a must read)
– Detailed refutation of the Batini Rafidi Imamah/Wilayah belief
– Extremism and superstitious that are found in grave visitations (particularly in Rafidism)
– Falsehood of Rafidi Khums belief
– Falsehood of Rafidi Mut’ah belief
– The Khurafi (superstitious) reality of the Rafidi Mahdi
– Refutation of the Rafidi book of (ultra shirki) supplications called ‘Mafatih al-Jinan’
– Refutation of Kulayni’s Al-Kafi and how that Kafir Zindiq Kulaini narrated from well known extremist Ghulat mushriks who were known to lie and attribute extreme beliefs to the Ahlul-Bayt.

Imagine the plethora of work available by a man like this, such an asset to Ahlus-Sunnah yet barely anything (if anything at all) has been translated into any language other than Arabic and even his original works haven’t been distributed adaquately, not even among Afghan Persian speakers (his works are banned in Iran)!

To whom shall I complain? Allah is Al-Musta’an and we ask His help alone!

So much more could be done in spreading his legacy. Borqei centres could be set up in every Muslim country; centres of education (not temples) to combat Quburism, Khurafat and other heresies in the name of Islam, especially Rafidism, yet instead of doing that millions and billions are spent on nonsense, especially in the peninsula of Muhammad (S).

I myself have witnessed how little support the Da’wah gets, even in countries that have the reputation of ‘spreading Wahhabis’ (yeah, right..). In many cases our Da’wah work (including Persian Sunni Da’wah) has been facing obstacles in countries that one would believe should be at the forefront at combating Rafidism and Neo-Safawi Iran’s idealogy.

Inshaallah better times will come, the truth even if covered will eventually shine through every Batil, the likes of Borqei and others (like Qalamdaran, Mozaffarian Shirazi and many other Iranian Ex-Shias alone) will always remain a thorn in the throat of the Zanadiqah, they have already shook up their thrones in Qom and more will come in the future until Rafidism is buried for good.

PS: Arabic and Persian speakers: Make sure to visit and study the material/books of Borqei and other Ex-Shias on http://www.borqei.com (set up by his family, most of them left Rafidism).