Logical Fallacy? A Response To Zindiq Shobayri

بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وأصحابه ومن والاه

Look at this insecure miskin who must be on some next level damage control mode.

He’s clearly refering to me, this clearly shows how triggered and bothered he is, wal-Hamdulillah who makes his enemies insecure to the extend that they try to hide their feminine hands from the camera.

First of all, nobody has made the claim that Rafidi Shubuhat are false and rejected *due* to them being recycled/repeated arguments. They are false due to them being recycled/repeated arguments that have been academically *refuted* (and not just dismissed) in past. Big difference.

Also rejecting claims based on the source is indeed Ta’assub (bias) and a logical fallacy, but the question is: What serious researcher into Shi’ism has ever made such a nonsensical claim?

Is Hosseini throwing around fancy terminologies to sound intellectual? I mean writing a long post with little to zero substance seems like *actual* damage control.

Truth is, we don’t need a QUBURI Zindiq to teach sis about these basics of reasoning, for we have our Salaf like ‘Ali b. Abi Talib (Allah is well pleased with him) who stated:

انظر إلى ما قال ولا تنظر إلى من قال

(ذكره السيوطي في الدرر المنتشرة في الأحاديث المشتهرة (ص: 22) وعزاه إلى ابن السمعاني في تاريخه عن علي)

“Look at *what* is being said, not *who* is saying it.”

How many times have I myself corrected and informed brothers to not reject everything Ahlul-Bida’ say or do, as every Zandaqa contains *some* truth as Shaykhul-Islam beautifully stated.

I and every Sunni have a plethora of reasons to dismiss the *recycled* garbage of Hosseini/RafidaOrg with their lame justifications of calling upon saints (Ali, Hussein, Fatimah, Mahdi, Jesus, Mary the list is long like in the Church) in Du’a. Here are some:

– We reject your arguments based on them being nothing but distortions of the verses of the Qur’an.

– We reject your arguments based on them being based on the ignorance of your polytheistic sect about the beliefs of the early polytheists of Arabia, and how polytheism started from the time of Nuh (with saint veneration, invoking of them etc.).

– We reject your arguments based on them being (as usual) based on the watering down of clear cut (Muhkamat) verses and then basing your Catholic-Style saint worship on Mutashabihat from the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We have a plethora of evidences that are based on Nass, the intellect and Fitrah, hence you will find tons of Shias who are either ashamed or completely disturbed at some Shia rituals themselves when they hear of them (like praying to Fatimah in Sujud under the disgusting and pathetic excuse of “Tawassul”). So don’t give us the damage control line for that’s what you lot are good known and good for.

PS: Ahlus-Sunnah are “Sufis” in a sense. Some major scholars had no problem with that title and actually championed it, what is meant with Tasawuf in the classical understanding is the purification of the soul and related subjects that are no doubt from Islam.

As for later Quburi Sufis of the Zindiq kind who believe in Hulul, Wahdtul-Wujud and crawl to graves (like Rafida pagans), exaggerate with the Awliya/saints (like Rafida), exaggerate with the construction of graves and shrines (like Rafida), pray to saints (like Rafida) then no doubt they are Quburis (although even they have less Kufr beliefs and rituals than Rawafid), and ironically they too base their nonsense on mostly fabricated and weak narrations and distortions of clear cut verses of the Qur’an, so they and Rafida are united in their Dhalalaat, no wonder the Rafida around the world prefer every Quburi over Ahlus-Sunnah.

PS: As I stated I let Hosseini empty all his ammunition and then take on his main Shubuhat that are nothing but the Talbis of Iblis, the speech of every evil priest to silence Tawhid and revive the shirk from the idolworshipers in the time of Nuh to the Catholic church who all misuse “intercession” and what not (“Bi’idhnillah” excuse) for their blatant worship of saints/pirs/prophets/Imams etc.

وآخر دعواهم أن الحمد لله رب العالمين

PPS: Hosseini, it’s Muwahhid not Muwāhhid (correct that on your “about” section), there is no madd of ا after the و. I’m a Sunni layman/student, your are a Turbaned priest of your sect, you should know better (the joke is funny tho, I must admit, “Rafidi Muwahhid” that’s like saying Hindu Monotheist).