The reality of العبادة (worship) and the essence of worship (الدعاء)

What the Rafidah like other Quburis simply cannot fathom (some of them may understand but they pretend not to, in order to justify the mainstream polytheistic practices of their coreligionists, including top Ayatullats) is that

Whoever prays to other than Allah (be it Jesus, Mary, Fatimah, Jilani, etc.) has turned his favourite object/saint/angel/imam/Pir/shaykh into a lord as in ilaah, even if he doesn’t literally refer to him/her as such and even if he doesn’t physically prostrate to him/her (although they do!) i.e. performs actions of the limbs.

Calling this form of textbook shirk as Tawasul won’t change its [Shirki] reality, just like dirt will remain dirt, no matter how many deluded folks call it gold.

Feeling that someone has divine power over you [rububiyyah] puts you in a condition of humility and servitude to them [‘Ubudiyyah].

This is why you see Quburis like Rawafid and other than them literally praying to other than Allah by raising their hands in Du’a just like how Muslims pray to Allah. They call on their saints like one is supposed to call on Allah, with utmost humiliation, hope, and fear.

The Quburiyyah claim their saints are aware of what is in our hearts, they claim the saints can hear everything; see everything, and respond to every request, and aid us at any time and in any place. The reality is, it is Allah who is:

  • All-knowing (العليم)
  • All-seeing (البصير)
  • Al-hearing (السميع)
  • The one who answers the call of the one who calls upon him (المجيب)

These are all unique divine qualities that cannot be found in His creation, Allah has never shared these with anybody, how would that be even possible, that would be a paradox (like saying Allah can create a stone so heavy that He can’t lift it).

Yes, the Quburis don’t literally describe their saints with such titles, however, practically speaking they treat them like owners of such titles. They have even made up their own fancy terminologies to impress the gullible such as:

  • Divine Authority over the existence (الولاية التكوينية) – A concept the modern-day Rawafid have inherited from the early Rafidah Ghulat, they have retouched and modified it a bit, adding some clauses to it (‘bi’idhnillah), the result is the same: the Imams are turned into demigods.
  • The omnipresence of saints (حاضر وناظر) – The Sufi (also Rafidi) concept of Hadhir-Nadhir which basically states that the saints are omnipresent ‘with the permission of Allah’ (that he has never given).

Allah has never given His unique divine traits to any of the creation and by adding a ‘with the permission of Allah’ clause (cop-out) shirk won’t suddenly turn into Tawhid.

Thus, praying to other than Allah is enough to make the extremists from amongst the Quburiyyah (not every Quburi is a Mushrik) a ‘worshipper’ of that object/person even if he doesn’t physically act upon his shirk or if he refuses to admit that he’s worshipping his saints.

Yes, Mushriks are Mushriks because they already hold major Kufr and Shirk beliefs (in Rububiyyah before anything else) in their hearts. Their actions are a manifestation of what is in their hearts.

The correct Salafi-Sunni position is that many Mushriks (like pagan Quraysh) affirmed Rububiyyah for Allah alone, however, this is a general statement, it does not mean that the Mushriks had a flawless Rububiyyah understanding. So yes, anybody who commits shirk in ‘Ubudiyyah has in one way or form already violated Tawhid al-Rububiyyab due to the shirk *beliefs* he holds.

Ahlus-Sunnah do not disagree on that. We disagree with those who claim that praying to other than Allah does not equate to the deification of saints. They claim it is haram (at most), whereas the reality is, it is the mother of all shirk disguised with Islamic terminology.

PS: Subki and even a million Subkis and other than him from the Khalaf are no Hujjah (divine argument). Their falsehood won’t save you on Judgement day.

PPS: Most of the Khalaf– like Imam Nawawi – did NOT endorse major Shirk, Ma’adhallah! They were lenient with reports such as that of the blind man which hardcore Quburis misuse. The hadith is specific to the Prophet (and not to Jilani, Badawi, 12 Imams, and a dozen other saints), one prays to Allah alone and mentions the Prophet for the sake of SHAFA’AH only. This is only done next to his grave. No madad chants, no asking for our needs, let alone praying to him from afar and in million tongues.


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