‘But Jesus is hidden too…’

Christian and Shia idolatry side by side.

One of the arguments and proofs (read spoofs) Rafidah always pull out when being confronted with the uselessness of their non-guiding ‘Imam’ (‘Mahdi’) is their diversion to other Awliyah and Prophets who went into some form of ‘hiding’. On the surface, their arguments might convince some gullible folks, the sharp-minded truth-seeker will however see through such pathetic arguments such as:

  • ‘But the Prophet () hid in a cave, though…’ – False analogy. The Prophet () had to hide very temporarily (three days some reports say), after that short period Allah made him and his Sahaba victorious over all their enemies.
  • ‘But Khidr is hiding…’ – False analogy. Khidr isn’t supposed to be our guide (Imam), your fictional Mahdi supposedly is.

As for Jesus, the son of Mary (peace be upon them both):

The Twelvers are not that sharp as they claim when they pull out the Jesus (peace be upon) Ghaybah (occultation) card to justify the ultra-occultation of their useless 12th ‘Imam’.

For one, nobody ridicules the Ghayba for the sake of Gghayba alone. Of course, Allah can make the Mahdi live for thousands and more years (although, but if anybody would deserve that it would be the Messenger of Allah (). The Prophet () is alive in his grave and benefits the Muslims (by praying for his Ummah, not us praying to him, we pray for him) from beyond the veil of the unseen, it would be superfluous for Allah to place another infallible who is not directly accessible while there is already one infallible benefiting the Ummah in this manner.

The contradiction is Twelvers claim it is imperative for Allah (due to his Lutf) to send an infallible imam to guide human being at all times until Judgement Day so that human beings won’t have any hujjah (divine argument) in front of Allah, God Almighty. What’s the point of Allah sending a guide but yet you are deprived of the so-called guidance.

What makes it more ridiculous is that this guy has been missing for more than 1,100 years! And the gullible Twelvers will believe whatever justifications are thrown to them no matter how absurd they might sound.

Jesus (as) is not roaming the earth, he is not in some form of Rafidi occultation (thus their comparison is faulty), he ascended to the heavens. Big difference. Also, nobody claimed he needs to guide people, thus the Rafidi analogy is (as usual) flawed and Shia Imamah will remain a myth.