Shia Extremists Accuse SUNNI DEFENSE of being terrorist sympathizers!

What do Rafidi extremists like ‘Bayat al-Ghadeer’ do when they are scared to debate our team, the Sunni Defense, and myself? They resort to character assassination.

I’ve responded to their allegations in the past >here< but these desperate losers (with their dead channel that is based on fake subscribers and even likes!) seem to think that by throwing false accusations at me, they can somehow intimidate me and stop me from exposing their evil sect. I’ve got bad news for them: they got nothing on me, and they know that, and this is why they need to resort to cheaply edited videos (Windows Movie Maker 2005 style) and pull out random screenshots of websites and whatnot in a desperate attempt to link all sorts of extremist groups (that I despise with a passion) to me.

My stance on terrorist groups like Daesh (‘Isis’) and Al-Qa’idah (and whoever is on their false methodology) are clear, anybody who has followed any of my social media accounts knows that I am an strong opponent of them and their methods and regard them as failed groups who have caused havoc in the name of the blessed concept of Islamic Jihad. As a matter of fact, I see them and the Rafidi extremists (not the general Shia masses, who are victims of Rafidism, but their leaders) as two sides of the same rotten coin. And no, Taqiyyah is not 9/10th of my religion, my religion is Islam and not Rafidi Imamism, so I say what I say with my chest, and Rafidi (polemicist) are the last people on earth that I’d be scared of; I rub everything in their face.

Rafidis in their desperation try to link me to all sorts of crimes and extremism in order to silence me and my team (Sunni Defense), after all, they are not man enough to face me for a debate (their coward leader ‘Syed’ Imam Ali in particular), as they know that with the help of Allah, I would bury their heretical Rafidi religion 6 feet underground, they know they are no match to me.

The irony is that the actual local authorities (who obviously know me well, just like they know many other Muslims who they observe) have never accused me of any links to any extremists, for the simple fact that I do not keep such connections.

Yes, I have contributed to numerous websites and blogs over the last 15 years, most of them were specialised on the topic of Shi’ism and the Sunni history of Iran, not a single project has ever been run by myself alone, I have no control over old websites and blogs that were never mine to begin with, but what did the Rafidi charlatans at ‘Bayat al-Ghadeer’ do? They pulled out some over 10 (!) years old blog (in the German language) that is 99% filled with academic articles, refuting Shi’ism, and found some extremist material on it and ask the dumb question: Why did you contribute to that blog in the first place?

The answer:

It was a blog refuting Rafidi Shia Imamism, I and many other contributed with articles. We stopped when the owner posted extremist material and then the blog went dead, as without us i.e. those who contributed with academic articles, the blog was useless.

Once contributed, I had no control over anything, the blog is over a decade old and has not been updated for over 10 years! My positions on extremism are clear and the Rafidah are cowards who try to create such smokescreens in order to avoid facing myself and my team in a debate. These are pathetic and dangerous allegations (that put my family in danger), and I ask Allah to curse these shameless liars who are incapable of refuting numerous of our videos in response to them, instead they resort to such cheap shots. Losers, after all, losers in this and the next world.