Dogs of Ahlul-Bayt?!

I once had a discussion with a Rafidi telling him that calling oneself ‘dog of Ahlul-Bayt’ (or bitches for their females…) is repulsive (yet common and advocated by their top Ayatullats, just like some Sufis do), Ahlul-Bayt are free of impurity, simple.

Rafidi: Well, we mean it symbolically, as dogs are extraordinary loyal creatures and so are we to our masters (Ahlul-Bayt). It’s about loyalty not being a literally a dog, you literalist Vahabi!

Me: Nonsense, Allah didn’t just say: “Truly, We have HONOURED the children of Adam” (17:70) for you to go around and attribute such disgusting titles to the Ahlul-Bayt. Fear Allah or at least your Imams!

Rafidi: Well, don’t you know that dogs have been mentioned in the Qur’an, like in Surah al-Kahf?

Me: Yes, I do. Muslims don’t hate dogs but we also don’t call ourselves dogs (in ANY shape or form) let alone to express servitude to ANYONE (not even for Allah!). Besides, Allah also mentioned donkeys and the flesh of pig in the Qur’an. I Now what? I hope you not going to use that as evidence for your mud-bathing rituals in Muharram.

“Truly the mushriks (polytheists) are Najas (impure)” – Qur’an


Fact: It’s not just the infamous Shirazis who advocate such things (tomb crawling and calling oneself dog of Hussein/Ahlul-Bayt/Zaynab etc.) but other top Qom residing ‘grand Ayatollahs’ aswell, here some examples:

Non-Shirazi ‘Grand Ayatollah’ Ali Milani (Rafidi Rabbi from Qom not from Italy):

“…calling oneself DOG of Hussein (Kalb al-Hussain)  has been a common practice amongst the Imamites AND their scholars and the people of knowledge since way in the past…”

Here statements by grand ‘Ayatollahs’ in Persian all endorsing the Shia practice of referring to oneself as dog of Ahlul-Bayt, Hussain etc.

Here Rafidis not just referring to themselves as dogs but even barking like dogs….

‘I am the dog of Ruqayyah., woof, woof, woof’ – Karbala, Iraq, cesspool of polytheism and superstitions.

These rituals are practiced openly in their ‘holy’ cities in close proximity of their shrines and ‘scholars’.

Sunnis: Allahu Akbar, Shahadah, and other flags that raise monotheism over everything
Rafidi Shias: I am the dog of Ruqayyah (what the banner literally reads!)

Infamous and doomed Iranian eulogist (highly revered in Iran and by the Iranian regime) Javad Zaker (known for his numerous blasphemous statements such as ‘Haydar/Ali you are the creator of heaven and earth … you are our sustainer…’) like many other Shia eulogists often referred to himself as the dog of Ahlul-Bayt, Hussain etc.

The transition from dogs to cockroaches in the Shia Vatican of Qom:

The example of the grave/tomb crawlers is indeed that of a dog…

Needless to mention that the brothers of the Rawafid in Khurafat and grave worship are also fond of referring to themselves as dogs of their favourite saints.

Congratulation for their doghood. In Sufi and Rafidi circles it is regarded as a honour to call oneself dog of such and such saint/Imam/Ahlul-Bayt. The Ahlul-Bayt need no (najis) dogs, it’s not from Muslim tradition to degrade ourselves in order to express love, that’s extremism.

Some of the Qubooris argue:

‘If the dog of the People of the Cave was blessed due to their virtues then yes I don’t mind labeling myself as the dog of the slaves of Ahle Bayt and Sahaba.’

What an iblisi analogy. That was an actual DOG, we don’t refer to ourselves as dogs based on such a false analogy.

We are slaves of Allah, that’s how we are honoured and by following and loving Allah, His Messenger, Ahlul-Bayt/Sahabah we express true devotion not but calling ourselves dogs.

If one reads the Qur’an, nowhere does Allah refer to someone as a dog in a positive sense, instead we find the opposite, Allah compares the one who is misguided by Shaytaan like a panting dog.

We dont call ourselves the dogs of Allah Audhubillah. Allah honours us because we are his slaves, how could you then accept, or have the need to be the dog of a human being, its so illogical. May Allah protect us from Shirk and honour us by keeping us as his righteous slaves.