‘But The Quran Curses’ Shia Argument DEBUNKED

Sunnis: The Prophet (ص) prohibited us from turning La’n into a habit (let alone a ritual).

Shia: But Allah sends la’nah in the Qur’an though.

Sunnis: No doubt, however, without specifying anybody in particular. Neither He nor his Messenger (ص) have instructed us to innovate entire cursing rituals and prayers as Shi’ism and its clergy have.

Shia: But in your own Sunni reports the Prophet (ص) cursed specific people.

Sunnis: Yes, to every rule there are exceptions, point is he never send la’nah on ANY of his companions (let alone instructing us to perform ritualised cursing marathons).

To demonstrate you how inherently excessive and extreme Rafidi Shi’ism is in nature just look at this obviously fabricated supplication where one has to send numerous curses on the killer of Ali (r).Undoubtly, the killer of Ali (r) was an evil and wretched individual but how can this cursing ritual (in the month of Ramadhan!) be from Islam? Is this Sunnah? Where did the Prophet (s) practice such nonsense and where did he teach it?