Yes, We Are Conquerers!

It’s a dog eat dog was world, it always has been.

Persians conquered and occupied Arab lands (including the motherland of all Arabs i.e. Yemen during Sasanian reign plus the entire east of Arabia) way before a single Sahābi and Arab set foot on Persian soil, yet you have them sour Persian nationalists (and often Shias) always whining about how the ‘evil Arabs/Sahābah’l attacked us and conquered our lands’. Man up, losers.

Somalis and Ethiopians used to enslave Bantu tribes and sell them to Persians and Arabs, Somalis in particular have never ever been enslaved by anyone. So don’t give me the ‘lifht skinned Arab slave trade was soooooo evil’.

Other Africans too played a direct role in the slave trade, selling their captives or prisoners of war to European buyers. The prisoners and captives who were sold were usually from neighbouring or enemy ethnic groups.

The aforementioned is not meant to play down the suffering of the victims of slavery.Most forms of slavery and as people know it in the world has been evil and is based on pure injustice, heck, the foundations of the Dīn of the Nasārā is based on falsehood and injustice.

Islam on the other hand is based on justice, the Shari’ah is a mercy to mankind (this you will find even those who due to brainwashing despise the Shari’ah often subconsciously agreeing with it, like with certain Hudūd for pedophiles etc.), yes, undoubtly autracities have been committed in the name of Islam, however, it’s nowhere to be compared to crimes of the Church and let’s say the Atlantic slave trade.

Don’t sugarcoat your history but be proud of its foundations as it is superior. Simple.