The Shia Clergy – Despised In Their Own Fortress!

I remember a Tyre head (I refuse to call that Sikh-looking thing on their heads as a Muslim Turban) a few years ago making a quite blunt and honest confession (you could tell, he knew what is awaiting him and his likes):

“The Shia clergy is so widely despised amongst large sections of the Iranian (Shia) nation (now imagine how much amongst the Sunnis!) that in the case of a revolution we would be finished, they would literally hunt us down and massacre every single one of us.”

I say: You filthy spawn of the Sabaites and Safavids, you have sowed the seeds of your own destruction, nobody could have damaged your own reputation and that of Rafidism more than yourselves, not even an army of a billion ‘Zionist-Vahhabis’. If not today, your end is sealed anyway as you have lost any sanctity in your fortress (Iran) once and for all.



A principle in Islam and for life:

Every evil has its good outcome. Now considering the Khomeinist Rafidite revolution and the regime and the havoc it is causing to this very day, their oppression against Sunnis from Iraq (Shia death squads) to Syria (where their cursed minions, the Lebanese Hizbullat fighting a war for their Majoosi masters to keep the secularist Bathist kalb Bashar in power) and even the oppression against the majority Shia people and Sunni minority of Iran, yet the good of it is often overlooked, namely the damage that Rafidism in general has suffered, a damage that is irreparable, and ironically, in their fortress Iran itself!

The Shia clergy has harmed and damaged its own reputation more than any “Wahhabi” could have dreamed of to achieve, I mean it is so bad inside Iran (yes, inside Iran, even in religious cities of Qom Anti-Cleric sentiments are not rare anymore!), that many Turban-heads fear to walk the streets of the very country that their likes are ruling! And the biggest irony: 99,99% of the abuses and attacks Shia priests receive inside Iran are from Shia Iranians themselves, often people who were raised in a post-revolution Iran, with images of Khomeini plastering the streets and every school book and daily indoctrination!

Look how Allah has humiliated them at their OWN hands, their evil actions AND their heretical and Anti-Fitrah/Anti-Tawhidi sect has caused mass-apostasy amongst Iranians (and not just in the west or in upper class areas of Tehran as Khomeinist want you to believe), wal-Hamdulillah, it is better for them to be Nasara, Majoos and of course Ahlul-Sunnah than to belong to that Anti-Sunni sect which is the most extreme form of Shi’ism that happens to be in the majority (inside Iran and in the Shia world).

If my hands wouldn’t have been cuffed (studies, 2 jobs etc.), I would have put 1000times more effort in all the projects I am involved in since almost two decades, educating others about the evil of the Iranian Khomeinist Neo-Safavid regime and the extremist Rafidi Imami sect. They really can thank their buried gods that my hands are kinda cuffed.

One of the many projects in the pipeline is a compilation of clips illustrating what many are either aware of or have heard of, but probably never seen in full scale: The shocking extent of how much vast sections of Iranian Shia society despise (with a passion) the Shia clergy.

The post of #SissyHands Shobairi comes in perfectly in time, it confirms what every Iranian knows anyway, and what the rest of the world, especially the Ummah must be aware of too.

Notice how this Zindiq clearly states that he wasn’t even wearing the full Rafidi priest garment (a bid’ah itself, restricting certain clothes to the clergy is the Sunnah of the Zorastrians/Majoos, Christians and other pagans like Hindus with their cast system. In MOST Sunni countries you won’t find such hideous bid’ah hence the Afghan Imam wears his beautiful Shalwar and Qamis and Turban JUST LIKE the rest of his congregation so so does the Arab with his thobe and Shmaagh and Turban etc.), yet despised that he was abused, a sentiment almost absent in Sunni Iranian regions (Sunni Iranians have no problem with their tullab and scholars).

Alhamdulillah, thumma Alhamdulillah.