Wesal Farsi Memories

Allah, Allah… the following clip is from our archive I just stumbled upon. In it I’m (Ex-Shia) interviewing another Ex-Shia (Khaled Ansari), whom I consider one of my teachers.

Between 2011-2014 I moderated my daily live show (in defence of Ahlus-Sunnah in Persian/Farsi) on Wesal Farsi TV (name changed to Towheed TV / http://www.towheed.live)


As I explained in the following link there is tons of material (Ex-Shia interviews from all over Iran) on our hard drives that haven’t been touched/edited or even released on youtube, let alone being proper translated:

That’s because unlike Rafidi/Khomeinists propaganda, we are not getting any ‘Saudi-Wahhabi petrodollars’. Anyway the following clip is in Persian/Farsi and the very set up couldn’t had been more surreal:

Host: Me Ebn Hussein (Hassan Shemrani): Ex-Shia from Iran, Shemran
Ustadh: Khaled Ansari (not his real name): Ex-Shia from Iran, Gilan

And trust me, we are not alone.

Ustadh Khaled himself has translated numerous articles and book in refutation of Rafidism and has refuted many of their Turban-heads, one of the sharpest minds and most sophistacted experts on Rafidism I’ve ever met. May Allah bless and protect it.

This is the stuff that needs to go viral and translated, yet Ahlus-Sunnah are slumbering while the enemy, the Rafidah are supporting and parading every fool and Zindiq (like Tijani, Shehata and other shaved Kilab) as ‘great former Sunni scholars’. They have these clown and we have these gems and Muwahhids yet the Sunnis themsleves haven’t heard of them (let alone open-minded Shiites).

Allah Himself will support those who support His Cause


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