The Sahaba Fought The Apostates!

‏الحقيقة: ارتد الناس إلا الصحابة وبعض القبائل العربية.

أسطورة الشيعية التكفيرية:ارتد الناس إلا ثلاثة نفر

The truth: The people all became apostates SAVE for the Sahabah (mainly city dwellers i.e. Makkah, Madinah etc.) and some Arab tribes.

Twelver Shia Imamism myth: “The people all became apostates after the Prophet’s death except…

for three (one is a Persian of course).

Map: Illustrates the regions and tribes that did not apostatize and those who did (red) apostatize (in green) after the demise of the Prophet (s). They (green) aided Abu Bakr (especially the Sahabah and the people in Yemen) against the apostates.

Rafidism is an evil religion where good is bad, Shirk is the ‘purest form of Tawhid’ and vice versa, pious Sahabi (Omar) is an evil kafir and a Persian Majoosi coward (Abu Lu’lu’ah) is a saint. An upside down world.

The REAL apostates are praised by the Rafidah as those who objected Abu Bakr’s Khilafah (a lie that they often repeat, the apostates couldn’t care less about who is caliph and who is not) and those (Sahabah) who actually FOUGHT the apostates are THE apostates to them except a few!