My encounter with Shaykh Hassan Mashoor in Jordan 2010.

I met him personally in 2010 when I left Jordan after living there for a while in the beautiful city of Zarqa (Zargeh :)). On my last few days I wanted to see Amman and Shaykh Dimashqia also kindly asked me to send his salams to his Shaykh (Mashoor) if I happen to go to Amman. Went to Amman to the local Masjid (named after a Tunisian Shaykh I think) where Shaykh normally gives lectures.

Believe it or not it happened to be on a day where he was slamming Rafidism (it was around that time where Rafidah started celebrating the demise of A’ishah on air! Little do they know how much it harmed them, the entire nation of Jordan and their markets are one way or another Pro-Wesal etc TV). Anyway, lecture finished I approached him, thanked and greeted him and told him that Shaykh Abdul-Rahman send you his Salams.

Shaykh Mashoor: Where are you from?

Me: UK, originally feom Iran. Oh yeah, I’m an Ex-Rafidi and I liked the lecture.

Shaykh: A friend of Shaykh Abdul-Rahman, Ex-Rafidi? sit down on my chair and tell us about you life.

Me: My Arabic is broken, I can’t speak infornt of a few hundred Arab Tullab of yours!

He: Tawakkal 3ala Allah

Me: In my element for half an hour :D

After that I was approached by a brother with good English, turned out Shaykh Mashoor is his uncle! The brother took very good care of me and made me an offer that he made for other Tullab as well:

He said he is very wealthy (you could tell…mashaallah…), without any arrogance. He wants to spend his wealth Fi Sabili Allah He said and started to support foreign students financially (simple accomodation etc.). It was a jackpot situation for me except that I was already accepted (already printed acceptance letter) at Umm al-Qurra’ university in Makkah (that is why I left Jordan early in the first place but Umm al-Qurra wasn’t written for me, that’s another story) so I declined and lost contact to the brother. He lives between Canada and Jordan, maybe social media will link us again. Allah bless him for his sincerity.

Jordan, especially Zarqah is a part of my life that I will never forget, beautiful people and beautiful country.