Every true Sunni is a ‘Sufi’…

التصوف *الصحيح* جزء من عقيدة أهل السنة

Every true Sunni is a ‘Sufi’ and every true ‘Sufi’ is a Sunni. Only simpleton ‘Salafis’ reject Tasawwuf in its entirety.

Al-Shibly (may Allah have mercy upon him) defined Sufism saying, “Sufism is to keep your senses and watch your breath’.

Note: What is meant with Tasawwuf here is not the predominantly heretical type, the Rāfidī type of Qubūrism (grave worship) and other Bida’, Dhalālāt and Zandaqāt in the name of ‘spirituality’ that one can find in Sūfi Tarīqāt. What is meant is the orthodox Sunni way of Tasawwuf (Sufism) which is defined as Tarbiyyah, Tazkiyyat al-Nafs etc.

Not all forms of Tasawwuf are rejected, the orthodox Tasawwuf of the Salaf and Khalaf — or whatever you wanna call it following the قاعدة:

أن العبرة في الحكم على الأشياء بالمسميات لا بالأسماء

is actually an ESSENTIAL part of Islam and one of its sciences and a necessity to nurture one’s soul. Thus, dismissing Sufism wholesale and to refuse to acknowledge any good in Sufism and warn people away from it *without* exception is itself a dangerous form of extremism.

Having said that, it should be understood that it is from the practice of the Ahlus-Sunnah to use general terms. For instance when someone in our times says that the Shia are Sahaba abusers and Grave-worshippers then it is understood that he means the Twelvers as they are the dominant Shia group in the last few centuries right up till today. Same with Sufis, when one says that Sufis are heretics, Zanadiqah, Khurafiyun and extremist Quburis similar to the Rafidah, then what is meant are precisely those heretical extremist Sufis and *not* orthodox Sunnis from the past and today who happen to prefer to associate with the term Sufiyyah.

In that sense: I’m a Muslim. I’m a Sunni. I’m a Salafi. I’m a Sufi. I’m a Bakri, Omari, Othmani and Alawi in the true sense, In sha Allah.