Ruhama Baynahum – 4 volumes in defense of Ahlul-Bayt and Sahabah

The Pakstiani scholar Mawlana Nāfiʿ (may Allah have mercy on him)’s is the author of the famous work book called ‘Ruḥamā Baynahum’, a four-volume exposition on the amicable relationship between the Companions (Sahabah), particularly between Abū Bakr, ʿUmar, ʿUthman, and the Ahl al-Bayt. A critically important work that makes sense of the erroneous and malicious Rafidi Shia claims that there was nothing but enmity and grudge between the ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib and his family and the rest of the Sahabah.

The work was originally written in Urdu but has been translated into the English, Persian and other languages.








Unfortunately, the work (like many excellently written Sunni works in refutation of Twelver Shia attacks on Sunnism) was inaccessible to the English-speaking world despite its audience including the Muslim layperson.

Al-hamdulillah and thanks to our hard working south African brothers at (a critical resource for everyone interested in Sunni-Shi’a issues) all the four volumes of the Urdu original have been translated into English and on top of that they provide the Pdfs of these books for free. So keep these brothers in your prayers and study their books:

Volume 1: The Ṣiddīqī Section

Volume 2: The Fārūqī Section

Volume 3: The ʿUthmānī Section

Volume 4: Answering the Allegations of Nepotism against ʿUthmān

For a full table of contents of each volume, please visit the website.

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