Shemran: The Shia Town That Gave Me Birth

My birthplace is a 100% Shia town (well, it changed today with many Iranian Sunnis from all over Iran having flocked to the capital, some areas of Tehran boast now entire Sunni neighbourhoods, Al-Hamdulillah),of course most of its population was Sunnis just few centuries ago (before the predecessors of the Khomeinists and the modern-day Shia clergy i.e. the Anti-Sunni Safavids, slaughtered and expelled as many Sunnis as they possibly could) called Shemrān (also known as Shemirān and in local dialect it’s called Shemroon).

It is located just north of the borders of Tehran County along Chamran Express way and Sadr Express way and it is the northernmost district of the city of Tehran (originally not part of Tehran).

It and enjoys a suitable mild climate and is traditionally home to the richest class of Iranian society (many high profile regime members have bought villas in its best neighbourhoods), several palace complexes of various Shahs exist in this area, it is also the area that Khomeini (the ‘ascetic’ charlatan) chose as his home when he moved to Tehran.

The word Shemirān or Shemrān is the arabised form of the word Chamran which means ‘the cold slope’  (it lies in the slopes of Alborz Mountain) it is basically the gateway to ancient Tabāristan (known today as Māzāndarān) where the likes of Imam Tabari and other than him hailed from.

People from this province are often known as: Shemrāni and Shemirāni, both are common Iranian surnames.Shemrān has no connection to the famous Arab tribe of Shammar (people from that tribe are known as Shamrāni, Shemrāni, Shammari, Shimmari, etc.).

However, many Iranian Shemrāni families claim Arab ancestry (my family claims ‘Abbasid ancestry), and Allah knows best.