Ali b. Abi Talib Is Upon The Same Creed As The Rest of The Sahabah

Fact: Most Sahaba did NOT participate in the fitan and civil wars after the Prophet’s (s) demise, and even those who did were upon the same creed as Ali ibn Abi Talib (r) for the simple fact that (unlike Rafidi propaganda) the battles of Jamal and Siffin were not disputes about religion, rather they were political disputes (revenge for Othman etc.).

Pay attention folks: Not a single word about “Wilayat/Imamah of 12 Imams, Ghadir, infallibility” etc. Qur’an & Sunnah, period. ‘Ali (ra) left no room for debate when he said that he SHARES the SAME religious PRINCIPLES & CANONS as his OPPONENTS (MU’AWIYAH & his SHIA) at Siffin.

ONLY difference between the two FIGHTING Muslim groups was: →Blood of ‘Othman (‘Ali was accused of being responsible and he denied that and in other SAHIH reports he cursed the killers of ‘Othman r.a. whereas the Rafidah أخزاهم الله -his fake Shia/partisans- curse ‘Othman

And that’s a refutation of the generalisation made by the Rafidah.