Was Ali b. Abi Talib a Daeshi?

Yasser Qadhi and his Rafidi friends: Daesh Terrorist Group were inspired by the Najdi Dawah.

Rafidis: Salavat! Well said Shaykh Qazi, we are pleased with your attacks against the evil Vahhabi Najdis, that’s a good first step, but *achually* if you read more you will learn that ISIS is the manifestation of Sunnism and your evil Sahaba, afterall Abu Bakr and Khalid bin Valid burnt people like ISIS did.

Answer: Actually, Sunni narrations about Abu Bakr burning apostates are flimsy in nature, hence you will find Salafi scholars who have rejected all those narrations. Da3esh deviants were sadistic monsters and Juhhal without a shred of doubt, they turned Hadd punishments into a freakshow. However, not every Hadd punishment should be equated with them because of that.

As for the Rafidah Mushrikun: You have been fooled, your romanticised ‘infallible’ Imam who is drawn like a womanish Persian saint with plucked eyebrows is not even the Ali according to your own books. Your Ali in your Sahih narrations was actually very fond on burning all sorts of deviants, heck, it was him who encouraged (!) the likes of Khalid and Abu Bakr to burn apostates, lesbians etc. Don’t believe me? Here, I dedicated an entire section about this and other ‘Daeshi’ practices on my website: