A Persian Racist Insults Ali al-Rida (r)

By Dawud Walid

In Revival of the Religious Sciences by Al-Ghazali, he narrates an issue of racism by a man, presumably a Persian, against Imam Ali ar-Rida in Niysabur.

The Imam, who was described as inclined closest to black in skin color, lived across the street from a public bathhouse. When the man entered into the bathhouse, he removed his thawb and told him to go fetch him some water for his bath! By the way, these type of things happen to this day. It happened to me in a country which I won’t name when a man assumed that I was a bellhop, dropped his luggage at my feet then looked at me like what’s taking me so long to carry his bags.

Imam Ali ar-Rida was later martyred by being poisoned during the reign of the Abbasi miscreant Al-Ma’mun. Al-Ma’mun is the same man who put Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal in jail.

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Ebn Hussein comment: The same Persian Shias have turned the Ahlul-Bayt into idols who are worshipped besides Allah, drawn like a effaminate/womanish looking Persian demigods with plucked eyebrows and pale skin.