Sunnis Celebrate on Ashura?

A Shia Priest with effaminate hand gestures:

“Look here, some Moroccan villagers traditionally celebrate Ashura like a day of ‘Id. You Sunnis are Nasibis and fasting on Ashura is an Umayyad innovation to distract from the tragedy of Karbala and our lord Hossain! Ya Ali, Ya Jesus Christ madad, Ya Hossein!

Muslim/Sunni response:

Similar innovations are practiced amongst some ignorant folks in Libya and north Africa in general:

A quite simple and possible reason for that:

North Africa was under the influence of many deviant beliefs. Khawarij / Khariji Nasibis (Persian Rustamis) and of course the batini Rafidi Ismaili Ubaydis of Egypt (pretending to be from the offspring of Fatimah) had all their share in spreading evil innovations in that region. Their influence can be still seemln amongst the ‘Awam (laity) of north Africa to this very day. For Example:

The ‘Fatimid’ Khamsa’ hand symbol

This pagan talisman is widely used as a form of protection from bad luck, evil people and evil eye. The Khamsa is incorporated in many home decor items, but still, the most common use is in jewelry. It’s very popular amongst Moroccan women and one of the national symbols of Algeria and appears in its emblem. It has ancient roots and many pagan culture used the hand symbol as a sign of protection, fertility and feminity.

The Jews call it Hamsa and interpret it as the “Hand of Miriam”. It is also revered by Hindus and of course the Rafida Shia who (unsurprisingly) have incorporated this pagan symbol as an essential part of their religious symbolism. They interpret it as the hand of Abu al-Fadl al-‘Abbas (brave martyred half-brother of al-Husayn at the battle of Karbala), ‘Kaf al-Abbas’ or in some cases ‘Kaf Khamsa’ in reference to his hand that is said to have been severed on the day of Ashura.

Shias adorn their temples (Hussayniyyat) with it and wear it as a blessing. It is constantly found hanging in their homes and cars and places of worship.

Now this pagan hand symbol that is very popular amongst Jews and Rafidis has become part of north African culture, especially in Morocco and Algeria. Can we now argue that this pagan talisman represents Sunnism? Of course not, because according to Ahlus-Sunnah there is no basis for such a amulet, in fact scholars warm against it and try their utmost to educate the laity about this Jewish-Shia talisman that.

Same logic is applied to some bizarre customs on the day if Ashura in Morocco and other norrh African countries. Their reprehensible innovations are rejected (except by some Ahlul-Bid’ah stooges of the Moroccon state who are on the payroll as palace scholars to justify every Bid’ah) and therefore do not disprove the actual Sunnah on the day of Ashura which is neither mourning and self-flagellation nor celebration but rather fasting like the Prophet and his Ahlul-Bayt (peace be upon them all).

Real practicing and knowledgeable Sunnis do not celebrate the day of Ashura. Celebration in Islam is done by putting new clothes on, drinking and eating i.e. feasting (similar to what Shias do on Ashura who instead of fasting eat and mourn) and not by fasting.

The enemies of Ahlus-Sunnah are ignorant of basics such as that fasting on ‘Id/celebration is forbidden in Islam.

Choosing fasting as a way of celebration is the most stupid thing anyone can do, but even more stupid is too accuse Sunnis of that by claiming that the Umayyads (Bani Umayyah) started it ‘to make people forget about the tragedy of Karbala’.

These are the same Bani Umayyah whom the Rafida excuse of being a cursed tree (tribe) who head nothing in mind but the Dunya and its luxuries.

If the Umayyads wanted to distract from the tragedy of Karbala they would have not ‘innovated’ narrations about fasting i.e. a time of contemplation and worship. Instead they would have fabricated narrations about feasting and celebrating.

The Rafidi mindset / logic and world is an upside down one.

Their mindset: Install colorful lights everywhere in the neighbourhood/Hussainiyah, play drums, trumpets, prepare delicious food and drinks, have a great time with friends till late and yeah some tears = mourning for #Hussain.

But Fasting = Celebration

Of course fasting on Ashura is undoubtly a Sunnah and the Rafidi allegation of it being a Umayyad Bid’ah is nothing but a romanticised lie that can be refuted even based on Shia narrarions:

Yes, no doubt some Nawasib did literally celebrate on Ashura (in order to enrage the Rafidis which is reactionary and silly and a Bid’ah) but ironically the likes of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (accused of being a chief Nasib) and his student Ibn Kathir and Ibn al-Qayyim opposed them in that and rebuked them (just as they rebuked the Rawafid) just as all other Sunni scholar do to this very day:

Innovations of Ar-Râfida and An-Nâssiba in relation to Ashura – Shaykh Muhammad Ali Ferkous


The day if Ashura is a day of Thanksgiving to Allah, one fasts on this day, it precedes the martyrdom of our master al-Husayn’s, he himself fasted on that day because it is the Sunnah of his grandfather and just like the Muslims have more right to Moses than the Jews, the Muslims/Ahlus-Sunnah also have more right to al-Husayn as they have turned the day of his martyrdom neither into a festival or I’d nor into an annual self-flagellation carnival.