From Batini Sufism To Rafidism – Rafidi Captain Jack Sparrow

I remember AM (الله يرضى عنهم) posting about a Brazilian brother who despite having left Shi’ism was still featured on Yasser al-Khabith’s website as a concert who accepted Shi’iism at the hands of ‘Shaykh al-Habib’.

I immediately contacted the brother (whom I’m friends with on Facebook) and he told me that like many Brazilians he too was a convert to Islam and Sunnah, then, in one of the worst periods of his life (to a point where he was very vulnerable due to personal circumstances) he came in contact with Rafidi missionaries in Brazil and eventually with the Yasser Al-Khabith crew and apostatised to Rafidism.

When I contacted him he told me that he left Shiism long time ago and went back to Islam/Sunnah, to mine and his astonishment the deceitful official Website (run by Khoddam Al-Mahdi/Fadak TV extremist organisation) of Yasser al-Khabith didn’t remove his concern story to Shiism despite being aware that he left Shiism, for months they fooled their own gullible followers with an expired conversion story, I’ve even seen the story on Arab and Persian “Ex Sunni” social media sites!

Anyways, the brother told me inside news like how many convert stories of Yasser Al-Majoosi’s clique are fake, like how most of his Arab converts didn’t really converted from Sunnah and Tawhid as most of them used to be Sufi Quburis (no suprise really from Pir/Shaykh worship to Imam worship, after all Sufism is a gateway to Shiism).

He also told me how many of the converts eventually leave Yasser Al-Khabith Jama3ah and Rafidism altogether (Allah is my witness I myself alone encountered TWO at least and spoke to them, well three if we add the Brazilian brother), I mean what sane person with self-respect would chose or stay Rafidi, all my Ex-Shia friends in London are people of respect, highly educated but more importantly: Even in Rafidism they had a close relationship to the Qur’an and were tired of the Khurafat at graves and Imam invocation etc. it was just a matter of time for them to enter Islam/Sunnah.

Fun fact: A few years ago another Sufi nutter from Morocco (proper Sahir-Lunatic type with an oversized Turban, massive prayer beads around his neck and tons of rings like a magicians after all, just look at that disturbed freak, Abu Ismail Al Farsi named him: Majoosi Captain Jack Sparrow, lol) joined their clique all the way from France. He openly stated that he was from a hardcore Sufi background (from Zandaqah to Zandaqah, no suprise here), they gave him some airtime, the freak found some new friends, cursed Sahabah and Aisha (ra) and accused her of adultery only to be kicked out by Yasser Al-Khabith for God knows what reason, lol.

In the following video you can watch that freak of nature exposing some secrets.

…he is complaining how corrupt the Khoddam Al-Mahdi organisation of Khabith is and how how Yasser Al-Khabith removed all his videos (lol). The Mutazandiq is still a Rafidi but thanks to Allah the Fitnah in their Jama3ah is growing grows by each year (not long ago one of Yasser Al-Khabith gang who apparently married Yasser Al-Khabith sister stole tons of money and ran off, money they collected for their ‘day of torture’ movie, lol), if you haven’t got much to do watch this and enjoy the Mushrikin fighting one another.

اللهم أشغل المشركين الروافض بالمشركين الروافض