Deluded Rafidis: Egypt will be Soon A Majority Shia Country

Yasser Al-Khasis (لع):

‘Egypt will be very soon majority Shia with Hussainiyyats (Shia temples of Self-flagellation) spreading everywhere.’

Told ya, this lunatic is absolutely deluded, in his fortress and stronghold of Shiism which is Iran, Shia people are fleeing from Shi’ism & the most hated creatures are Shia clerics like himself. Ahwqz they have already lost, Sunnism is so common there, some mistake it for a Sunni province (it’s not, as many of the older generation and stooges of the regime remain Shia).

The same zindiq, despite running a temple+land can’t even convince his own Rafidah folks to proper attend ‘Id prayers, except a few, their ugly Salah consists of few rows only.

“Rabbanowww valakkkaal haaaamd” Look at the few people who attended their Eid Salah and compare that to Ahlul-Sunnah! Their own followers – except the hardcore ones – did not even attend, and these clowns want to take over the world!

Deluded losers in Dunya and Akhira.