A Dialogue Between a Monotheist & A Grave-worshipper

Qubūri Shubuhāt (doubts, misleading arguments) – Weaker Than a Spider Web – #CallingOtherThanAllah

Qubūrī: Yes, I knowingly believe that my saints hear everything (al-Samī’), see everything and are aware of everything (al-‘Alīm) and on top of that, they are capable to respond to everything, every single plea of mine, in thousands of languages and by millions (al-Mujīb). But mind you, ya Vahhabi, I add my favourite exc… I mean clause to these beliefs which is: Be`eznellah (with the permission of God)!

Muslim/Sunnī: You have just knowingly deified your saints, you turned them into gods with ‘the permission of God’. That’s madness and you are a Mushrik beyond doubt.

Qubūri: I didn’t call them gods! They are Imams/Saints/Pirs and God gave them these powers, it’s not impossible after all, why not? Is your Vahhabi Sky God so weak that he can’t give these powers to his beloved saints?

Muslim/Sunnī: First of all, Allah never gave those powers to any saint, Imam, Pir or even Prophet, secondly, you are arguing like a Nasrānī (‘Christian’), they too claim that God can become man with ‘the permission of God’, the truth is though, God doesn’t change, he never became a man and never will become one, just like He never shared his *unique* attributes with the creation.

Yes, we hear, see etc. but what you ascribe to your saints/Imām/Pīrs is on a divine level, they hear, see and can respond to everything, this is how Allāh is described and not the creation.

As for my ‘weak God’! Woe to you, ya idolater! Your likes have stripped Allah of all His attributed and given it to your buried deities, this does not prove that your God is powerful, it only proves that your saints are your real gods.

Qubūri: Yes, but with the permission of Allāh! Not independently (Istqilāl), all their powers are given to them by Allāh! Also, Allāh can make them hear and see everything, well, almost everything, just a level or so under Allāh.

Muslim/Sunnī: So they are 99% gods? And what is your evidence for such abstract and bizarre justifications for calling on saints? Do you realise how silly you sound? Almost as silly as the Rafidah who in their desperation come up with arguments that it is possible for Allah to create millions of Imam Ali’s who then can respond to every call of the millions of Rawāfid around the world.

Qubūrī: Umm, my name is Abdol-Hossein, I’m actually a Shia…and guess what Vahhabi, what you gonna say about Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, he mentioned in his Kitāb al-Rūh how powerful souls become after death, and how some souls have participated in warfare aiding Muslim armies, is he a Mushrik?!

Muslim/Sunni: First of all, him believing in what you state doesn’t equate him believing in the permissibility of calling on saints, as a matter of fact he is considered as the foremost disciple of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah. Both Believed that calling on saints in Du’a is Shirk and from the paganism of the polytheistic Arabs, the Christians and other Mushrikūn.

Besides, Ibn Qayyim is not an infallible Prophet, his book is not an absolute Hujjah (argument) nor is any other Shaykhs/fallibles words a Hujjah. Try harder.

Qubūrī: But Shaytān sees everything…

Muslim/Sunnī: Subhānallāh, wow, now you make Qiyās between Satan and your saints? Imām Ja’far al-Sadiq would smack you for that.

Listen carefully, Jesus (a) will testify as per Qur’ān at the court of al-Rahmān (Allāh) that he wasn’t aware of what the Mushriks have ascribed to him, the Prophet (s), Ali (r) (even more so Sufī saints) were not aware (except in rare situations, like in miracles) of what was going on in a neighboring town, let alone a different land or continent. They used to communicate through letters, they couldn’t hear the voice of a single man from afar, let alone from millions in several dialects, accents and languages.

Their demise didn’t suddenly turned them into demigods who can hear, see and respond to every plea.

Qubūrī: But the Prophet (s) hears millions and billions of Salavat according to your sahi hadees!

Muslim/Sunnī: Qiyās, again, in matters of Aqīfah? Yes, in sahīH Ahādīth it is stated that an ANGEL will deliver our Salawā to him, thid is an argument against you and not for you, as why is there a need of an angel? Plus, it’s restricted to Salawāt, it’s tawqīfī (scriptute-bond), you can just conflate that with your Ghuluw (extremism) of asking all your Hājāt from your saints/Imāms etc where you ASK them (in Salāwat we ask Allah i.e. we don’t pray TO the Prophet we pray FOR him).

Qubūri: Ya Ali madad! Ya Fatimah aghīthīnī, Ya Mahdi adriknī, Ya Jesus madad! Ya Mary madad! Ya Jibreel madad! Ya Jilāni madad! Ya Badawi madad!